NEO can be seen as a new and improved version of Ethereum and is very similar to it in many ways. NEO is new and improved, by design, which is why it is now one of the top ten cryptocurrencies in the world. Here are some of the reasons you should consider investing in NEO in 2018.

Invest in NEO

List of Best 5 Reasons to Invest in NEO Quickly

So here, we are showing the top 5 best reasons to Invest in NEO as quickly as possible.

It Has a Strong Business Case –

Ethereum supports real-time contract negotiations while creating an unbreakable digital signature to verify the contract while transferring the money involved. NEO takes this one step farther by building consensus and price negotiations.

Now a business can negotiate the price of an item through the Blockchain and let multiple partners vote on the decision immediately. This makes NEO far more useful to businesses. The need to hold NEO in order to facilitate these transactions means companies will need to invest in NEO in order to utilize them.

It Is More Flexible –

One of the weaknesses of Ethereum is the fact that you have to learn its own, distinctive programming language to work with it, much less build apps in it. NEO offers the same (or faster) transaction processing speeds as Ethereum, but it can work with any major programming language. Whether a business wants to build smart contracts in Go, C#, or JavaScript, they can. This flexibility will make it much easier for companies to adopt NEO over Ethereum. This explains why no big company has taken Ethereum’s smart contracts, too.

It is Scalable –

NEO is more scalable while being far more secure than Ethereum. Scalability matters when you want to raise money through peer-to-peer lending or crowdfunding. It matters when you roll out NEO to track loyalty points or send bills to tens of thousands of customers. Scalability is critical when your supply chain contracts involving the tracking of hundreds of items and simultaneously record payments for invoices, whether in a lump sum or paid overtime for a thousand different vendors.

It Is Prepositioned to Take Off –

NEO’s creators are based in China, and it was designed with business support in mind, not as an alternative currency per se. It is reportedly building or has already completed links with Alibaba, WeChat, and other major Chinese sites. If you buy NEO now, you could buy it while it is cheap. Once China’s regulatory environment updates to include cryptocurrencies like NEO, its use on the world’s largest e-commerce platform (Alibaba), and financial transfer app (via WeChat) and others will cause the value of the cryptocurrency to explode. For Australians trying to buy NEO, Crypto Head has a great how-to article that explains the whole process.

It Has Better Security –

Ethereum’s repeated hacks made the news in 2017. The bug in Parity’s software that accidentally wiped out millions of dollars worth of the cryptocurrency didn’t do anything to reassure investors. NEO’s developers learned from Ethereum’s mistakes and built-in far better security into their cryptocurrency and its wallet software.


NEO is more flexible, secure, and scalable, and it has a stronger business case, too, for use in asset tracking, invoicing, and fundraising. We could see NEO taking over in the next coming year if it starts gaining more recognition and adoption.