A TV on the automated lift built into the cabinet is a functional, modern feature that can freshen up and modernize your interior. Not only such a solution is mobile. Automation is one of the general attributes of interiors inspired by modern designer tendencies: high-tech, fusion, loft, and minimalism. Automated construction can also be often spotted in small-scale spaces with Scandinavian motifs. So check out this TV Lift Cabinet steps.

Build A TV Lift Cabinet

Unfortunately, retail built-in motorized TV Lift Cabinet usually starts at $500. In this hidden TV Lift Cabinet article, we suggest a much more affordable alternative – the creation of your own custom TV Lift Cabinet diy according to the presented tutorial.

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(Top 6) Easy Steps in Creating a TV Lift Cabinet

The following tutorial will tell you in general how to build a TV Lift Cabinet costco with the help of a lift set in motion by a linear actuator controlled by remote control in six simple steps.

Step 1: Putting Together the Cabinet Body

Putting together the Cabinet Body

The first thing you’ll have to do is prepare the body of the future cabinet. You can purchase furniture of your preference in any retail shop you like (IKEA is great for such purposes – easily assembled and mostly features a modern design – just the thing you need to create a modernized interior with automated elements) or use the furniture you already have in your house.

General requirements for a cabinet is to be a bit wider in size than a TV to be fit inside it and feature a modular construction (otherwise, it wouldn’t be that accessible to make apertures in wood). You’ll need to disassemble the cabinet before commencing constructing an automated lift. Take out the doors and any other modular parts. Ideally, you should get something similar to the hollowed-out cabinet pictured above.

Step 2: Cutting out a Niche to Fit a TV

Cutting out a Niche to Fit a TV

The simplest in implementation way to build in a TV is to place it under a lift-up cover of a cabinet. However, it isn’t that simple to find the fitting type of cabinet with the lift-up cover for that. We suggest making the cover yourself as well.

For that, you’ll require a saw as well as two angle hinges with drywall screws. Measure your TV’s width and length, add at least four centimeters to those numbers and get to work.

Use saw to cut out a rectangle in the upper cabinet panel to fit the bottom part of your TV (see picture). Fixate the cut-out lid with hinges and make tabs that would hold the lid in the horizontal position and it wouldn’t fall down.

Step 3: Installing a Lift

Installing a Lift

Now for the lift installation. It is usually done with the help of drywall screws attached to the bottom of the cabinet. If a bottom isn’t sturdy enough, you will have to purchase or construct a stand that would support your TV.

Step 4: Fixate a TV inside a Cabinet

Fixate a TV inside a Cabinet

Fixate the lift to the bottom of a cabinet – you can use screws or a construction glue (depending on how heavy your TV is). The special mounting brackets are usually included in the package with automated tools. Fixate the brackets to a lift and your TV onto the supporting brackets.

Now, all that is left to do is the place and connect an adapter and extend a cable in such a manner that a wire wouldn’t twist between any side panels of the cabinet.

Step 5: Testing the Construction

Congratulations, the work is finished! Full ascension/descent of a TV usually takes no more than 30 seconds. Now, you can personally test out your created construction, which is, by the way, much cheaper than a retail analog.


We hope our diy TV Lift Cabinet tutorial helps you get an image of how easy it is to build such a practical piece of furniture personally. The main thing here is to get a high-quality linear actuator that would be capable of lifting your TV and serve for years to come.

Hope you like this outdoor TV Lift Cabinet guide. In particular, you can check out a wide range of progressive TV lifts on our website. Our employees can consult you on selecting a model that would fit your particular case.