Nowadays, successful business is based on many factors. One of them is the active promotion of goods and services, which is impossible without the involvement of social networks and the online space as a whole. In turn, interaction with the client is built upon engagement via social accounts of a brand, where training, advice, and assistance are provided. Video marketing is the tool that makes all of the above accessible to a target audience. Creating video content will make you more advanced and successful in the eyes of your customers. With its help, you can show many details of your business and gain trust and loyalty in return.

YouTube Marketing in 2022

Thoughtful Channel Design

In 2022, people want harmony more than ever, so users are increasingly paying attention to the design of social media pages and YouTube channels. This affects the image of you as a business owner and shows how you approach details and your goals. Catchy logos, headers, video titles, and thumbnails are the most important components of an account that will be of interest to viewers and “sellable.” Use an appropriate YouTube thumbnail template to classify your content. For example, vivid captions and colors can serve as indicators showing which videos were posted earlier or later, and this will help users navigate your channel easier and quicker.

Vertical Versus Horizontal

Due to the fact that the number of YouTube views through smartphones is increasing every day, and TikTok has not yet lost its position, the horizontal video format is gradually replaced with vertical videos. This is quite justified because vertical content completely fills the screen and does not require extra movements, such as clicking the rotate button. With today’s pace of life, it is simply inconvenient for many people who browse social networks in a hurry to tinker with turning phones in their hands.

Vertical Versus Horizontal

YouTube Shorts

There are more and more channels that focus specifically on short videos on the platform. The trend for this format was set by TikTok, and then it was picked up by Facebook and Instagram. You can follow channels that do not make classic full-length episodes at all but grow only through YouTube Shorts. The number of subscribers of such channels is increasing rapidly.

Short videos are the key to successful sales. Long ads can sometimes be tiring, while many buyers like to learn about products quickly and to the point.

YouTube Shorts

High-Quality Videos

On the other hand, video materials that require an extended budget are on top, along with the “short” content. Today, you will not surprise anyone with videos shot at home, right against the wall. But classy and high-quality videos allow you to attract attention and stand out from others. Content creators have to complete two tasks at once: to create a good visual image and a meaningful script. Only a combination of these factors can keep the audience engaged. Big YouTube channels compete in quality with television, using two or three cameras when shooting a video material. The trend is dynamic editing, where the plan changes every 20 seconds. A certain bar is set by media personalities, famous bloggers, and large businesses that create interesting professional content. In the future, the budgets of popular YouTube channels will only grow.

Live Broadcasts

If you want to communicate with your subscribers in real-time and expand your channel audience, there is no better way to achieve these goals than live broadcasts. With YouTube Live, you can share your impressions or express your opinion on current events and news. It also helps you emphasize your professionalism by answering viewers’ questions online. In addition, the YouTube Live dashboard has many useful features, including a chat for communication and a section for working with statistics. It should also be taken into account that the service distinguishes live broadcasts from other videos, which helps to attract new viewers and subscribers.

Additional Monetization

Connecting online services for selling goods, in particular, merchandise increases brand monetization. Basically, such online services cover the entire sales cycle, right up to product shipment. The channel owner only needs to place the assortment on his/her page in a special section. Such innovation will be useful not only for independent bloggers but also for large companies. Owners of channels with confirmed official status can already enable the new feature in the channel settings within the YouTube Creator Studio section.

To Sum Up

Many brands have not yet started a YouTube channel and do not use video marketing because they believe it is too costly, time-consuming, and unprofitable. This is their big mistake, and while competitors miss the opportunities, you are catching the wave with new trends.