In this article on Windows 11 new features, you will get a complete list of all the key features introduced in Windows 11.Windows 11 New Features Microsoft Windows next release is around the corner to be publicly released. Microsoft has already released the Insider Preview build which can be installed if you have joined the beta tester program. Now we have installed, tried, and used the Insider Preview build and it does look up to the mark.


Windows 11 New Features: What all is Added, Removed, and Required?

Windows 11 has been released after six years since Windows 10. Each major update has brought us some big changes. Without any doubt, Windows 11 will get a fascinating list of features and changes. We have put together all the Windows 11 new features, improvements, and the features that are removed to make the user experience more pleasing below.

Key Windows 11 New Features that Defines It

1. Major UI Changes

Starting with the Windows 11 new features, there are some serious UI changes.

  • The Start menu which was placed on the left is now shifted to the center.
  • Windows 11 features an elegant and modern UI.
  • The corners are now rounded, there are new animations and translucency is all around.
  • Widget, which is one small yet integral part of the OS is now more easily accessible and customizable.

Windows 11 New Features

2. A tablet-friendly UI

Not only for PC, laptops, and notebooks, Windows 11 has been optimized and made to work with tablets better than ever. Let’s see these Windows 11 new features.

  • The tablet mode has been created to look more spacious.
  • The space between the icons in the taskbar also the touch targets are now bigger.
  • This also helps in resizing and moving folders and icons easier.
  • There is a significant improvement in gesture control.
  • Haptic feedback support is now present in Windows 11 when you use the Stylus pen. 

Windows 11 New Features

3. Android Apps Support

Another one of the Windows 11 new features, now Windows will support the android apps and that is absolutely true.

  • You can now use your social media apps and other Android apps on Windows as well.
  • Just like you install apps from the MS Store, Android apps can be searched and downloaded from the MS Store.
  • No matter if your system runs on Intel or AMD, it will work on both of these processors. 

Windows 11 New Features

4. Improved Multitasking

Multitasking was never an issue with Windows, and it is already good in Windows 10. However, as one of the Windows 11 new features, the multitasking part is made better.

  • Every time you open up multiple windows, it will be more organized and neat with Snap Layouts.
  • Snap layout gives you the freedom and makes it easier to position various applications and windows side by side.
  • Another thing that has been added in multitasking, is the new Snap group feature.
  • It remembers the application position, the types of applications which you snapped together, and groups them.

Windows 11 New Features

5. Team Chat Integration

  • Another on of the Windows 11 new features, Team is Microsoft’s attempt to dominate the business communication/ group chat calls.
  • Team is an app which allows you to perform team meetings, video conferencing, and group calls.
  • It is now integrated natively with Windows 11.
  • This provides ease in connecting to your colleagues, friends, and all your contacts.
  • The program has been heavily refined and optimized for Windows 11.
  • The program is easily on all major OS including Mac, Android, and iOS.

Windows 11 New Features

6. Widgets

Widgets were first introduced in Vista, and since then it has been a part of all the major updates of windows. So naturally, it is one of Windows 11 new features as well.

  • Widgets will now have more usability along with customization.
  • Widgets are improved and updated for Windows 11.
  • On Windows 11, you will get a nice collection of widgets like news, weather information, your appointments, etc.
  • You can easily access them from the taskbar or through a slide-out screen.

Windows 11 New Features

7. Gaming and Xbox

  • This is another one of Windows 11 new features, as the gaming aspect was never been the crucial part of Windows.
  • This time however, this particular portion of the OS has been given attention.
  • With Windows 11, there is a drastic improvement in gaming optimization.
  • You will now get better colors, contrast, and Auto HDR support.
  • There is a new addition that has been integrated called DirectStorage from Xbox. It improves the game loading speed.
  • The game pass is also now present in Windows 11.
  • You can access hundreds of gaming titles to be installed and play.

Windows 11 New Features

What Features Have been Removed?

As we installed and ran Windows 11 for the very first time, we noticed that some of the features have been removed, and are no longer a part of Windows 11. Below is a list of some of the features that will be excluded once you install Windows 11.

1. Cortana

Cortana is a Windows assistant, and was introduced Windows 10. This time however, after the first boot of Windows 11 you will not see this assistant anymore.

2. Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer, which was included in all versions till Windows 10, will no longer be part of the Windows 11 user experience. The program will be disabled by default. Instead of Internet Explorer, you will get the all-new Microsoft Edge as your main browser.

3. Math Input Panel

Once you upgrade to Windows 11, the Math Input Panel will no longer be available. You will have to install the Math Recognizer. This will include the Math Input Control and Recognizer.

4. News & Interests

This part has been evolved and merged into Widgets. You can easily access the Widgets from the taskbar. 

5. Snipping Tool

Do not worry, as this app has not been removed. It has just been updated to the Windows 11 experience. There have been some design changes and functionality.

6. Taskbar and Start Menu

Named groups, People, App folders, Tablet Mode, Resizable layout, Live Tiles are removed. In addition to that Pinned apps, sites will not be migrated after upgrading.

7. Apps

When you install Windows 11, some applications will not be present. In order to use them you have to download them from the MS Store. These are the apps:

  • Wallet
  • 3D Viewer
  • OneNote for Windows 10
  • Paint 3D
  • Skype


Windows 11 has been heavily optimized and improved to harness the power of your hardware. Apart from the performance, Windows 11 new features provide a great addition of some nice tools and apps. All in all, Windows 11 is a worthy successor to Windows 10.

In this guide, we have covered all the Windows 11 new features, and a list of all that is stripped down from Windows 10. Hopefully, you have got the information that you have been searching for.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the new feature in Windows 11?

Some of the new features of Windows 11 are: UI changes, Microsoft Edge, Gaming and Xbox, and so much more.

2. Is Windows 10 or 11 better?

Though Windows 10 is a great OS, Windows 11 is definitely a worthy successor. It provides many new enhancements and features.

3. When Windows 12 will release?

As of right now there is no official announcements, but it is predicted to be launched around the second half of 2024.

4. Is Windows 11 heavier than 10?

Yes, Windows 11 has comparatively more RAM than Windows 10.

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