How to Change Epic Games Email Account


  1. This is great, but unfortunately, the email attached to my epic games account is invalid, so I can’t retrieve the verification code – any ideas?

  2. I created an epic games account in 2018. I have been playing Fortnite on this account since then. I have never logged off. I have forgotten my epic games password so if I sign out I will not be able to sign back in. (I have forgotten the password to the email account also). I need to sign up for 2FA to be able to compete in tournaments but without my password / access to email is this possible? Can I set up a new account without losing my progress on the account I have?
    Can you advise?

  3. Like Jack’s problem, this is a crock of shit. I signed my 7-year-old at the time he is 10 now and hardly played but has tons of skins and whatever. So when I signed him up, I forgot the character of my email. It’s one-character off. We have been able to play for the last 3 years but can’t verify the email because it is not ours. We can’t change the email either because it is not ours. They act like this shit is so important. Fuck just verify my ip address where the game is played 98 percent of the time. It was easier to get Hilary Clinton’s emails than to change yours on this! Where the hell is their advice?

  4. Yeah I accidentally used my school email to create my epic in 2017, and I have over 100 skins and can’t stream make videos get a support a creator code or get 2fa

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