Xiaomi, a Chinese electronic and software company, rapidly growing and which had covered the whole market with its new variety of gadgets. In its beginning, Xiaomi used to design, develop and sell smartphones, mobile apps, computer hardware, laptops and other consumer products. But with time as the company flourishes it had started experimenting with many other various electronic devices. Mini drones are one of the examples. & here we are showing you everything about on this Xiaomi MITU WiFi HD Camera Mini RC Drone.

Xiaomi MITU

Xiaomi MITU Review: Wi-Fi HD Camera Mini RC Drone

What’s New?

Recently Xiaomi has launched its new Mini RC drone, after the success of Xiaomi Drone 4K. This device is called MITU Wi-Fi Camera Mini RC Drone. It’s a kind of new invention in its field. Although it’s not the whole real drone, which you could use profession photography (which you naturally can’t expect in $80), it is no less that. It is a fascinating toy and here “really” mean it.

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Xiaomi MITU Features and Specifications –

Xiaomi MITU Mini RC Drone Overview

The MITU Mini RC Drone comes with many great features. Operating this device is smooth and effortless, and anyone can do it without extreme knowledge. The device falls under the category of a quadcopter type. It has Wi-Fi remote control with no transmitter. You will also get a Wi-Fi app, which is used to control the drone. It has built-in Gyro device and has 3D stunts and even allows continuous shooting. The Mitu Mini is an exciting gadget which might not replace original full-size drone but can give similar great experience. It’s more of the kind of toy. Some of its other uses and significant features are below.

Xiaomi MITU Design:

Xiaomi MITU Mini RC Drone Design

It comes in small size and easy to carry weight. Its dimension without its propellers is 99 x 99 x 38 mm, compact size of 11cm and weighs just 88 grams. It has a one-piece structure, made up of plastic and props made up of glass fiber, giving it a sleek, beautiful and reliable look.

Xiaomi MITU Camera: (Camera Quality)

Xiaomi MITU Mini RC Drone Built

The new MITU mini-drone comes with the 720P aerial camera, which provides you excellent view and more precise picture from the sky along with real-time FPV transmission. Its maximum photos resolution is 1600 by 1200 pixels. It even has storage of 4GB along with quad-core 1.2 GHz processor.

Xiaomi MITU Control: (One-Hand Control)

This new mini-drone comes with G-sensor, which provides easy control over its fly direction by only tilting your RC drone.

Xiaomi MITU Battery:

It comes up with a 920mAh LiPo. It could fly continuously up to 9-10 minutes and recharges back in around an hour (60 minutes).

Xiaomi MITU Connectivity: (Faster)Xiaomi MITU Mini RC Drone Battle mode

The drone connects through Wi-Fi and comes up with many ultrasonic, barometers and optical flows kind of sensors. It can be controlled from an exact distance of 50 m and height of 25m. You can also use the Wi-Fi app for a faster connection, which controls up to 5.8 GHz. It also supports Bluetooth controller control.

Easy to Operate:

Xiaomi MITU Mini RC Drone Flight

Unlike other drones, this Xiaomi’s drone provides you a more refreshing way of running it. Just hold it your hand, lift and throw lightly in the air and your drone will fly up. Control it, move it as per your wish

Xiaomi MITU Headless Mode:

Xiaomi MITU Mini RC Drone Modes

The new Xiaomi’s mini-drone comes with a headless mode which allows you to efficiently operate it and even there is no need to adjust it every time before flying. Right forward direction of flight is not also affected by rotating of drone. You can quickly fly it even indoors and is perfect for new players.

Precise Hover:

Xiaomi MITU Mini RC Drone Mode Review

Your mini RC drone also comes up with an Altitude hold function. This feature allows enjoying flying your drone steadily, efficiently, at a high pace, even in an indoor environment, because of its hovers, which are at a height, as per the feature.

360 Degree Flip:

Xiaomi MITU Mini RC Drone Remote controlled

For your better experience, Xiaomi has provided the 360 degrees flip feature in the right, left, front, back almost all directions, so can have better performance with higher actions like rolling/flipping it continuously, enjoying its fun flight with some visual shocks.

Fun in the Air:

Xiaomi MITU Mini RC Drone Battle mode

This MITU mini-drone not just allows you to play solo, but provides excellent fun playing with many members, like sort of battle with your friends. Great fun, isn’t it..? Well, your RC drone has such unique features for you too. With its visual shocking effect, fierce air confrontation, it can participate in such real scenes fight. Sounds interesting!

Big Surprises in the Small Packet:

Doesn’t this sound like some bonus? Well, it’s kind of. This new Xiaomi’s mini-drone may look small in size but has a whole of technology bonus inside it. Its small body has almost 4 core processors and around 5 sensors in it. It can quickly process all the data provided by its multiple sensors with the help of its 1.2G SOC master chip.

Xiaomi MITU Body: (Stronger Body)

Xiaomi MITU Mini RC Drone Transmition

Along with its sleek and beautiful look, this RC mini-drone provides you a more robust muscular body, which indeed is crash-resistant. The unique integrated frame gives it excellent structure. MITU has a durable body which is made up of a unique matter of low density, which makes it safe and sturdier. Its propellers are composite of harder and more rigid matter; means are even stronger than the drone itself.

Xiaomi MITU Pros & Cons –

Xiaomi MITU Pros:

  • Under budget
  • Offers a variety of flight modes
  • Decent camera quality

Xiaomi MITU Cons:

  • Normal battery back-up.

Xiaomi MITU


There are many such other essential great features hidden inside the small body of this Xiaomi MITU WiFi HD Camera Mini RC Drone, which makes is the reason behind the high quality and excellent performance experience from this drone. Although, you still cannot compare it with full view, the first drone or expect that professional photographs or experience from it but it won’t prove itself less too. This can be a great toy and perfect for beginners. This drone is not suitable for the kids below 14, not even as a toy. This crash/break-proof drone with sleek design and high technology will undoubtedly mesmerize you by its high performance and a great experience.