There are some commonly occurring errors especially when we try to install or run any program. Usually, these errors are common if there are installed from a third-party source or website. Among these errors is The process has no package identity error. It is an exception error, users have faced this error in numerous scenarios, like while executing certain code, installing, or running any third-party application. Now the main issue here is to resolve the error as there are not any common causes behind this error and that is why it becomes a little complex to fix it. That is why we have tried to cover some methodologies to fix the error. But before we should go through its causes.

The Process Has No Package Identity Error

Causes of The Process Has No Package Identity Error Issue

If we talk about the possible causes of The Process Has No Package Identity error we came across some of them that are very common. The major cause is the source from where you are downloading the specific program if the source is no legit the system will throw this exception. Also if you are using any antivirus than also it blocks from installing certain third-party applications. Furthermore corrupted installer files is also possible causes behind this error.

How to Fix The Process Has No Package Identity Error Issue

Let’s proceed to the main section of this troubleshooting guide that is how to fix The Process Has No Package Identity Error. Below are some methods that we think are helpful in fixing the issue.

1. Launch the Program from Installation Directory

If you successfully installed the program and now while launching the error is occurring. Thes first thing you can do to bypass this iTunes The Process Has No Package Identity error is, try to launch it directly from the installation directory. Now what we mean by installation directory is, when you install the program all the files including the launched files are stores in the C: directory by default. From there you can easily launch the program.

  • STEP 1. Open My computer
  • STEP 2. Navigate to the below location
C:\Program Files\Mozzila Firefox
**NOTE: Here Mozzila Firefox is the name of the Program Folder.
If you dont find the program folder in Program Files, go to Program Files (x86).
  • STEP 3. Now locate the .exe launcher and double click to launch the program to get back of The Process Has No Package Identity iTunes issue.

run as admin

2. Disable Antivirus & Reinstall the Program

If the issue still persists, firstly completely uninstall the program from your system. Perform a reboot and re-download the program. This time we suggest you to kindly shut off your antivirus or at least temporarily disable the real-time protection shield. This step is crucial whether you are using any antivirus or not. Then download a fresh copy of the programs and perform the installation to fix iTunes error The Process Has No Package Identity issue.

  • Completely uninstall the program
  • Disable Real-time protection and Antivirus
  • Download a fresh copy of the program
  • Install it

3. Install System Specific Program

If you are still getting the error, try to check if the installer file is matching to your system architecture type. For example, if you are trying to install a 32-Bit application on a 64-Bit system you might get iTunes The Process Has No Package Identity error when launching the program and vice-versa. So we suggest while downloading make sure to check the installer file.

  • Use the 32-bit application on 32-bit OS
  • Use the 64-bit application on 64-bit OS

4. Download Program From a Legit Source

We suggest you kindly use the Microsoft store to download the program. It is trustworthy and all the applications are free from any malware or virus injection. Plus there will be no The Process Has No Package Identity iTunes errors while installing as well. If you are not using Microsoft to download make sure that the website from which you are downloading the program is legit.

  • Use the Windows App Store
  • Use official program websites
  • Download from legit third party websites

5. Use the Latest Version of the Program

We highly suggest you keep your system up t date and always make sure that you are using the latest versions of the programs. Especially system applications like .NET, visual studio, DirectX, etc. So that you will get rid of iTunes error The Process Has No Package Identity error.


In this specific article, we have talked over The Process Has No Package Identity Error. We have seen some methods that will be helpful in eliminating the issue. Furthermore, we have also mentioned some causes as well regarding the error.

Hopefully, you fix The Process Has No Package Identity issue by following the methods. For more troubleshooting guides and technology stuff you can follow us. Thank you!