While investing in a laptop, most of us aim to get a product that is equipped with bleeding-edge technology and specifications. Professional editors and gaming enthusiasts are mainly concerned with ensuring that their ideal laptop is integrated with high-tier graphics cards along with the latest generation of processing chips. However, while consumers are more focused on the internal specifications, they mainly overlook a component that is heavily underrated – a backlit keyboard. The following details why backlit keyboards are a crucial component for the ideal laptop and how they aid in enhancing the overall user experience.

Why Should You Buy a Laptop with a Backlit Keyboard

What are Backlit Keyboards?

As the name implies, Backlit Keyboards are a variant of general keyboards with the differing characteristic being the fact that Backlit Keyboards are illuminated by several LEDs which are embedded beneath the keyboard framework. At initial thought of the same, one probably might consider these keyboards to be an insignificant inclusion. Although, it is only after using these backlit keyboards that one realizes their worth.

Backlit Keyboards are generally included to aid the user to work efficiently even in dimly lit environments where it is rather difficult to read the keys. Added to that, they also play a role in improving the overall appeal of the laptop. Some manufacturers tend to include backlit keyboards that are capable of illuminating the keys with different hues. This is basically to appease gaming enthusiasts who prefer to use their systems in the dark.

Advantages of Backlit Keyboard –

  • Versatility – Owing to a Backlit Keyboard’s ability to shift to different colour ranges, it can add to the overall appeal of your system. If you’ve designed your workstation based on some particular theme, you can adjust the lighting of the keyboard to match your specified theme to allow your system to better blend in with the surroundings.
  • Convenience If you’re someone who can’t help but work in the dark or even in a dimly lit environment, you must already be aware of the struggles of typing blindly without knowing where the keys are. Backlit Keyboards are convenient when subjected to similar situations. Owing to the lighting behind the keyboard framework, users can type efficiently even in dark environments.
  • Improved Sense of Appeal Given a choice to pick between a backlit keyboard and a normal one, the majority will choose the backlit keyboard without any second thoughts. This is mainly because of the fact that backlit keyboards tend to give a distinctive look to systems. Added to that, if the backlit keyboards are capable of switching between different colour ranges, the users can uniquely adjust the keyboard to their preferences.

Disadvantages of Backlit Keyboard:

  • Increased Cost – Since the backlit keyboards are equipped with additional hardware, these components are significantly more expensive than other general keyboard ranges. The price for the same can increase further if the specified backlit keyboard is also capable of shifting between different colour hues. Therefore, adding a backlit keyboard to your ideal laptop can raise the price of the same by a considerable margin.

Why Should You Buy a Laptop with a Backlit Keyboard

  • Increased Battery Usage The backlit keyboards have an increased power requirement owing to the added array of lighting beneath the framework of the keyboard. This can lead to these keyboards draining your battery percentage faster when compared to general keyboards. Although, the lighting can be turned off or on according to the preferences of the user.

Catering to the Gamers:

As popular as Backlit Keyboards are today, it is majorly because of gaming enthusiasts. Gamers always seek the best that the market has to offer. The audience within the PC gaming community rarely compromises with the specifications and features of their system. They will usually invest in the latest specifications and the most innovative features. Due to the same, consumers in this domain seek to invest in something that provides both high-end performance and aesthetically pleasing appearances.

Along with the above-mentioned, gaming enthusiasts generally use their systems for extended periods of time. They also prefer to use their systems mainly in dark and dimly lit environments; therefore, the inclusion of a backlit keyboard is desirable and convenient for these customers. This rise in demand for backlit keyboard-integrated laptops further led to manufacturers innovating and adding an RGB feature which allows these keyboards to switch to the colours of the user’s choice. For those of you who are eagerly looking for some decent laptops with a backlit keyboards, laptopdiscovery.com has published a great piece of information about them. Do check out it as well but before purchasing any of the mentioned laptops, make sure you have also read the below given important factors.

(Top 4) Factors To Consider Before Purchasing a Backlit Keyboard

There are a few factors that you need to consider before investing in a system that is equipped with a backlit keyboard. Each of the same is detailed in the following:-

1. Price

The price of laptops equipped with backlit keyboards is significantly higher than the ones that don’t ship with backlit keyboards. Therefore, it is recommended that you only invest in the feature if you are absolutely convinced that it’ll serve you well and will enhance the user experience for you. If you are someone who rarely uses their system in dimly lit environments or/and is skilled enough to type without looking, it is suggested that you pass on the feature.

Backlit Keyboard

2. Increased Power Usage

The backlit keyboards will quickly drain your battery percentage. Therefore, if you are someone who prefers longevity over the physical appeal, it’ll be better if you don’t invest in a laptop with a backlit keyboard. However, if you’re fine with having your system plugged in most of the time, the decreased battery life shouldn’t concern you much. Added to that, if you do invest in a backlit keyboard-integrated laptop, you can toggle the feature on or off according to your needs.

3. Brightness

One of the primary reasons for investing in a laptop that ships with a backlit keyboard is the ability to use your system in a dimly lit environment efficiently. Therefore, it is recommended that you ensure that your laptop’s backlit keyboard is bright enough to serve that purpose for you.

4. RGB

If you are convinced that you need your ideal laptop to be equipped with a backlit keyboard, then you might as well go with the best that the market has to offer. While investing in a backlit keyboard-integrated laptop, make certain of the fact that your laptop keyboard has the ability to shift between different colour ranges to effectively adapt to your environment.


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