In the current market scenario, where playing games (video games) is not limited to kids only but is growing as the habit for almost every person of every age group. These games have not made kids their captives, but adults are equally mad for gaming as well. With the increasing technological advancements, we have seen many technical changes in consoles as well, which has eventually increased the quality of all games, making them better and better. Some of which are even considered as best games designed till date. & here we are showing you all the major differences, comparisons & all the things in Xbox One S vs PS4 Pro & which you should buy?

Xbox One S vs PS4 Pro

Xbox One S vs PS4 Pro

So, in this Xbox One S vs PS4 Pro article, we are here to solve the problem of many such game enthusiasts who want to purchase a gaming console but are stuck over the hard choice they have to make between these Xbox One S vs PS4 Pro two. Yes, you guessed it right, the choice between PS and Xbox has always been tough for many but now with the Xbox One S vs PS4 Pro in the market. This fight is entirely on a whole new level of graphics oriented high-end gaming platforms. So, let’s begin by telling a little knowledge about these consoles.

About Xbox One S –

Xbox One S vs PS 4 Pro Xbox One S

Xbox One S is the eighth generation of Microsoft created and owned video gaming consoles brand. It is the third console of Xbox series. It is developed as the successor of Xbox 360. Although it is released in many countries such as Australia, North America, South America and even in some parts of England in the year 2013. But the special thing about it is that it is the first Xbox console to be sold in China. Microsoft had tried to make this a whole “all-in combination” of full entertainment, which may make your kids more addictive to Xboxes.

Main Features of Xbox One S –

With great looks, Xbox One has many great features too, which makes it one of the best gaming consoles.

Xbox One S vs PS 4 Pro PS4 Pro X box One S Features

  • Guide to Xbox One S:

    Play whatever you want or watch all your favorites with Xbox One Guide. It can connect your cable or satellite via HDMI so that you can watch all your favorite shows on your consoles. It also allows you to make your own channels.

  • Gamescore Porting:

    – You allow you to port your Avatar, Gamescore and your Gamertag, directly to Xbox One S to Xbox 360.

  • New Controller:

    – Xbox One S controller is redesigned with Y, X, B, A buttons, its trigger, analogue stick placements all at the same positions, but with two new buttons at its middle, which is being guessed as on-off buttons, but could be for anything.

  • Game Installation:

    – In Xbox One S, games required to be installed. But the good fact is you don’t have to wait for a long time to play while your game gets installed. You can directly play the game, as it gets installed while you were installed.

  • Kinect 2:

    In the system of Xbox One S, Kinect is deeply integrated. With the help of this, you can browse through the Xbox One user interface, by using sound and gestures.

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About PS4 Pro –

Xbox One S vs PS 4 Pro PS4 Pro

PS4 Pro is the eighth generation of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s owned home video gaming consoles brand. Sony made it this great, keeping consumers need in mind, that was praised by critics and the third-party and had better capabilities, making it not less than its competitors. Although PS4 was released in Australia, North America, South America, England in 2013, while in Japan it was released in 2014. But its “Pro” version, which is smaller and slimmer version of the original hardware, was unveiled by Sony in 2016. It had upgraded GPU and higher CPU clock rate, which can support 4K gameplay on supported tiles. The fact about it is that over 74 millions consoles of PS4 Pro were sold worldwide.

Main Features of PS4 Pro –

Xbox One S vs PS 4 Pro PS4 Pro Benefits

  • New HRD Technology:

    – With this new HRD technology in PS4 Pro, you are going to have a brilliant vibrant with a look of lively colors.

  • 4K Native:

    Because of this feature, your PS4 Pro will allow you to have a native resolution of 2160p.

  • Increased HD Power:

    It gives you more image clarity, faster frame rates and many more to enjoy.

  • 4K TV Gaming:

    Your PS4 Pro allows you to play up to 4K games on TV, with great clarity, sharp looks, and detailed views.

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(Which one is Best & Better) Xbox One S vs PS4 Pro [Comparison]

Xbox One S vs PS4 Pro

These two grand video gaming brands, Xbox One S vs PS4 Pro, both best in their own way, have always been each other’s greatest competitors. Sony and Microsoft, both had tried their level best to make the best gaming console. But the question is which console actually worth your money?

Here is a classification of some of their basics features.

Xbox One S vs PS4 Pro: Performance

Xbox One S vs PS 4 Pro Performance

Although both, Xbox One S vs PS4 Pro, though share many similar features like both have them have Bluetooth 4.0, both have the HDR feature in them and many more. But still, Xbox One S is considered to be the best console available in the market.
Now, it comes about looks. Talking about sleek gadgets and not thinking about looks, how is that even possible?

Xbox One S vs PS4 Pro: Looks

Xbox One S vs PS 4 Pro Look

With the dimensions of 295 x 327 x 55mm, PS4 Pro is a bit wider and requires more space than the counterpart. The main reason being it’s heavy built and powerful. Whereas the Xbox One S, whose dimensions is 229 x 292 x 63.5mm is smaller and convenient in size. Its weight is also not as heavy as the PS4 Pro. So in terms of dimensions and built, Xbox One S gets the maximum marks.

Xbox One S vs PS4 Pro: Resolutions

In terms of the video output they provide. Both the Xbox One S vs PS4 Pro as well have HDR quality. But the main difference here is in resolution. Where the PS4 Pro provides better video quality at the highest resolution of HD and has native resolution along with it as well. The Xbox One S only provides a 4K resolution, and there are no other better-enhanced qualities except HDR. So, here the PS4 pro has taken the lead in terms of making a device that outputs better video quality.

Xbox One S vs PS4 Pro: Boost Mode

Xbox One S vs PS 4 Pro Boost mode

As per this boost mode feature, we can categorize both fat cry 5 Xbox One S vs PS4 Pro similar. But there is one difference, and that is Xbox One S provides you with the massive boost, which makes it ultra HD Blu Ray. While Sony, have chosen not to add this feature in its PS4 Pro. So, as far as the boost mode is concerned the Xbox One S offers more optional characteristics than the Sony PS4 Pro making it one step ahead of this all-time topper.

Xbox One S vs PS4 Pro: Gaming Option

Both witcher 3 Xbox One S vs PS4 Pro, allows you to play all previous existing games. But when it comes to games with visual benefits, they differ. Both consoles support HDR, but only PS4 Pro gives you the benefit of higher resolution, even at the time of writing.

Xbox One S vs PS 4 Pro Gaming options

Both Xbox One S vs PS4 Pro graphics is different from each other but best in their own way. Where Sony has focused on designing a powerful console, keeping the game in mind, Microsoft has tried to deliver best 4K videos. Now that depends upon the choice of the consumer, what matters most when it comes to gaming for him.

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At the end of the fight, we can say that both of these Xbox One S vs PS4 Pro Consoles are equally powerful and support almost equal gaming services. But, the major difference in between Xbox One S vs PS4 Pro is the gaming choice you get with your console. So, if you think you’re more of a hardcore single player gamer. Then PS4 pro offers great opportunities for you. But, playing multiplayer games along with your friends is something you love to do, then Xbox One S is the perfect option you have.

Hope you like this Xbox One S vs PS4 Pro Comparison. Thank you for checking. Do share it more and more with others too.

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