As we all know. Directv Now is providing its users an amazing experience with the feature of recording its live streaming. Not only live but also you can record streaming from the past or future. How cool is that? In my previous posts, I have mentioned how Directv has been expanding its horizon in cloud-based digital video recordings. Adding to that, in this How to Record on DirecTV Now post I’m going to talk about “How to Record on DirecTV Now”.

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Being able to record streaming is a great luxury, and it adds ease to your daily schedule. Let’s talk about some common reasons why someone would want to record streaming shows or movies.

Why do we need to Record Streaming?

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  1. In today’s world, we don’t have time to breathe, watching our favorite sitcom on time has become next to Opposite.
  2. Some series are meant to be binge-watched again and again.
  3. Sharing something you just watched with your loved ones is a must.
  4. Missing last night game is something we don’t want to regret.


How is Easy Recording DirecTV Now? 

Generally, there are some complexities involved when stream recording is concerned. Contrary, to those hurdles, DirecTV Now provides you the most sort out methods to record your favorite shows, movies and live streamings.

(Steps) How to Record on DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now provides you choices more than you can count on your fingers on how to record a feed off the streamings. In brief, there are two types of feeds that you would want to record. & in this we are going to show you that How to Record on DirecTV Now. So just check it out,


  • Airing now.
  • Airing later.
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1. For Shows airing Right Now –

In this method, we will talk about how you can record streaming that is airing right now. Recording fresh and live streaming has never been so simple and to show this ill give you the easiest steps. To record live feed you can choose a weapon of your choice, be it smart TV, Android or IOS phone, Amazon Fire Stick or Roku.

  • From a Smart TV like Samsung TV or Apple TV:

From a Smart TV like Samsung TV or Apple TV

  1. Log into your DirecTV account.
  2. Hower to select the shows and see your choices.
  3. Swipe right to highlight your choice and hit record.
  4. You have the choice to record all or new episodes.
  5. DONE!
  • From a Mobile Device like IOS or Android:

From a Mobile Device like IOS or Android

  1. Log into your DirecTV account.
  2. Next, select the shows or movies you want to record.
  3. Click on record.

*NOTE: If you’re an Android user, you have to select the three dots first.

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  • From Amazon Fire Stick or Roku:


  1. Log into your DirecTV account and Hit the OK button on your remote to launch the Video Player.
  2. Use the right arrow to choose REC.
  3. Hit OK and follow the instruction popping up on your screen.

Let me know in the comment section if you find any trouble in following these steps.

2. For Shows airing Later:

Follow the steps below to learn how to schedule a recording for a show or movie that is about to stream later.

  1. Log into your DirecTV Now account and select the option that says “Guide.”
  2. Search for the stream you want to record through the library.
  3. Choose REC to add a title to your recordings.
  4.  Select All episodes or new episodes, whichever goes with your choice.
  5. DONE!

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To sum up the whole How to Record on DirecTV Now article in a few words. recording Directv now has become so simple over years that and the credit for it goes to the developers of Directv now and AT&T telecommunications. To make your job simpler, there is a diligent team of hard working people ready to support you all the time. furthermore, using the later functions of deleting recordings and watching recordings from your playlist is a piece of cake. if you face any challenge in that watching recording from a playlist or deleting a recording, do hit the comment section below and we will get back to your query at the earliest. Hope you like this How to Record on DirecTV Now guiding article.

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