Xiaomi is unarguably the biggest game-changer in the last five years or so in the mobile and mobile accessories market. They have significantly expanded their base into making other gadgets like tablets, TVs and many accessories like power banks. Their unique selling points include adding as many features into their devices with a very minimal profit margin. This kind of makes them dearer to the masses and budget buyers. Their RedMi series of mobiles has literally overtaken the likes of Samsung & Apple iPhones because of the ability to provide a very good set of features at a price as low as 1/4th of their nearest competitor. & here we are showing you about Xiaomi XXJZPG01YM Bluetooth Selfie Stick.


Xiaomi XXJZPG01YM Review Bluetooth Selfie Stick

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What is Selfie Sticks?

The word selfie is in itself very new. People are now taking more selfies than normal pictures. Hence one could see the front cameras which were having very less resolution compared to the back cameras in mobile devices have taken a tactical shift. Many devices manufacturers have figured out the abundance of front camera usage and are giving a resolution which is as good as the back camera and in few specific cases where they are marketed as “selfie mobiles” the front camera resolution is more than the back camera.

Taking selfies with just mobile phones are difficult for many reasons. Some of them are

  • Getting the desired elevation is very problematic.
  • You will find large zoomed versions which are not quite good.
  • Covering a wider view is difficult.

To fix these problems came the selfie sticks which is plain is nothing more than a stick which helps to mount your mobile and provide the desired elevation and rotation to get the ideal selfie. Initial versions of selfie stick were primitive with the operating button closer to your hand. They were definitely good, but people always wanted something better than what they came. That paved way for the emergence of Bluetooth selfie sticks which either had a remote to click selfies or the option to interface with another Bluetooth powered device.

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Xiaomi XXJZPG01YM Features and Specifications –

Xiaomi XXJZPG01YM Bluetooth Selfie Stick Waterproof Shooting

Xiaomi XXJZPG01YM Design:

The design of Mi XXJZPG01YM Bluetooth Selfie Stick is sleek and light-weight. It is designed in mind the various possible use-cases of a selfie stick like longer reach length, tighter grip for cameras/mobiles and even the ability to use it as a monopod or tripod with ease. The ability to rotate the mounted camera to 360 degrees is one of the big pluses of this selfie stick. Not many selfie sticks can be rotated 360 degrees. The Bluetooth selfie shutter can be detached independently or fitted into the selfie stick based on your need. Following are some of the good aspects of the design of Mi XXJZPG01YM Bluetooth Selfie Stick

Xiaomi XXJZPG01YM Bluetooth Selfie Stick Design

  • Double aluminum alloy bar
  • A very comfortable handle grip
  • Anti-slip pad design.

Xiaomi XXJZPG01YM Hardware:

Xiaomi XXJZPG01YM Bluetooth Selfie Stick Lightweight

This is a single piece simple selfie stick with a detachable remote.  The remote can be recharged separately as it comes with a rechargeable battery. The make of the material is ABS and is pretty sturdy and durable. The Mi XXJZPG01YM Bluetooth Selfie Stick is waterproof as it supports using waterproof camera case to facilitate the shooting of photos and videos under-water.

Xiaomi XXJZPG01YM Dimensions & Weight:

This being a selfie stick will have the feature and facility to both expand and contract based on the requirement. Following are the dimensions details of the selfie stick

Xiaomi XXJZPG01YM Bluetooth Selfie Stick Look

  • The range of length is 20-63 cm
  • The length can be extended up to 43cm
  • The folded length is around 20cm
  • The weight of the Xiaomi XXJZPG01YM Bluetooth Selfie Stick is around 0.1275Kg.
  • The total package weight is 0.2Kg.
  • The total dimensions of the Mi XXJZPG01YM Bluetooth Selfie Stick in cm is 20.00 x 8.48 x 3.50, and the total dimension in terms of inches is 7.87 x 3.34 x 1.38.

Xiaomi XXJZPG01YM Ease of Installation:

Xiaomi XXJZPG01YM Bluetooth Selfie Stick Installation

Well, this is not rocket science to use a selfie stick. You just have to put the Bluetooth shutter into the groove present in Xiaomi XXJZPG01YM Bluetooth Selfie Stick.  Once this is done pair your MiJia camera to your Bluetooth remote of Mi XXJZPG01YM Bluetooth Selfie Stick. Now secure the camera firmly with its compact and firm holder plus an additional ¼ inch screw to secure the grip tightly for underwater usage.

Xiaomi XXJZPG01YM Multi-Purpose Use:

Xiaomi XXJZPG01YM Bluetooth Selfie Stick 360 Rotation

The Mi XXJZPG01YM Bluetooth Selfie Stick is designed with the perspective to support literally all the needs that you might have a selfie stick. Additionally, the whole thing is waterproof which kind of makes it use them along with MiJia action cameras while taking underwater pictures and videos. When you are taking some still professional photographs or need to set a timer for a big group photo, then the tripod/monopod option in Mi XXJZPG01YM Bluetooth Selfie Stick will really come handy. The detachable Bluetooth remote helps you to position the camera with the selfie stick in tripod position and take some stunning photos of nature.

Xiaomi XXJZPG01YM Bluetooth Selfie Stick:-

Xiaomi XXJZPG01YM Bluetooth Selfie Stick Bluetooth SHutter

Mijia cameras are a rage these days as they have a pretty good set of features and better resolution at very affordable pricing. But operating them with ease does require additional support from a selfie stick. It comes from the very own house of Xiaomi. The Xiaomi XXJZPG01YM Bluetooth Selfie Stick for MiJia camera is the perfect accessory you need to harness and make full use of the camera. Not only does itself as a selfie stick it is designed to provide you with the option of using it as a monopod. Also, it is Bluetooth powered so you can use it efficiently with its Bluetooth remote.

Xiaomi XXJZPG01YM Pros & Cons –

Xiaomi XXJZPG01YM Bluetooth Selfie Stick Overview

Having discussed the detailed aspects of this device. It’s time to get into the pros and cons of Xiaomi XXJZPG01YM Bluetooth Selfie Stick.

Xiaomi XXJZPG01YM Pros:

  • It is first-of all very Affordable for the wide-set of Features it provides.
  • Next is the compact & durable Design. Most of the Selfie Sticks are just mere Selfie Sticks with less Focus on providing additional Features.
  • This one has the Option to be used as a Monopod or Tripod and hence you don’t need to Buy a Monopod or Tripod explicitly.
  • It can be used Underwater as well. It can be extremely Useful where accidental spilling of Water might damage Bluetooth powered Selfie Sticks like this one.
  • The ABS Body keeps it durable when you drop it accidentally.
  • The Xiaomi XXJZPG01YM Bluetooth Selfie Stick can be adjusted to the Full 360 Degrees. And can be rotated easily without taking the Camera out of the Selfie Stick.

Xiaomi XXJZPG01YM Cons:

  • This kind of ties it up close with the Xiaomi brand.
  • The lack of serving as a generic selfie stick for all types of mobile devices and manufacturers is the biggest disadvantage.


Overall the Xiaomi XXJZPG01YM Bluetooth Selfie Stick is best when you have the Cameras. Especially for underwater usage because you definitely need a good selfie stick that can be operated under-water with the help of its Waterproof properties. Also, the other added advantages are pretty handy and useful. Hence if you want to buy something which is more than a selfie stick for MiJia cameras, then this is the one you need.