Oculus Rift is a fantastic virtual reality headset that is predominantly designed for video gaming and manufactured by Oculus VR, an American tech company. It uses state of the art display system providing excellent lifelike experience to the wearer using advanced display technology and motion tracking. Within the past few years since the launch, it has gained a positive response from the users. Some of the tech and gaming sites have claimed it as the best VR device. And today here we are going to show you all the Best Oculus Rift Games of all time.

Best Oculus Rift Games

After the acquisition by Facebook in 2014, the Oculus received a lot of attention from the world. According to a survey, oculus rift represents 47% of overall VR users on steam outnumbering HTC Vive. Not only it is one of the best VR headsets, but also large catalogues of the fabulous game are there for everyone to play. Let’s have a look on few of the featured and Best Oculus Rift Games.

(Top 17) Latest Lists of Best Oculus Rift Games

So here we are showing you all the latest lists of the Best Oculus Rift Games. So you will get to know everything about on it. Just check it out,

  • Robo Recall

Best Oculus Rift Games

Robot Recall is a first-person shooter game created and published by Epic Games. It was released on March 1, 2017. The story of this game is quite impressive. A player controls an employee of RoboReady, a leading company which manufactures service robots. The employee ‘Agent 34’ have to remove robots that are infected with the virus and also find the reason behind the virus. Moreover, the player gets access to four different weapons, including a pistol, revolver, shotgun, and a plasma rifle so that he can shoot the enemies. So this is in the list of Best Oculus Rift Games.

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  • Arktika.1

Best Oculus Rift Games

Is entirely an AAA title in which your job as an elite mercenary is to protect a colony in the frozen wasteland which is used to be Vostok, Russia before. Although, the world is afflicted with new ice age yet this snowy outpost wasteland inhabits humans. 4A games develop this game. Kill the Yagas, the enemies and the reprogrammed robots that are attacking all living things. So this is all about the Best Oculus Rift Games.

  • The Mage’s Tale

Best Oculus Rift Games

InXile entertainment published its first VR title. The Mage’s tale is an FPS dungeon crawler RPG game. This game uses both free movement and teleporting for locomotion. Fight with enemies, solve puzzles along with exploring subterranean ways. A player can create various effects by mixing different ingredients with the help of deep-spell crafting system. So this is in the List of Best Oculus Rift Games.

  • Echo Arena

Best Oculus Rift Games

Enjoy a new era of sports echo arena developed and published by Ready at dawn and Oculus studio respectively. Initially, this game was included in Lone Echo as a team-based multiplayer sports mode. Compete in a zero gravity arena grabbing the flying disc and throwing it through the opposition’s goal. This game mechanics is what makes it something unique and addictive to play. So this is the Best Oculus Rift Games.

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  • Star Trek Bridge Crew

Best Oculus Rift Games Startrek Bridge Crew

It is an action-adventure VR video game played with four roles consisting captain, tactical officer, engineer and helm officer. The fate of your ship and the crew is determined by the strategic decisions and actions made together. The Klingon Empire is active in The Trench, so don’t get blinded by the beauty and wonders yet to be discovered. Break the Klingons purpose from affecting your plan of securing a peaceful federation presence. This game amazes, and it brings the genuine experience of serving as an officer on the bridge of a Federation starship. So this is one of the Best Oculus Rift Games.

  • The Forest

Best Oculus Rift Games The Forest

A forest is a first-person open-world survival video game. The player has to survive in the forest after his plane crashed and landed on an island. Anyhow you have to endure each day, make shelter, trap weapons and defend yourself from cannibalistic mutants at night. This game is inspired by the films ‘The Descent’ and ‘Cannibal Holocaust.’ So this is also in the list of Best Oculus Rift Games.

  • Sairento VR

Best Oculus Rift Games Sairento

Fulfil your dream of becoming a cyber-ninja with Sairento VR. Immerse yourself in the journey of the darkest possibilities of humanity’s high tech future. Sairento VR is a first-person shooter video game. Chieko Hatsumi, an experienced cyber ninja, helped Japan in ensuring security and stability. The player has to complete different missions to play this game further. This game has received a rating of 94% on steam making it one of the Best Oculus Rift Games.

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  • I Expect You to Die

Best Oculus Rift Games o expect you to die

A VR action video game that let you solve puzzles like rescuing a sinking submarine. Most of the events require you to think fast to continue playing. There are objects hidden in the surrounding environment. Figure out the purpose of an object so that you can solve puzzles and get success. Once playing, you will realise how addictive it is. You are expected to die but have to survive a deadly situation by using your problem-solving skill and wits. So this is in the list of Best Oculus Rift Games.

