Asus is one of the well-known brands in the market of PC and gadgets that has grabbed the whole laptop market with its outstanding hardware configuration at a considerably lower rate. It provides excellent service for regular official assignments and education purposes. The attractive embedded features of the Asus Laptops make it favourite among electronic gadget lovers and also help in acquiring the significant Asian market segment of the laptops. & here we are going to all about the ASUS Adol Laptop Review. So you will get to know everything about it.

ASUS Adol Laptop Review

The Asus Adol Laptop has launched in the market by the Asus brand which offers much promising future. Because the device comes with feature like fingerprint recognition which has made it unique in the market with a reasonable price tag. Since its launch in the market, it has received outstanding customer reviews that have brought a high rating of the product.

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The Asus Adol Laptop is a cost-effective notebook that supports fingerprint recognition and is equipped with a 13.3 inch IPS LED backlight display that brings the photos and videos to life. The notebook is narrow all around with a full-screen display but smaller than a laptop of the same size. It stands out for its compact, 13-inch portable body that could be fit inside a C4 envelope bag. The Operating System that is installed in the laptop is the powerful Windows 10 that makes it easy for the user to check e-mails and manage digital files. The notebook is mainly powered by the Intel Core i3-813OU processor that is designed with HDMI output, with the powerful featured dedicated graphics. A suite of all these features gives the user a dominance and power for genuinely seamless user experience.

At a Glance:

CPU BrandIntel
CPU SeriesCore i3
Hard Disk Memory256GB SSD
Battery Type3-cell Li-ion battery
Graphics TypeIntegrated Graphics
OSWindows 10
CPUIntel Core i3-813OU
Display Ratio16:9
Screen Size13.3 inch
Screen Resolution1920 x 1080 (FHD)

So here we are going to cover everything on ASUS Adol Laptop Review. So you will get to know more about it. So just check it out,

ASUS Adol Laptop Review Features & Specifications –

ASUS Adol Laptop Review

Asus Adol Laptop: Operating System (OS)

The Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System is installed in the Asus Adol Laptop.

  • The powerful MS Windows 10 has been installed in this laptop which makes it convenient for checking e-mail and digital files.
  • It also offers dominant performance that brings smoother and excellent user experience.
  • The Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System is the latest version of the Windows operating system that is featured with the advanced form of the file handling system.
  • It is very flexible that enables us to expand the Start menu to full screen and customise it accordingly.
  • With Windows 10 the user can choose a custom restart time that would schedule the restart mode after a specific

ASUS Adol Laptop Review

Asus Adol Laptop: Battery

The Asus Adol Laptop is equipped with a powerful battery that enables to experience the user a smoother and uninterrupted form of operation.

  • The type of battery that the device is equipped with is 3-cell Li-ion battery and provides a charger for charging the battery along with the package.
  • The 3-cell Li-ion battery consists of high energy density that helps in keeping the laptop alive for minimum 12 hours long on a single time charge. It supports fast charging. About 60% charge in 49 minutes enables the user to go with it for the full day.
  • These batteries have high capacity and low internal resistance with completely free maintenance.

Asus Adol Laptop: Display

  • Screen Size:
    It provides a 13.3-inch FHD display screen with the benefit of IPS LED backlight display.
  • Screen Resolution:
    Along with the FHD display screen, the device offers a 1920 x 1080 resolution display that boasts of impressive high-quality images.
  • HDMI Output:
    It offers a good experience for watching videos and browsing the web. The HDMI output expands the viewing option by connecting the device to an HDTV or a high-definition monitor to set up two screens side by side or enlarge the pictures.
  • Display Ratio:
    It provides a narrow all around the full-screen display at a ratio of 16:9 with the high definition and clarity of the objects displayed. The 90% of the screen proportion acquired the “Adol” Nano-edge micro-bezel design, along with narrow IPS wide viewing screen comprehensively.

ASUS Adol Laptop Review

Asus Adol Laptop: Processor

  • Specs:
    The processor is the main hardware of a device that is responsible for the execution, speed, storage, and operation power of the device.
  • The laptop is powered by Intel Core i3-813OU processor that is designed with HDMI output.
  • The capacity of the processor is 2.2GHz and could be extended up to 3.4GHz. It is a dual core processor with the CPU series Core i3.
  • It provides an ultra-low voltage platform, and its dual-core processor provides maximum high-efficiency power.
  • Graphics:
    The processor is embedded with Intel GMA HD 620 Graphics Chipset and Integrated Graphics type that enhances the display quality of the laptop.
  • The presence of Intel GMA UHD 620 Integrated graphics GPU enhances the graphics and display quality at its optimum level.
  • It meets both the business need and home entertainment and accomplishes faster and better performance than the previous generation.

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Asus Adol Laptop: Memory

The memory is an essential part of an operating device that stores a massive amount of vital records and files which can be utilised both for business purposes as well as for personal uses.

  • Hard Disk:
    The system offers a 256GB storage capacity of SSD Hard disk that provides room for storing pictures, videos, music, important documents and many more.
  • RAM:
    The Asus system offers a 4GB RAM of the DDR4 type for the advanced multitasking facility. It provides a capacity of 2133MHz with a substantially high bandwidth that enables a high impact gaming experience to the user. It also ensures smooth operation with the feature of stable multitasking.

 Asus Adol Laptop: Network & Connectivity

Network Connectivity is the basic requirement for sharing data and information through a laptop device for users. The arrangements for the connection of the network should be authentic for connecting WiFi or LAN for data sharing.

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  • Network:
    It provides Bluetooth of 4.2 version for sharing data within a specific range. The Bluetooth 4.2 interface synchronises with the compatible devices for transferring music, photos, and other media between the laptop system and the Bluetooth enabled a mobile phone or MP3 player or by connecting Bluetooth wireless accessories. Along with Bluetooth, it also supports WiFi network of 802.11 ac.
  • Connectivity:
    For the network connectivity, it provides USB Host 2.0 and USB3.1 Type A. Alongside, and it also provides Audio Jack for Earphone or microphone connectivity, DC Jack, HDMI, and Type C.

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Asus Adol Laptop: Additional Features

Apart from the above mentioned all the features, it also consists of a few additional features as it consists of a backlit keyboard that enables the user to type in the darkness with convenience. The complete package contains one charger and one notebook with package size being 40.00 x x30.00 x 8.00 cm and the package weight being 2.5700 kg. The keyboard is automatically raised thus making the task of typing more comfortable. The body position of the Notebook is raised about at 2.47 degree, and so the heat discharge is faster than other devices.

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  • Power Packed Hardware
  • Decent Amount of Features
  • A little Pricey
  • Normal Battery Life


The mentioned features of the Asus Adol Laptop brings to the conclusion that it is a uniquely featured Notebook with all the advanced hardware specifications that make the system operate faster, and at an optimum performance level. The support for the fingerprint recognition and the micro-bezel design for display make it unique from the other Laptops and Notebooks of Asus brand. This advanced featured laptop is the newly launched product of the Asus brand that has acquired the dominant market segment for its upgraded performance level.