XAT Entrance Exam 2022, or Xavier Aptitude Test, was conducted on January 2nd, 2022. It’s an entrance examination to get enrolled in the Xavier School of Management. It’s the oldest business school in India, and thus it has a very strict entrance exam and filtering test for meritorious students.

XAT 2022 and other Business Exams of India

It holds examinations basically on two papers. The first paper consists of 75 marks in total, and 170 marks are allotted to the students to clear the paper. While the second paper consists of 25 questions and a time duration of 35 minutes. This paper mainly consists of General knowledge and Essay writing and thus is comparatively the easier paper to attempt.

XAT Entrance examination is one of the most prestigious exams in the country, especially because it makes the candidates eligible for colleges as great as the Xavier B school.

Well, XAT isn’t the only Biz exam in the country, so if we’re talking about Business exams, it’s only fair to include the others.


Management Aptitude Test or MAT is conducted around February, May, September, and December, that is 4 times in the year. The Centre conducts it for the Management Services (CMS) division of the All India Management Association (AIMA).

It enrolls the students in various post-graduate courses.

Eligibility: If you’re a graduate from a recognized university in the country. You’re most welcome to apply for it.

Pattern: Two tests are held, Offline and online. Both the examinations have a time duration of 2.5 hours. There is no obligation for you to choose any specific mode; you can choose any single one according to your convenience.

The papers :

  • Paper 1: Language Comprehension
  • Paper 2: Mathematical Skills
  • Paper 3: Data Analysis
  • Paper 4: Intelligence & Critical Reasoning,
  • Paper 5: Indian & Global Environment Section

There are a total of 40 questions in each section. That translates to 200 questions in total. The students are awarded 1 positive mark for every correct answer, while for every wrong answer, 0.25 mark is deducted.

The MAT score compares your score to other appearing candidates; this score by you can be used to apply to other colleges in the country which accept MAT scores to take in candidates.


CAT is the abbreviation for Common Admission Test. However common the name might sound, this is no common exam. Instead, it’s the most popular business exam in India. Students compete to get selected to the Indian Institute of Management throughout the country. 6 new IIMs have been recently added to the list of CAT, which totals the list to a 19 no. Colleges that are currently accepting CAT scores to select students for the courses.

Over two lakh students are recorded to appear for the CAT every year, especially because the entrance test costs only 1600 INR, but if selected, future opportunities are in the millions.

2015 saw a lot of changes for CAT throughout the country. The exam consists of 3 sections, and students aren’t allowed to change sections. Also, now students are allowed to use a basic calculator for the calculations in the exams.

Can I Apply?:

You most definitely can if you scored 50% of the marks in your graduate degree course. But, at the same time, the students from SC / ST or OBC need only 45% marks for the same.

You can apply even if you are a final year graduate student, but you have to be able to submit your final year mark sheet to the CAT examining authority in the required time.

Test Pattern & Selection: CAT has been an online test forever. It consists of three sections, and you get 1 hour of time to complete each section. Although after the recent changes, you aren’t allowed to switch sections.

CAT features questions from:

  1. Quantitative Ability
  2. Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning
  3. and Verbal & Reading Comprehension.

Wrap Up

XAT, AIMA, and CAT aren’t the only exams in the country. In fact, India has a much bigger list of business exams going on, but these three are definitely the most popular and prestigious exams in the country,

Clearing any one of these means a lot for business aspirants. If you are one of them, you shouldn’t miss applying them this year, or if it’s too late already, prepare hard and crack them the next year.

XAT Entrance Exams were conducted in January, as already said, and if you’re curious about the results, you can access them over at -http://xatonline.net.in/loginscardgk.aspx