  • Space Pirate Trainer

Best Oculus Rift Games Space Pirate Trainer

Due to its playability, the title has a huge following and is considered as one of the Best Oculus Rift Games to play. It is merely designed and come with easy to learn mechanics. There are several gameplay modes to keep you busy in this Best Oculus Rift Games. This game design is pleasing and impressive once you must try this game and enter the world of the old-school arcade game. So this is is one of the Best Oculus Rift Games.

  • Eve Valkyrie

Best Oculus Rift Games Eve Valkyrie

Eve Valkyrie is a multiple dogfighting shooter games. It is set in the Eve Online universe which is a space-based MMORPG game. This Best Oculus Rift Games seems much better when played in VR headset technology. As a player, you play the role of a cloned ace pilot who purportedly remembers previous deaths and failures. The game-play and story both are mind-blowing. So this is in the list of Best Oculus Rift Games.

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  • Wilson’s Heart

Want to experience a horrible environment? Wilson’s heart is an atrocious first-person adventure that is played in the first perspective. The plot contains a man named Robert Wilson, who found himself wearing a hospital gown in a damaged hospital. The book in this Best Oculus Rift Games is missing some pages. As Robert finds pages, he notices that he sees the more pages, the more tasks his orb capable of performing. Meet a group of survivors, teddy bear, soldier zombie, tentacle monsters, etc. There is a lot in the game that you will love to explore by yourself. So that’s why this is in the list of Best Oculus Rift Games.

  • Ark Park

Best Oculus Rift Games Ark park

Meet the dinosaurs in a Jurassic Park like the Game. The visual fidelity provided by the Ark Park is unmatched. It’s a multiplayer game to join with your friends and share the thrill of witnessing dinosaurs closely. The game features an expansive scenery with over 10 unseen locations. So this is in the list of Best Oculus Rift Games.

  • Arizona Sunshine

Best Oculus Rift Games Arizona Sunshine

Arizona Sunshine has a lot to deliver. Players who live zombies and shooting must try this Best Oculus Rift Games once on their Oculus Rift. It is a zombie survival first-person shooter game released two years ago. It will require you, motion controllers, to play the game. This Best Oculus Rift Games features free roaming, room-scale tracking and a few other things making it a fabulous game. The story involves a player who battles with zombies, kill them and reaches to a radio station located in a town Sunshine, Arizona. So this is in the list of the Best Oculus Rift Games.

  • The Climb

The Climb

As the name suggests, you aim to climb stone walls to the top of each stage that are presented. It is a first-person video game developed by Crytek. This rock climbing game comes with simplified mechanics. It supports multiplayer, and in the beginning, the game shows a tutorial teaching about necessary controls and mechanics. This Best Oculus Rift Games is fairly different from others and deserves a chance to be played. So this is Best Oculus Rift Games.

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  • Elite Dangerous: Deluxe Edition

Elite Dangerous: Deluxe Edition

Elite dangerous allow you to travel in the open world of space. With a ton of controls, take control of your starship in a cut-throat galaxy. Explore milkily and go in-depth on VR. The graphics, gameplay everything is perfect and no doubt it is entirely worthy of your money. So this is among the list of Best Oculus Rift Games.

  • The Unspoken

The Unspoken

The unspoken is particularly an online arena based game. The plot revolves around Magic users and shadowy council. They are dealing with the ongoing war with each other. The graphics of the game is splendid, presenting an intense and vivid environment. If you want to get yourself to engage in VR, then this is made for you. It is recommended to every Rift owner. The game is developed by Insomniac games that have also designed edge of nowhere and feral rite for Rift. So this is the Best Oculus Rift Games.

  • Edge of Nowhere

Edge of nowhere

Another piece from Insomniac mentioned above. It is an action-adventure video game. It’s all about finding Ava Thorne, fiance of Victor Howard. Victor faces creepy creatures while searching for her. The story of the game twist mind. If you love to play horror games, then this one is for you. However, some players like Wilson’s heart more than the edge of nowhere. So this is one of the Best Oculus Rift Games.

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Oculus Rift is an excellent VR headset featured with full room scale experience, unparalleled graphical Fidelity with Asynchronous SpaceWarp, unique sound and much more. Experience everything, anywhere with the power of virtual reality provided by the Oculus itself. The games can be played, bought and downloaded from Oculus store. So this is all about the Best Oculus Rift Games List.

Gain access to a comprehensive collection of games and immerse yourself in the world of virtual reality. Oculus is coming with some excellent games in the future, so those who are bored with the present collection must have patience. We rounded up the best of the games currently available on the store. However, if we missed any, then please tell, would love to hear from you. Hope you like this Best Oculus Rift Games List. & if you have query or want to add anything in this Best Oculus Rift Games article then do let us know through the below comment section.

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