A smart TV is a centerpiece of the modern home. If the TV has issues, people get frustrated, and they will look for fast solutions to fix such problems. Through sensemother TV home solutions and tips, you can solve the TV issues fast and enjoy flawless streaming. Below are some TV problems and how they can be avoided or fixed.

Why is Smart TV Not Working

 4 Reasons why Smart TV may Not Work & How to Fix it

1. Poor Screen Display

A common problem with smart TVs is blurring, partial blackouts, or vertical and horizontal lines running across the TV. In most cases, display problems indicate an issue with the hardware. 

Some of the causes of poor TV display are:

  • Issues with LED lights
  • Faulty motherboard
  • T-con board issues
  • LCD panel degradation

The best way to deal with such TV issues is to troubleshoot. You will get a diagnostics report and ways to fix the problem. If it is not possible to fix the problem at home, you may contact a professional to help you solve the problem. Dark mode displays signals that there are issues with the settings. You may check on the power-saving features to control the brightness of the screen.

2. Failure to Stream from various TV Apps

 Most people enjoy streaming online content from various apps. Youtube, Showmax, and Netflix are popular streaming apps for smart TV.

 If you can’t stream online on the apps, below are some ways to fix the problem:

  • Restart the TV for the apps to restart
  • Confirm that the TV model still supports the app that is not loading
  • Update TV software and reinstall the app
  • System reboot. You can find information on rebooting the TV system from the TV menu. 

Such measures can help fix issues with TV apps crashing or not loading. You may also review tips on TV troubleshooting online for guides on how to fix various TV issues.

3. Wifi Connectivity Issues

 Intermittent wifi connection, or if you keep getting wifi disconnection now and then, you should review the internet connection. It is advisable to restart the wifi router often to avoid such internet connectivity issues. Sometimes the problem could be with the internet service provider. In such cases, all other smart devices connecting to the internet will not work. You may contact the internet service provider for assistance. Sometimes you may have to do a factory reset for the internet connectivity to work. But that will undo all the other customization you may have for the TV settings.

4. Soap Opera Effect

 The ‘soap opera effect is ideal for sports or playing online games. But if you are watching a movie or streaming content online, you will find it weird. You can turn off the smoothing effect or disable the feature. To find out more information about disabling this feature, review the TV manually.

 Remember to read the manual and follow instructions on TV setup, care, and maintenance. If you encounter any TV issues, you may apply the above tips to resolve the problems. If they do not work, seek professional help.

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