Investing in a new computer is a big deal. The computer you use has an effect on your work productivity, the way you enjoy yourself in your free time, and how your wallet looks after the purchase.

Which Mac Should I Buy

Great laptops can improve our lives in a big way, but you pay for quality. That’s why it’s so important to do your research before you invest in a new computer. We’re going to explore some of the variety that mac has to offer in this article, hopefully helping you come to a decision on your next purchase.

If you’re wondering “which Mac should I buy,” you’ve come to just the right place.

Let’s take a look at the options available to you and the sort of considerations you should make before you pull the trigger.

Which Mac Should I Buy? An Essential Guide

Apple is an excellent brand because almost any product you choose will provide you with a streamlined experience that’s very intuitive. Each product has a solid amount of processing power as well, so those of you who don’t plan run heavy-duty software for long periods of time won’t have to worry.

There isn’t really a “best MacBook,” objectively speaking. The different products operate well and pose different benefits, both in terms of usage and price range.

A “better” computer might have more processing power and ability, but most individuals won’t use more processing power than is available in the cheapest option, the Macbook Air.

So, there are a number of fine details you have to work out before you make the decision. Different options on the Mac product line are better for certain things.

Laptop or Desktop?

Mac laptops steal the spotlight in most cases, but it’s important to remember that the desktop still exists.

Additionally, the desktop offers more features than the laptops and offer more processing power. Those who work strictly from home and use tools in the adobe suite, music recording, design, or intense gaming, might consider going with the desktop.

It’s possible to invest in a display to use in conjunction with your laptop, but these are extremely expensive. It costs somewhere from $1,500 to $2,000 for different displays.

So, take a look at where you use your computer and what you use it for. Those who are on the run most of the time and need a high-powered computer wherever they go should choose the desktop. Those who run complex programs on a regular basis might consider a desktop.

The Macbook Air

The Macbook Air is a sleek, effective option for individuals who need a quality laptop for regular use. The streamlined design makes the computer very light and sleek while maintaining a lot of processing power.

It’s also Mac’s cheapest laptop, coming in at just $999. Options for more memory and processing power boost the price up a couple of hundred dollars with each step up.

You can run complex programs on the computer without running into too many hiccups or delays. Regular use of the Adobe Suite or Logic Pro, for example, wouldn’t slow the Macbook Air down too much.

It also comes equipped with a retina display with a 2560×1600 resolution. The screen also offers “true tone,” which adjusts your display to the white balance of the environment to make the light easier on your eyes.

Overall, this computer will handle anything you need it to, so long as you’re not using it primarily for heavy lifting. Professionals who use programs requiring a lot of processing power might consider going with the next option.

The Macbook Pro

The Macbook Pro 2020 is equipped with a few new features. On top of its already sleek design and high processing power, the Pro has improved graphics, memory, storage, user experience, and more.

It’s like the Macbook Air’s more professional older sibling. Those looking to run photo and video editing software would be better off if they chose the Macbook Pro. The same goes for music recording, coding, graphic design, and other professional programs.

The processing power and ability to perform isn’t the only benefit for those who are looking to use their computer for their art or work. The 2020 Macbook comes with the added feature of a touch bar.

This is a brand new feature and it adds a lot to the user experience. The bar is a touch screen that offers a lot of the usage options of the dock at first glance. You can use it to tap and get to the applications that you want to use.

Once you arrive at those applications, though, you can use the touch bar to fine-tune your work process. Using the keys and mousepad can get tedious when you’re mixing a song, for example.

The touchpad allows you to quickly access and use functions that would otherwise require you to stop your workflow.

Further, the pad helps you with easy access to make payments, navigate social media, and streamline other everyday tasks.

The Macbook’s baseline model comes in at $1299. It’s Mac’s most customizable laptop, though, so there are a lot of options that could tack numbers onto that price.

Key Considerations to Make

If you’re still struggling to decide which laptop you need, let’s go over a few key points again.

Know that you don’t need the most expensive model of Mac if your use doesn’t warrant it. Many products are objectively better for everyone as they get more expensive. Mac, on the other hand, provides an excellent product in the Macbook Air.

Most people won’t access the full processing power of the Macbook Air, as we mentioned. On the other hand, don’t invest in the Air if you know you have serious programs to run.

The small additional investment of the Macbook Pro will be worth it if your work or art requires you to work heavily with complex computer programs.

Need More Digital Direction?

The answer to “which Mac should I buy” depends strictly on how you plan to use the computer. If you’re looking to dig into more the fine details of which MacBook to buy, we’re here to walk you through them.

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