Software and application development has become a hot topic for many companies lately. Clients no longer want to wait for a product to be fixed or developed, they will immediately pick a new provider. The diversity on the market became a salvation for clients and a problem for companies, as they are now forced to stay competitive if they want to keep their relevance. A professional iOS developer is the kind of specialist who can now help you stay on the same page with your iOS-using clients.

Why You Need to Hire an iOS Developer

Who is an iOS Developer & Why Your Business Needs Them

An iOS developer is responsible for app creation for Apple devices. This doesn’t just include the iPhone, but also the iPad, Apple Watch, and other gadgets that make up the ecosystem. An iOS developer writes the code and works on the interface, but they also maintain the applications, adapt them for different device models, test and fix any occurring bugs.

iOS developers are in high demand nowadays – from games and entertainment apps to banks and e-commerce. The pandemic and the widespread transition of companies online have shown that in the coming years, the demand for mobile development will only grow.

Apple is very sensitive to its design. For example, iOS applications use a dynamic system font size – the user does not need to change it, this is done automatically. The company also recommends making the design as functional as possible, avoiding unnecessary “decorations”, as well as various gradients and falling shadows. On the one hand, a strict guideline limits the developer. But on the other hand, the company constantly updates the instructions and makes them as detailed as possible, so it will be easier for a beginner to navigate.

Who is an iOS Developer & Why Your Business Needs Them

Typical Skills & Qualifications for an iOS Developer

Apart from knowing Apple technologies, iOS developers should have a great command of the Objective-C and Swift languages.

Objective-C is a rather archaic language, while Swift is more modern and simpler. But while most Apple apps are now written in Swift, some are written in Objective-C, so it is still important to know both languages. To make sure that your iOS developer will be able to build you a full-fledged application, you should equip them with the proper Apple equipment.

A Typical List of Hard Skills Should include the following:

  • Strong CSS and HTML knowledge, as well as Cocoa/Xcode development environment;
  • Fluency with Objective-C/С++;
  • Experience working with HTTP and XML;
  • Knowledge of the object-oriented programming principles;
  • Experience working with Android and iOS SDK, as well as design patterns, common libraries, and architecture of iOS, Android;
  • Experience using scripting programming languages (Ruby, Python);
  • Knowledge of the principles of the client-server model of application interaction;
  • Knowledge of application release requirements in the AppStore;
  • Experience working with Core Data (local Apple base);
  • Knowledge of how to fix and run code written by another developer;
  • Proficiency in the technical side of the English language.

However, while hard skills are essential for a successful iOS developer hire, it would be not fair to underestimate the importance of soft ones. It would be best if you manage to hire an iOS app developer who is:

  • Able to stay calm and take in criticism. Sometimes a disagreement might occur and both parties must remain calm and respectful.
  • Able to correctly point out someone else’s mistake. Some people believe that it is best to stay away from others’ jobs, while some people don’t know how to stay away from unnecessary criticism. In this situation, a good iOS developer should be able to give advice and point out the mistakes of their colleagues if they feel like it is necessary.
  • A true professional should be able to keep their promises and deliver the result in a timely manner.
  • Your iOS developer should be able to come to a solution in non-standard ways and analyze them.
  • Eager for self-improvement. iOS development is the kind of profession that requires constant learning and professional improvement.

Ways to Hire an iOS Developer

Ways to Hire an iOS Developer

Mobile development is as easy as you might think and it has its own nuances. This is why interviews with candidates for the iOS development department must be conducted after a certain preparation. Here are some aspects that you should consider.

1. They Should Know the Difference Between Reference Type & Value Type.

The code can behave completely differently for classes and structures. In the case of the reference type, during initialization and assignment, the code refers to the same area in memory and, as a result, shares the same value, and in the case of value type, data is copied, and objects begin to refer to different areas of memory, and they do not share values among themselves. This is information that every iOS developer should know and be proficient with.

2. An iOS Developer Should Know About Protocol Oriented Programming.

What you should be expecting when you ask this question, is your developer telling you about the protocol’s features and how they will be able to create a protocol in the Playground.

3. They Should Have Proficiency Working with Memory.

An iOS developer needs to understand how strong links differ from weak links as it is one of the major aspects of working with memory on Apple devices. A potential candidate should tell you about the reference counter, that the object is deleted when the counter reaches 0 (zero), and so on. But again, it is always best to see a set example in the Playground. This way you will see your candidate’s skills in action.

Rates Comparison for iOS Developers

Now that you know about all the benefits that a decent iOS developer can bring to your business and how to properly hire this kind of specialist. However, it is also important to consider the cost to hire iOS developer as their rates may vary from one country to another. Below you can learn about how much would it cost to hire a full-stack iOS developer in different countries.

$ Annual Salary$90,957$65,597$20,780$61,660$25,452
Final Thoughts

Now that you know about how to hire an iOS developer, it will hopefully be easier for you to find the kind of specialist your business truly needs. The profession itself is one of the most fashionable ones on the market, which is why these specialists are not that hard to find. This kind of expert will be able to present you with professional yet cost-effective decisions and give the required boosts to your business.