The TV was a pretty simple device decade back with D2H or cable being the only interface to play content through it. With the shift to smart devices and better technologies TVs are becoming increasingly ‘smart’ through several interfaces ranging from USB devices like flash-drive, hard-disks, etc. Then came the option of interfacing the TVs with computers and other devices through HDMI technology. & here we are showing you all about the Alfawise Z1 Android Smart TV Box with the Offer inside.

Alfawise Z1

Alfawise Z1 Review Android Smart TV Box

Coming to SMART TVs, they are the high-end televisions available in the market today which have all features that a computer has like connecting to the internet through Wi-Fi and streaming movies and content from the web. Smart TV Box is a boon to anybody who doesn’t have a smart TV. It bridges through the gap seamlessly by providing almost all options of Smart TV.

A Quick Background on Alfawise Z1 Android Smart TV Box:

Alfawise is an upcoming brand developing and promoting a varied range of gadgets and home appliances. Z1 Android Smart TV BOX is one of the latest additions to their list of devices delivered in the last few years. It is aimed at the mid-market where people have TVs which are not smart but would love to leverage the benefits of a Smart-TV. It seamlessly helps you to transform your TV into a smart-TV in real quick time.

Alfawise Z1 Android Smart TV Overview

(Buying Guide) Alfawise Z1 Android Smart TV Box Deal Price

The attractive part of Alfawise Z1 Android Smart TV BOX is that it is sleek, simple and powerful. It has all that you need out of a smart TV box. The interface options and pricing are set with the theme to support various scenarios and make it affordable for the mid-market.

At a Glance:

Price$82 only
Memory32GB ROM storage space is available. TF card slot is present to put TF cards with media content.
RAM3 GB. RAM Type is DDR4
Processor & OSThe processor, is Amlogic S912 with a frequency of 2 GHz. The OS supported is Android like in many Smart TV Boxes, and the Android version is 7.1.2
DisplayThis being a Smart TV Box has no display, and all details are displayed on the TV you interface with.
RemoteIR remote control powered by 2 x AAA battery is used to control and toggle the options to play content on your TV
BatteryThe smart TV is powered by an inbuilt battery which is powered by a power input of 5V
ConnectivityTF card is supported through a TF card slot if you need additional storage and can be extended up to 64GB

WiFi options supported are  2.4G + 5.8G dual-band Wi-Fi

Bluetooth range is Bluetooth4.1

LAN slot is provided to connect a LAN cable

HDMI 2.0 enables you to transfer media fast with profound quality.

PortsDC Charging point, LAN / Ethernet slot, TF slot, and HDMI slots

So here we are showing you everything about on this Alfawise Z1 Android Smart TV Box. So that you can get to know everything about on it & One Offer for you here i.e., you can Grab it a very Discounted Deal Price from here too. So, go Get one for you or you can also Gift it to someone.

Alfawise Z1 Features and Specifications –

Alfawise Z1 Operating System (OS):

Alfawise Z1 Android Smart TV OS

The Z1 Android Smart TV BOX runs on Android 7.1.2. It would have all the apps that you need to start with like YouTube, Netflix, etc. pre-installed.

  • Z1 Android Smart TV BOX is pre-loaded with all universal apps, and all you have to do is log-in with your credentials into them.
  • New apps can always be installed from Google play store to customize the smart tv box as per your needs and requirements.

Alfawise Z1 Battery:

Z1 Android Smart TV BOX has a decent battery, but it does not operate without power charger in place. It does not have power storage facility like mobiles.

  • A 5V power supply powers the battery.
  • Batteries of course power remote. You would need 2 AAA battery to operate the remote

Alfawise Z1 Display:

Alfawise Z1 Android Smart TV Viewing Experience

Your TV is pretty much your display for all controls and settings of your Z1 Android Smart TV BOX.

Alfawise Z1 Processor:

 Alfawise Z1 Android Smart TV Hardware

Talking about the performance aspect of Z1 Android Smart TV BOX, you get an Amlogic S912 processor with the smart tv box.

