Mini PCs were always considered less convincing. Now the trend has taken a tactical shift to very powerful better than PCs and laptops kind of Mini-PCs. Then why still call them Mini PC? Well, they are just “mini” in size. Alfawise is a pretty famous name in home appliances segment, and they have now stepped up the heat in computer segment too. The Alfawise T1 Mini PC launched recently has been generating a lot of interest owing to its exciting set of features and pricing model. Let us plunge deep into its features with detailed analysis and specifications.

Alfawise T1 Mini

Alfawise T1 Mini Review PC

The T1 Mini PC is in its presale phase currently, and bookings are open for the same.

(Buying Guide) Alfawise T1 Mini Review PC Deal Price

The first thing that will impress you is the size. It is pretty compact in size and pretty portable to carry around. Alfawise T1 Mini PC is entirely loaded with features regarding both memory & processor. The specifications are too tempting to get them even for high-end usages like web designing & software development.

At a Glance:

Price$219.99 only
Memory64 GB ROM storage space. Also supports 512GB M.2 SSD and 2.5 inches 2TB HHD
Processor & OSIntel GEMINI LAKE Celeron N4100 CPU with 4 cores 4 threads, 4M L2 cache and the 2.4GHz frequency with OS options of Linux, Windows 10, Windows 8
DisplayNo Inbuilt display as this is a mini PC.
BatteryNot present. Need external power cord for this mini PC to function.
Connectivity5G Wi-Fi support

WiFi: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac

Bluetooth: Bluetooth4.0

Ports3.5mmAudio, DC-in, HDMI, Mic, RJ-45, TF card, USB Type-C, USB 3.0, VGA

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Alfawise T1 Mini PC Features and Specifications –

Alfawise T1 Mini Operating System (OS):

Alfawise T1 mini PC Supports Cortana

  • The laptop comes with options to support Linux & Windows.
    • You get the latest Windows 10 OS with the device along with Cortona support.
    • The OS comes with multi-language support, and hence you can choose the language of your preference very easily.
    • Linux support is helpful for developers and designers who do advanced stuff.

Alfawise T1 Mini Battery:

Alfawise T1 mini PC Processor

  • This being a mini-PC does not have an inbuilt battery. The power source is direct from an external power cord connected.
    • You can, however, use a UPS/inverter to power it up during power issues.
    • The power cord does have the option to support the power plug points of multiple countries.

Alfawise T1 Mini Display:

Alfawise T1 mini PC Interface

  • Well this being a mini-PC does not have an inbuilt display for obvious reasons.

T1 Mini Screen Resolution:
You can connect it to any display, and this mini PC can support up to 4K x 2K resolution.

T1 Mini Display Interface Type:
HDMI 2.0 is the interface option, and Alfawise mini PC comes with a HDMI cable also.

Alfawise T1 Mini Processor:

Alfawise T1 mini PC COU

  • Moving on to the core part of Alfawise mini PC, you get an Intel processor.
Alfawise T1 Mini Specs:

This has a pretty decent Intel Celeron processor. Here are few details on that:

  • The processor comes with four cores each of which clocks at a frequency of 4 GHz.
  • The processor has its own L2 4MB cache memory to ensure a higher level of multi-tasking
  • The processor supports 64 bit, and the exact model is Intel Celeron N4100.

Alfawise T1 Mini Graphics:

Alfawise T1 mini PC Design

    • Speaking about the graphics aspect of this device, you get a dedicated GPU with this mini PC.
      • You get an Intel 600 GPU with the device.
      • The GPU ensures you can play high-quality games at full HD resolution without much performance lag.
      • The frequency support for this GPU is 250-750 MHz.

Alfawise T1 Mini Memory:

Alfawise T1 mini PC Memory

  • The memory specifications are pretty decent as it has both ROM and support interface 512GB M.2 SSD and 2.5 inch 2TB HDD.

T1 Mini Internal Storage Space:
The device comes with a 64GB ROM for a quick read and writes speed.

  • The ROM space is definitely good and is kind of value-added factor not found in many parallel models of mini PCs.
  • If you feel the ROM space is less, you can always use the SSD & HDD options to boost up the memory.

T1 Mini Ram:
For good performance, you surely need a higher memory. Alfawise mini PC comes with these RAM specifications.

  • You get 4 GB of RAM to support and run your applications efficiently. While this is not too high, it is definitely good for medium usage scenarios.
  • The RAM is of type DDR4 and has a frequency of 2400 MHz

Alfawise T1 Mini Camera:

  • Again to reiterate that this is purely a mini PC and does not have a camera supported. If you wish to have one, you can buy one and connect it using the USB option.

Alfawise T1 Mini PC Ports & Connectivity:

Alfawise T1 mini PC Ports

  • You get a range of wired as well as wireless connections with this mini PC. Some of them are regular stuff like Bluetooth & Wi-Fi while the new ones like 5G Wi-Fi are pretty exciting reasons to buy this.

T1 Mini Ports:
For any wired connection, the device host numerous ports that we are going to discuss below.

  • The device comes with support for USB 3.0 and even a type C port. Use the USB port to connect to other devices like keyboards or mouse or camera.
  • You also get a TF card slot which supports SD card. This is extremely useful to transfer files and data and could serve as additional memory.
  • A 3.5 mm headphone jack for hearing music or could also be used for microphone purpose is provided with this mini PC.
  • An RJ-45 connector to connect your broadband connection is present with a range of 1000M speed.
  • A HDMI 2.0 port to connect to a display monitor is the most used port for obvious reasons that this is a mini PC and hence does not have a display.

T1 Mini Connectivity:

Alfawise T1 mini PC BUilt

    • Detailing about the connectivity options, you get a couple of standard options like
      • A Bluetooth 4.0 which helps to connect to your mobile devices or other Bluetooth powered devices.
      • You also get a WiFi Chip from Intel 3165 to boost up the connectivity using Wi-Fi mode.

Alfawise T1 Mini Accessories:

Alfawise T1 mini PC In the Box

  • To make the most out of T1 mini PC, you might need the following

Alfawise T1 Mini In Box:
With the mini PC, you get a power cord and a manual for the device. Also present are the HDMI cable and PC Holders.

T1 Mini Extras:
There are various accessories that you need to buy additionally to use this device.

  • Bare minimum you need a display to be connected.
  • You need a keyboard and off-course a mouse for operating the system.
  • The speakers and cameras are some accessories that are optional but good to have.

Alfawise T1 Mini Pros & Cons –

Now let’s come to the most interesting thing of weighing its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Alfawise T1 Mini Pros:

    • Pretty good Specification & has all necessary things for a Mini PC.
    • Processor & RAM Ratings are better though not the best.
      This would satisfy most of the Requirements of even Software Developers.
    • Support for multiple Operating Systems like Windows & Linux is one more interesting Feature that is not present in many Mini PCs.
    • You also get GPU for all your high intensive Applications like Games & Multimedia.
    • Three USB 3.0 Slots which Facilitate you to connect to multiple Accessories like Keyboards, Mouse & Cameras.
  • Alfawise T1 Mini Cons:

    • There is nothing major, but support for a battery would have made this mini PC ideal.
    • Also, the RAM is pretty conservative. A couple more GB could help to use this for high-end applications.

Alfawise T1 mini PC


The final say is that this Alfawise T1 Mini PC is extremely good for its pricing with fully loaded features and interfaces. And if you’re looking to buy a sturdy, compact PC T1 Mini PC is definitely worth buying and using.