To begin with, Xbox has been part of our lives since November 15, 2001. It has been nearly 17 years Since the tech giant Microsoft has released Xbox worldwide. Along with Xbox, several other gaming experience providers have been giving tough competition to Xbox like Sony’s PlayStation and Nintendo’s Switch. Also, outsiders like Amazon’s games tech and Alphabet’s google are trying with their epic workforce to give their users top-notch gaming experience. This makes the gaming business only tougher every day. & today we are here going to show you that How to Add Epic Friends on Xbox.

How to Add Epic Friends on Xbox

Updates and new versions of these gaming consoles are pouring day after day. Where Sony’s adamant followers are waiting desperately for the new PlayStation 5. Nintendo has also added three new games to Switch online NES Library this month. With all of these competitors, cross-platforming is something obvious, But is it possible?

Latest Xbox Prices & Features –

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Features the New Xbox One Provides:

    1. Here on Xbox One, you can Play over 100 Console exclusives and a growing library of Xbox 360 games on Xbox One.
    2. You can watch 4K Blu-ray movies and stream 4K content on Netflix, and Amazon video how cool is that.
    3. Do Experience much richer, more filling and illuminating range of colours in video and games with high performing processor and drivers.


How to Add Epic Friends on Xbox Xbox One S 1TB Console – Battlefield V Bundle $234.94
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Is Cross Platforming & Adding Epic Account Possible on Xbox?

Yes, very much, the main reason to add an epic games account is to have cross playing and cross platforming. To do so, you need to create an epic gaming account. The steps to do so are given below so please keep on reading to find out the steps to create an Epic games account.

How to Add Epic Friends on Xbox

To Check Compatibility with Epic Games for Xbox:

Here’s a sigh of relief for all of you. Epic games account doesn’t bound you for which platform you are using. Be it windows, IS, MAC, Xbox or Android, you can easily set up your epic games account for a mind-blowing cross playing gaming experience.

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How to Create an Epic Games Account?

How to Add Epic Friends on Xbox

To Create Epic Games Account, Follow the Steps provided below:

  1.  Visit the website, and you will be directed to their website.
  2. However, If you already have an account then “sign in” from the top right of the menu otherwise “sign up”.
  3. Next, Follow the steps to sign up, and you’re ready to go.

(Guide) How to Add Epic Friends on Xbox

  1. We presume you have already created the Epicgames account you have made following the steps above.
  2. If not, then you can do that by visiting the website and visit their store to make the purchase for the game you like as per your choice of interest.
  3. Now you need to go to the Fortnite page through epic games website.
    Login and hower to the account option on the top right.
  4. Once you reach the account tab, reach for the fifth option that says “Connected accounts”.
  5. In this option, you will see the “connected accounts” once you click n those you will see the pop up that will ask you to log in to your Xbox account or any other console you’re using.
  6. As soon as you log in, hopefully, everything will work out, and you will be able to add your friends through the epic game’s website to your Xbox and enjoy your weekends with your virtual friends.

How to Add Epic Friends on Xbox

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Hopefully, these steps provide you with everything you’re looking for and will be able to enjoy Epic games with your friends. Every day the makers of epic games are working on the latest patches to fix the cross-platform playing issues. This makes gaming more exhilarating and thrilling for games lovers. So this is the guide for How to Add Epic Friends on Xbox.

Finally, I hope the steps mentioned were not very tough for you to follow, and they provided you with enough ease to connect your epic friends to Xbox. By the way, you may check epic games twitter account to get the latest updates on the games. The patchwork and the newer and better versions of their games. Their latest updates include easy linking and re-linking of the accounts; also the makers of Epic games are coming up with their newest feature, where users will be able to merge their accounts and combine their purchases, and hopefully, it releases soon. Hope you like this How to Add Epic Friends on Xbox guiding article. If you are facing any issue in this How to Add Epic Friends on Xbox guide then do let us know through the below comment section.

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