  • Alfawise Z1 Specs:

The processor is powerful enough to render the promised 3D and 4K video content seamlessly.

  • Graphics:
    A graphics card is missing though. The budget of Z1 Android Smart TV BOX is kept low, and hence obviously it does not have a graphics card.

Alfawise Z1 Memory:

The memory specifications are quite decent for this budget. It has both inbuilt internal ROM capacity and support to add up to 64GB TF card.

  • Internal Storage Space:
    The smart TV comes with an inbuilt 32GB ROM for media storage.
  • The ROM space is good enough to store at least 16 high-quality HD movies and a lot of apps.
  • If you are a big movie buff and still need more storage space, you the option to purchase and use additional TF cards (supported up to 64 GB) to boost up the memory capacity.

Alfawise Z1 Android Smart TV Connectivity

  • RAM:

For high-quality video rendering and supporting 3D & 4K video Z1, Android Smart TV BOX has a 3GB RAM.

  • The smart TV box’s 3GB RAM is of type DDR4.
  • The RAM size is good enough when you consider the other options of smart TVs in the market.

Alfawise Z1 Ports & Connectivity:

As with any smart TV box, Z1 Android Smart TV BOX supports Bluetooth, HDMI & Wi-Fi.

  • Ports:

    The connectivity options of Z1 Android Smart TV BOX include.

    • The device does not support for Type-C port.
    • You will also get a TF card slot which supports TF cards up to 64 This is a pretty useful feature for movie lovers to put on their TF cards with movies.
    • DC Charging point is present to charge the smart tv box during its operation.

 Alfawise Z1 Android Smart TV Ports

  • Connectivity:

    When you look into the connectivity options, you do get a couple of extensive varied and multi-faceted options like

    • A Bluetooth 4.1 which helps to connect to your mobile devices or other Bluetooth enabled devices like BT equipment to Z1 Android Smart TV BOX. The speed is 4 times that of Bluetooth 1.0 and helps you to transfer movies from your mobiles or other devices in real QuickTime to your Z1 Android Smart TV BOX.
    • The details on network connectivity options provided by smart TV box are
      • Support Network: 2.4G + 5.8G dual-band Wi-Fi
      • 5G Wi-Fi support is not present.

Alfawise Z1 Accessories:

Alfawise Z1 Android Smart TV Connectivity

Z1 Android Smart TV BOX has the following accessories support

  • In Box: With the Z1 Android Smart TV BOX, you get essential amenities required for operating this device like charger, remote control, and HDMI cable.
  • Extra: The essential accessory you would need is TF cards for expanding the storage capacity of the smart TV box.

Alfawise Z1 Pros and Cons –

 Alfawise Z1 Android Smart TV Pros and Cons

Z1 Android Smart TV BOX has all features for supporting most use essential use-cases of a smart TV box. Some of the advantages and disadvantages.

Alfawise Z1 Pros:

  • The Z1 Android Smart TV BOX is compact with a fully loaded set of features.
  • The support for 4K and 3D video with hardware support to decode H.265 can save 50% of bandwidth resources.
  • The Support for 5.1 Surround Sound is an added advantage to this smart tv box.
  • The size is small, and the dimensions and weight of the device are compact and small to fit in comfortably.

Alfawise Z1 Cons:

  • The missing Graphics card is a cause of concern to a slight extent.
  • The internal memory could be slightly more as 32GB is not a considerable amount of memory.
  • 5G Wi-Fi support is not present.


Alfawise Z1 Android Smart TV Quality

Alfawise Z1 Android Smart TV BOX is a must have if you are the one who does not have a smart tv and watch a lot of content over the internet in YouTube & Netflix. It has all features to support high-quality video and required processing speed and memory to deliver HD and 3D content seamlessly without any lag or lack of quality regarding picture and sound.

Hope you like this Alfawise Z1 Review & Alfawise Z1 Buying Guide Article.