Engraving machines are getting more popular daily because of their ease of use. We have discussed many Engraving machines on this website, but today we will look at brand new Atomstack A20 PRO & ATOMSTACK M4 Fiber Laser Engraver. So without taking much time, let’s get straight into the article.

Atomstack A20 PRO&M4

Atomstack A20 PRO & ATOMSTACK M4 Fiber Laser Engraver are one of the most highly demandable products in the market right now when it comes to Atomstack. If you love to engrave your designs, then you will love this product lineup of Atomstack.

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About Atomstack

Atomstack has 12 years of experience in this engraving machine industry. It was founded in the year 2020. Atomstack is specialized in the production and development of diode engraving machines. This company has an annual sale of $100 million.

Atomstack A20 PRO

Atomstack A20 PRO&M4

ATOMSTACK A20 Pro 20W Laser Engraver and Cutter are now coming with exceptional features like metal engraving, 304 mirrors stainless steel engraving, high-energy wood cutting, safety laser engraving, 150W CO2 laser engraving machine, laser power 20W eye protection, 400x400mm engraving interval, all aluminum alloy structure, quick installation. Laser cutting equipment. High-energy laser cutting machine. CNC laser. Support offline engraving. With an emergency stop button. Safety laser engraving.

Atomstack A20 PRO & ATOMSTACK M4 Fiber Laser Engraver

Cutting wood up to a depth of 25mm and acrylic up to a depth of 30mm simultaneously opens up a new field of metal cutting, even allowing for the cutting of 0.05mm stainless steel plate.

Atomstack A20 PRO & ATOMSTACK M4 Fiber Laser Engraver

Features of Atomstack A20 PRO

1. Maximum Commercial Power for Increased Efficiency

The highest optical power semiconductor laser machine can cut quicker and more profoundly than other power lasers thanks to its 20W optical and 130W electrical power.

2. Enables Offline Control

Set up the touch panel so that offline engraving is supported. To promote the establishment of a sizable carving group and increase production effectiveness, carving work can be done without a computer anywhere, at any time. TF card plus mobile device terminal with APP operation

3. Safer & More Intimate Design

This machine has a full range of safety guards, including an emergency stop knob, a key power switch, a reset switch, a limit switch, etc., Using 2040 profiles to increase the structure’s stability and ensure high-precision work is done without shaking.

Price & Availability

Product NamePlatformProduct ModelOriginal PricePromo PriceDiscountsPromo Time
ATOMSTACK A20 Pro 20W Laser Engraver and CutterAmazonA20 Pro and F1 Honeycomb Working Table$1,199.99$959.9920% OFF12/5/22 12:00 AM – 12/11/22 11:59 PM

ATOMSTACK M4 Fiber Laser Engraver

Atomstack A20 PRO&M4

ATOMSTACK M4 is a Fiber Laser Engraver, a two-in-one laser marking machine. The ATOMSTACK M4 Fiber Laser Engraver enables you to swiftly engrave on a range of surfaces, including metal, plastic, and even leather, with industrial-grade resolution, speed, and power. The Atomstack M4 is a reliable partner for every endeavor, whether professional or personal.

Atomstack A20 PRO & ATOMSTACK M4 Fiber Laser Engraver

This machine uses an infrared fiber laser operating at 1064 nm for better etching performance. At the same time, it is a true game-changer for portable laser engraving devices with an engraving speed of 720,000 mm/min and an engraving precision of 0.001 mm.

Atomstack A20 PRO & ATOMSTACK M4 Fiber Laser Engraver

Features of ATOMSTACK M4 Fiber Laser Engraver

1. Fast & Fine Engraving

Red light marks objects quickly and precisely using a high-voltage pulse engraving machine of industrial-grade performance and 2W optical power. Ultra-long and ultra-fine fiber laser, 0.05mm, capable of 4K level high pixel rendering. Industrial grade oscillator, 2 m/s high speed, fine engraving

2. Desk Sweep Handheld Two-in-One

Handheld engraving on elevations or other non-planar objects is possible because of the engraving head’s precise integration of all original components, providing a more comprehensive range of usage scenarios. To create any place at any time, non-horizontal surfaces, walls, and elevations must be manually marked.

3. One Click Repeat Job

ATOMSTACK M4 Fiber Laser Engraver is a very easy-to-use and handy machine. No matter if you are a new user, you can quickly go through the features of this machine. With just one click, repeat marking tasks without several setups.

4. More Secure

In contrast to the engraving machine’s light source, the M4 uses a red, cold light source with a wavelength of 1064 nm to prevent unintentional touch burns.

5. Preview Frame & Height Project Engraving

Using a dual infrared light positioning design, this product now gives fast, accurate focus. With all of that, this machine also supports ultra-high item engraving.

Price & Availability

Product NameProduct ModelOriginal PricePromo PriceDiscountsCodePromo Time
ATOMSTACK M4 Fiber Laser EngraverM4 Fiber Laser Engraver$1,699.99$1,274.9925% OFFM4025ZBA11/30/22 5:00 AM – 12/9/22 11:59 PM

Final Words

With powerful engraving capacity, these two products are one of the best available products for engraving in the market right now. So if you want to enhance your engraving experience then you must grab these two new launches of Atomstack.

This article discusses Atomstack’s newly launched products, Atomstack A20 PRO & ATOMSTACK M4 Fiber Laser Engraver. If you like engraving, then you are going to love these products. These products will give you the best value-for-money performance within a decent price range.