In the past, GPD has developed some fantastic mobile game console based on Android, its previous version was launched on in the market two years ago and has since relished great popularity. GPD XD Plus Handheld Game Console was recently announced with an upgrade for its problematic processor, an RK3288 which was used previously, is not as formidable as it used to be and is around to expire. So GPD had the choice either to stop making or switch to the additional processor.

GPD XD Plus 2

GPD XD Plus Review

But as you might have guessed, they have chosen the last option and will soon launch another model called “GPD XD Plus Handheld Game Console.“ It has features MTK8176 Quad Core processor and GX6250 GPU, providing you with the fast and steady user experience. It adopts 4GB DDR3 RAM as well as 32GB eMMC ROM and moreover supports exterior max 128GB TF card (not comprised), you can store excessive games as you want.

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GPD XD Plus Build & Design:

GPD XD Plus Design

Associating the GPD XD Gaming console with the Nintendo 3DS XL, we derive from seeing the resemblances instantly. The body is equal, and so is the place of the power LED. The single difference here is that the power LED on Nintendo is cool blue, while it is green on the GPD XD Plus. The plastic body on maximum replicas is low excellence, and it is not erratic to discover cracks nearby the joints. Seemingly, GPD has taken care of building this plastic body with suitable material. The lid feels to be somewhat tighter and produces a squeaking noise whereas opening it. Another thing to remark here is that there are no rattling parts inside that would or else make noise while you shake the device.

GPD XD Plus Controls:

Talking of power, there are two joysticks which are reasonably sensitive and work smoothly. As said by the specifications, the joysticks derive from the Japanese Alps plant, and they are not Chinese imitations. There do not seem to be any dead zones where the stick changes insensitive. There are the standard A, B, X, and Y  for the right-hand controls as well as also an NDS style cross key construction for the left-hand controls. All the physical controls would last for a relatively long time and are unlikely to stop functioning after a month or two. On the left and right corners at the back, there are activate switches that produce a pleasant clicking sound.

GPD XD Plus Controllers

Specifications say that they are yet again coming right from the Japanese firm, Omron and they are world-famous for producing high excellence switches. Associating these switches with the Nintendo 3DS XL, we could see that GPD has better physical switches while the Nintendo’s switches feel a little mushy. Underneath usual circumstances, this must have been the opposite. In adding to that, there is volume control switches, menu button, and a select button.

GPD XD Plus Connectors & Display:

On the back, you will discover a 3.5 mm audio jack, USB jack, and an HDMI jack. You could use HDMI to project the display on your big screen TV, and this might be an exciting thing to do however playing in multiplayer mode.

GPD XD Plus Display

Typically, inexpensive devices come through mediocre displays by not so excellent color accuracy and usually having a low-resolution show. On the GPD XD Plus, you will discover a chunky 5.0-inch display through a 720p resolution that outcomes in a figure of 160 pixels per inch. Undoubtedly not too high, however not that bad either. The color correctness is outstanding, and the contrast ratio is instantly noticeable while you pull down the average android notice slider down. The color of the bezel, as well as the notification slider, are flawlessly black while the white appears to be truthfully white. Such good color correctness comes as an outcome of using Hitachi’s IPS panel, which yet again is a Japanese company.

GPD XD Plus Hardware:

GPD XD Plus Display 2

The device comes with 4 GB RAM and 64GB Internal storage capacity it runs on a formidable PowerVR GPU alongside a quad-core 2.1 GHz processor. On topmost of that, there is an NDS and PSP emulator installed on the device which permits you to play Nintendo DS as well as PSP games. The screen can moreover receive touch inputs as well as you can play your games on the touch screen also in case you do not want physical usage keys.

GPD XD Plus Gaming Related Features & Specifications –

GPD XD Plus 3

  • Multiplayer Enabled

With the latest GPD XD, you can play multiplayer games with a bunch of friends linked on a local p2p network. You can even play online multiplayer games on Wi-Fi on this device, nonetheless playing with physical controls appeal great control with good aesthetics to top it off, you could stream the game onto a big screen through HDMI as well and take the level of enjoyment to a whole new level.

  • Game Streaming

Another significant thing this device offers is its fantastic game streaming support. This feature on most machines works excellent when there is an ample amount of bandwidth accessible on your Wi-Fi router. That is typically possible with the superb bandwidth required to stream massive games like Far Cry 4 or GTA V for example. GPD XD Plus derives with only 2.4GHz support and offers a unique game experience, and there are very little traces of lags or faults.

GPD XD Plus Battery Backup:

GPD XD Plus 1

The other great thing that we have missed out thus far is the battery. GPD XD Plus comes with a massive 6000 mAh battery that will undoubtedly last for long hours of passionate gaming. As said by the specifications, the background services take care of regulating the GPU as well as the CPU if temperatures go too high. Underneath usual circumstances, you would never experience the device getting too hot though it may get somewhat warm at times.


GPD XD Plus Pros:

  • HDMI Port for more significant Screen Display option
  • Micro USB Charging Cord
  • Aptitude for playing Games from numerous Gaming Companies
  • Battery life, dependent on whatever you are using the GPD XD

GPD XD Plus Cons:

  • PSP emulator could run sometimes slow & drain some battery life
  • Not so many modern new latest games accessible

GPD XD Plus In the Box

Bottom Line:

The GPD XD Plus Handheld Game Console comes in 16, 32 and 64GB variants, and all models have a Micro SD card slot which is efficiently used to add in additional storage space. Since it’s running Android (version 7.1), the console supports all the useful apps, such as Twitter, Facebook, and a few more. Most of such apps are present in the device out of the box. GPD has also launched GPD Pocket Laptop. You can also Buy it from here.

However, all you need is a Google account as well as you have immediate access to the Google Play store, wherever several more downloads await. The main factor of the GPD XD Plus Handheld Game Console device suggests that it is not a perfect platform for bouts of typing, however having the ability to rapidly bash out a tweet, writing an email or check your Facebook timeline is easily done in this device. An additional welcome touch is the addition of an HDMI-out port, permitting you to hook the console up toward a TV set. You can also use Android casting ability to stream content to attuned devices or televisions.

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