Every year, Apple products are gaining more and more popularity. The most popular portable mobile device is the iPhone. Usually, the owners of the iPhone buy a case as the first accessory. Such an option as an alligator skin iPhone case not only protects the device from damage but also gives a stylish prestigious look. Let’s take a look at how to choose the right case to suit all your needs.

Alligator Skin iPhone Case: Helpful & Best Choosing Tips from Labodet Store

Set on Your Needs

To choose the right case for your phone, you need to decide on the main characteristics. The case performs several basic functions:

  •  Protection of the mobile device from mechanical damage, shock, scratches, dirt, and dust
  •  The comfort of use. The case is necessary to make the phone easier to hold in your hand.
  •  Multi-functionality. Many cases are equipped with additional slots for cards and money. Also, some cases transform into a phone stand.
  •  Stylish and prestigious look.

No cover can perform all functions at the same time. Therefore, based on your lifestyle, choose one or two characteristics that you need the most.

Choose the Type

There are various types of iPhone cases. They differ in the degree of protection, thickness, and appearance.

  • Classic Case: This is the most common type. It’s thin, neat, and doesn’t take up much space. Looks stylish and elegant. However, it does not provide sufficient protection for the phone screen.

Classic Case

  • Folio Case: This type protects not only the back and side but also the front of the phone. In addition, these cases are transformed into a phone stand. However, such cases take up a lot of space and do not always reliably protect against dust.
  • Card & Double Card Case: These case types look like variations of the classic one. But they have one or two slots for storing cards and money, which are attached to the back of the case. These cases are functional, comfortable, and do not take up much space. However, they do not provide 100% protection.
  • Strap Case: This type has a nice leather band on the back. This is not just a decorative element but a functional part. It helps to hold the phone more comfortably in the hand.
  • MagSafe Case: This type is equipped with a special magnetic plate inside, with the help of which, the phone can be quickly and accurately centered on the charger. This allows charging the battery quickly and efficiently.

MagSafe Case

Pick on the Material

Besides being of various types, iPhone cases also differ in material. The most popular materials are silicone, plastic, rubber, metal, and leather.

  •  Silicone cases are thin and lightweight. Available in various colors. However, this material wears out quickly, gets dirty, and does not provide sufficient protection.
  •  Plastic cases are cheap, lightweight, and thin. They have many colors and prints. However, they have a short service life, quick break, and lose their appearance.
  •  Rubber and metal. Most often, this material combination is used for cases with maximum protection. They are durable and reliable and perfectly protect the phone from all sides from damage, drops, dirt, and dust. However, they are heavy, bulky, and unattractive.
  •  Leather cases perfectly protect against dust, moisture, scratches, and mechanical damage. Leather is a thin but durable material that looks luxurious, status, and stylish. The price for cases made of genuine leather is slightly higher, but the cost is fully justified.

Find the Company

Labodet is a French online store that makes genuine leather iPhone cases. High-quality materials are used in production. You can pick up both the classic version of calfskin and the more extravagant of alligator, crocodile, python, cobra, or ostrich leather.

Labodet cases fulfill all the functions of a case: they perfectly protect your phone and provide an exclusive stylish look. On the website, you can choose the type, color, and furniture of the case.