Idea; it all begins with just one idea. And you weave a character around it. It is similar to reading a book and imagining the characters in it. You picture the entire scene inside your head.

A Basic Guide to Character Concept Art

The process of character concept art is almost identical. You have an idea or concept, and you put together different characters around it to create a small teaser, film, or movie. Concept art is a widely growing industry, and if you have the required creativity, it might be the best career line for you. 

Table of Contents

Guide to Drawing Character Concept Art 

If you are looking for some simple, beginner advice on how to create character concept art, then hold on as we have summed up the basics right here for you. 

1. Get Inspired:

Begin with discovering or rather, gaining inspiration for ideas. The first step is all about research and brainstorming. Don’t focus on producing at all. Gather as many ideas as you can. 

2. Development:

Picture it all inside your head; what do you want to bring to life? Start by drawing everything on paper. Remember, it won’t come out perfectly the very first time. Sketch and illustrate accordingly.

You will have to do various thumbnail sketches during this phase. It will help you explore the different types and vibes of the characters you want to build. This step allows you to explore different techniques to come to a final decision. Thus, take your time during the development phase. 

3. Design:

Once you have developed the characters on the paper and you are satisfied with them, you can move on to the designing phase. As you have toyed with various looks and styles, you certainly know what you want now. This phase is all about refining and finalizing. 

Start adding definition to your sketches. Work on your character’s outfit, colors, accessories, etc. You can also have a symbolic pose for them if you want. 

4. Delivering the Final Character:

Your final character sketch is like an elevator pitch. You must have various illustrations of the character. Also, you can convert the character into digital form in this phase. Sketching it out on paper is great for initial understanding. But for the final delivery, it must be perfect and digital. 

Give side poses of the character, too, to deliver the ultimate final look from all angles. This is usually known as the character turnaround as it portrays it from all sides perfectly. 


Although the process might vary from one concept artist to another, these are the basic 4 steps through which the task is done. It is the ultimate framework to create a character that stands out. However, it is important to understand that you get inspired through your exploration phase and not copy someone else’s style. Likewise, it is a time-consuming process, and you must stay patient through the designing and development phase.