In December 2017, Amazon web services (AWS) made a huge step towards embracing the blockchain technology by launching the AWS Blockchain Partners Portal. This portal would seek to integrate the blockchain solutions built on AWS for its customers. It is a distributed ledger used to record all the transactions, where there is no one central location where those records are kept. This means that, for one to alter the records or details on those records, all the users on that block will have to consent to those changes. It is, thus, not possible to make errors when it comes to the blockchain as everyone is connected to the block, and the records are shared within the same network.

AWS & Blockchain: Integration of Blockchain Services Built on AWS

Launch of the AWS Blockchain Partners Portal –

Later in November 2017, the CEO of AWS, Andy Jassy, gave the impression that they were not, in the near future, considering to build a service based on the blockchain technology. However, it did not go for long until AWS Blockchain Partners Portal happened. This was a huge surprise, considering the earlier sentiments by Jassy. However, it made all the sense, considering what the blockchain technology could do to improve service delivery and innovation in terms of developing decentralized applications for customers. The AWS Blockchain Partners Portal is simply for the partner community, where they can build blockchain solutions on the AWS platform. It is a way for AWS to support its customers by integrating the blockchain technology with AWS.

(Guide) Blockchain Partners Solutions Powered by AWS

AWS is looking to work with partners from across the divide in developing blockchain solutions that will help improve service delivery. In short, customers will be able to utilize the decentralized applications developed on the AWS Blockchain Partners Portal for faster and quality services. Currently, AWS is allowing blockchain apps development on the AWS portal for healthcare, financial services, security and compliance, and supply chain management. However, AWS is still open for more partners to come in and present their proposals on different solutions and industries, based on the needs of the customers.

Different cloud services consulting companies will offer variant solutions based on quality. A good example is the AWS cloud service company Tricension, which prides itself on providing quality on-demand business solutions to improve performance. Some of the online click deploy blockchain partners applications built on the AWS portal include:

  • Corda R3 It is a financial ledger developed by R3 and offers superior standards in the banking sector.
  • PokitDok positively impacts the healthcare industry by allowing patients to access data quickly and thus improve their experiences in the best way possible.
  • Nexledger Built by Samsung to help enterprises manage transactions on the blockchain network securely and conveniently.

The Competition Aspect:

AWS is not the only big player in the cloud computing industry that has integrated the blockchain technology. Competitors like IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle were early adopters of the technology, and that may be the reason why AWS saw it fit to take the plunge. In the spirit of competition, among the heavyweights in the cloud computing industry, you can expect more key players to find a soft landing with the blockchain technology. This will mean better service delivery, transparency, accuracy, and superior business solutions.

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