In this world, where your academics play an important role, we find very fewer sources to relieve our stress. But, happiness can be found in the hardest of places if one knows the ways. One such thing that does not hold back the joy is the cartoons, and the anime shows where the stories go on to a different level. Also, in this world where technology is about to dominate a significant part, the anime shows instead of watching on the televisions can be viewed on the high-end gizmos. Hence, this makes life easy for us by applications where the TV screen and channels have now adopted the small screen. Let us explore some of the top Best Anime Apps For Android apps that can make your animated world fit in a 5-inch gadget.

Best Anime Apps For Android

(Lists) Latest Top Best Anime Apps For Android Smartphone Device

YouTube! The application changed the perspective of video streaming in a way people did not think. It would be illogical to say if YouTube hasn’t any animated TV shows online. YouTube not only has the TV shows which are being aired in the 21st century but also the classics which help you to recall the 90’s and the 80’s and take you in your childhood.


Moreover, this makes the Best Anime Apps For Android application very much popular amongst the teenagers and the young generation as well as the adults. The only things that can affect are the vigorous hours of YouTubing and your mom behind you to stop the episode. Hence, start subscribing to the channels quick before you miss it!

  • Anime TV Animania Kissanime –


Android users don’t need to wait for anime episodes as Anime TV is the one-stop-spot for them. With the versatile range of TV shows from the anime world, it not only helps you to stay connected to your personal favorites but also makes sure that you don’t look outdated in a conversation with your friends. Moreover, it has the old as well as the new ones. Additionally, it helps you with the subtitles too, so you don’t have to visit someplace another to find the anime shows. You can also download anime via this app. The famous ones can create nostalgic moments for sure that can help you to relive those days when shows such as Akira and Astroboy were aired on the TV. Lastly, the Best Anime Apps For Android application has got a simple design, as well as Portuguese, dubbed episodes, and subtitles.


A destination that the anime fans would love to stay for a long time, Crunchyroll! With the name that can be the boon for the anime fans. To add to this, it has to stream over 25,000 episodes and more than 15,000 hours of the latest and the greatest and the newest anime series. To give a short brief, you can catch up with your shows like Naruto Shippuden, Dragon Ball Super, One Piece, Attack on Titan, and much more. However, don’t feel sad about the subtitles as they offer it too. So, most of your aspects of a Best Anime Apps For Android app are covered. Lastly, the application provides news regarding TV shoes and unlimited streaming and downloading if you subscribe to the premier offering. The application offers a 14-day free premium trial. Consequently, it begins from $6.95 per month for unlimited streaming and downloading of TV shows.

  • Anime TV –

Anime TV Best Anime Apps For Android

Packing up bags and carrying your anime shows has become a piece of cake with Anime TV application on your mobile phone. Furthermore, the anime shows are available as well as their subtitles to making it easy for you to watch your favorites. Anime TV also comes with the dubbed versions of the TV episodes, making it easy for the non-native fans to watch the shows that are very much addicted to them.

  • Anime LIB –

Anime LIB Best Anime Apps For Android

Another application that has drawn the attention of the anime lovers is none other than Anime Lib. The application does not only offer a wide range of video content of the various anime shows but presents the viewer’s different qualities of the same. The genres of the anime TV show that the application provides you with are plenty to make your time fly away. Also, you can stream the episodes on your go. Besides these Best Anime Apps For Android, you can also make sure that you download your favorite video content show in the high-definition quality. This makes it very much appealing.

  • Viewster Anime & Fandom TV –

Viewster Best Anime Apps For Android

Yet, another application that has made its way to the top few by hypnotizing people with the fantastic anime video content is nonetheless Viewster. Yes! This application has something different to offer to the users. On the other side, some applications have more audiences to offer, but this application focuses on the quality of the video content of the anime TV shows. It not only bifurcated them properly but also makes sure that the episode uploaded is from the relevant sources and nothing pirated in nature. Therefore, the audiences still look for anime shows from this application.

  • Watch Anime Classic –

Watch Anime Classic is another application hitting one of the favorite spots of the people who are anime show lovers. With multiple genres to offer from the action, comedy, history, supernatural, and much more, it won’t let you down quickly. The straightforward interface of the application is just one of the things it has to offer to its customers. Apart from this Best Anime Apps For Android, the languages that the application offers are English, Japanese, and much more. So, anime lovers make sure that you are not missing this one on your Best Anime Apps For Android List of anime applications that can kill your boredom.

Watch Anime Classic Best Anime Apps For Android

  • Watch Anime Online –

This application offers the videos for not only the anime lovers but also the music from the video that can help them to enhance their interest in the Anime show. Also, it connects them on a different level with the show. Moreover, the music helps the viewer to live the whole experience on a different level. Anime Online provides a spellbinding adventure to the users that can change their way of experiencing the anime shows.


To condense, these are the most loved Best Anime Apps For Android applications by the users that elevate their experience of an anime show on a small screen.

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