Businesses live and breathe on data and information. The fact that these data are stored in exposed places like data clouds or the internet is worrying.

When it comes to data security, nothing can beat a strong business VPN connection. It doesn’t matter where your business is located. You can choose the best VPN in India if you’re an Indian business.

Similarly, you can also prefer top-notch VPNs like express VPN if your office is located in Canada.

A business VPN can protect your employer’s identity and take care of your data privacy no matter where you are.

What is Business VPN?

Business VPNs are used for safety and security purposes. It is intentionally used for computing needs like connecting users and business teams with its internal network. This is an essential part of every business function. There is a sudden surge in people using VPN both for personal and business use. This indicates that most of them are aware of VPN benefits.

But now, the VPN has also become an essential business tool for small and big businesses.

As per VPN statistics, 30% of people use VPNs for personal reasons, while about a quarter use them for business reasons only.

As per definition, a business VPN is a safe way to send data back and forth through a private tunneled network known as a Virtual Private Network. Also, the data sent and received is carried through an encrypted tunnel, which is private and secure. Since a business VPN encrypts all your internet traffic, it’s harder for spyers and hackers to pry on your organizational data or private information.

Why Should Businesses Use VPN?

Business owners need more flexible options to support, secure and run their businesses from different industries to different businesses.

VPNs play a significant role in maintaining the company’s security and network. That’s the reason why VPNs have become crucial to small businesses.

Today, people need data security and privacy in this cyberspace world. There are more flexible options like remote working and cloud technologies to serve the digital needs of businesses.

A VPN service is a consumer-oriented tool whose main goal is to hide people’s identities and secure their internet activities. These days privacy is crucial to everyone, and the same goes for business people also. The new VPN technologies are advanced and best for businesses. They use layered protection technologies like 2 tunneling protocols (L2TP) and virtual private LAN service (VPLS).

It can help businesses to remove any restrictions, improve internet speed. Also, its new point-to-point technologies enable enterprises to connect their devices and share data easily.

Here are a few reasons why corporations should use business VPN:

  • Remote access
  • Geo-independence
  • Affordable
  • No restriction in Accessing Files
  • Low set up and maintenance costs

Types of Business VPNs

Now that we have understood the “why” of business VPNs. Let’s take a look at the best VPN services. They can not only escalate your security but also help you to be more productive.

You can focus on different aspects of your business and let business VPN handle all your data privacy issues.

Here are the top business VPNs that are with checking out:

  • Citrix Gateway (formerly Netscaler)
  • Pure VPN
  • Cyberghost
  • Privado VPN
  • Fortinet forticlient
  • Nord security Nordlayer
  • Express VPN
  • Proton VPN

Business VPN vs. Consumer-Oriented VPN – The Difference

Forbes states that 95% of businesses now have sensitive data in the cloud.

When it comes to business VPN, it’s all about remote access and site-to-site VPNs for sharing data across multiple offices. But a personal VPN is all about individual needs.

So, let’s explore some key differences between personal VPN and business VPN:

  • Account Management Function

One of the main differences is account managing in both VPN cases. A personal VPN has limited account controls. This means you will have trouble choosing different personal VPN servers.

In this case, you do have control over each device that connects to the private server. In the case of business VPNs, there’s an account manager that controls all the tasks for both users and employees. The account manager can easily add or remove individual users.

  • Dedicated IP Address With Dedicated Server

In a personal VPN, your IP address is changed at regular intervals if you connect it every day.

In this case, the IP address you receive is shared with multiple users, which means several users might use one IP address simultaneously. On the other hand, a business service has a single dedicated IP address. It usually allows your employers to use that particular IP address.

It cannot be shared with any outside entity. However, each employee that uses the private network will share the business IP address within themselves.

  • Better Customer Support

It is the most important aspect of any new technology. Business VPN accounts typically have better customer support options. Since they offer offers 24/7 live chat support for business users.

You can easily receive help whenever you need it. In the case of a personal VPN service, you may have less control over your network. Also, you will have less visibility into any VPN security.

  • Software Installation

There is separate software for both personal and business users. For the personal users, the software used is the same software used by other users. They use the same VPN tunneling protocols and encryption services.

But in the case of business VPN users, different software versions are used depending on the type of platform. This software is customized depending on the business needs and requirements.


To conclude, a VPN is a great solution to protect your business data. You can secure your Internet-connected device and access the internet safely within your company server.

It simplifies all the complicated processes for your employees. Now secure your data files, and rise above your customer expectations with the help of a business VPN.