Whether you’re planning to buy a new laptop for business or school use, performance is undeniably one of the factors you need to consider other than price. With a wide variety of notebooks available in the market, it may be confusing and a little tricky as to which one you should buy. A lot of laptops promise exceptional performance, yet your computing needs may differ from one another. In this SSD Laptops article, we’ll reveal the reasons why SSD or Solid State Drive laptop will definitely give you a bang!

SSD Laptops

What is SSD?

Solid State Drive (SSD) is a storage device without mechanical components. This feature sets itself apart from a traditional Hard Disk Drive, which contains spinning disks and removable read/write heads. SSD laptops rely on a processor that acts as a “brain,” stores data in memory chips, and is a non-volatile memory that keeps data even when the power is lost. When in use, they’re silent laptops, more durable, and boasts a better and faster overall computing speed and if you’re a gamer, you can also check out www.hotrate.com’s article on the best SSD for gaming in 2020.


Originally, Hard Disk Drives (HDD) were dominantly used in laptops as one of the oldest storage media, which is continually operating in the market today. These disks read/write magnetically, use a spinning drive, thus creating a lower-cost laptop with average durability.

What is SSD

It was with the debut of Apple iPod back in 2005 when Solid State Drives started to penetrate the market for consumer devices. Then it was in 2008 when Dell EMC added to its Symmetrix disk arrays, which later gave birth to hybrid-flash arrays. Over the years, in line with today’s fast technology advancement and computer quest for faster, cheaper, and high-end storage, SSD was commercialized, giving consumers a reliable and better performance compared to the conventional HDDs.

(Comparison) Hard Disk Drive vs Solid State Drive

We can compare these two drives with the following factors,

  • Speed:

HDDs spinning platter determines how fast it could read and write data. Over time, the disc will be crowded with data. Files will then be written across multiple sections on the drive, and this is referred to as the “fragmentation.” This will then be a reason why reading files will take a longer time as your laptop will age.

With SSD laptops, fragmentation is not a problem. Files and data are written through cells, in an organized and simultaneous manner. This means that SSDs have the power to read and write data at an incredibly fast speed, creating a speedy and snappy system.

  • Reliability:

SSD laptops use flash memory, which is used to store data and gives better performance while HDD has moving parts, which make it more prone to wear down and failures.

  • Noise:

SSD laptops generate no sound, while the moving parts of the HDD spinners could be one of the loudest components of your computer.

Hard Disk Drive vs Solid State Drive

  • Performance:

Powerful and fast. The two characteristics are one of the trademarks of a solid-state drive laptop. You get to enjoy:

  • Quick boot-up
  • Gaming without lags
  • Images and applications load faster
  • Quick launching of apps
  • A speedy experience

Plus, it boasts performance and natural longevity of up to 6-7 years. Undeniably, SSD laptops provide a better overall experience. The fact that it doesn’t have moving parts make it more resilient to physical shock. This is the reason why it’s unlikely to give damage to your data once you accidentally drop your laptop.

SSD comes in slim sticks, which means that SSD laptops are thinner, giving more space to the battery and making it perfect on the go. These laptops have lower power consumption and generate less heat, giving it a longer lifespan.

Overall, SSD laptops provide better performance than using a fixed disk. They’re perfect for multi-tasking, can handle both heavy read and heavy workload. If you’re a heavy laptop user with high-performance servers and applications, high-end SSD laptops are the right choice for you.

SSD Laptops for Business –

Compared to other laptop choices, Solid-State Drive laptop or SSD Laptops is a good buy for individuals who need a decent laptop to go with productivity, mobility, and to get the best value on what you paid for. High-end laptops will always be the right choice and are paired with ample storage, fast performance, and the capability to do the operations and tasks you need throughout the day. A high-end laptop is always a right choice and a good investment. Whether you need quality components for business tools, a heavy gamer at the same time, and on the go person who has your laptop wherever you go, it’s always best to have the right notebook suitable to your needs.

SSD Laptops for Business

  • Pricing:

SSD laptops were initially priced way higher than the HDD laptops. But because of the advances in technology and manufacturing, prices have dropped significantly nowadays, making it more accessible in the market. From 2015 to 2017, SSD demand outnumbered the supply, which led the manufacturers to vary the prices as well. Until now, prices of SSD laptops are continuing to fluctuate but still higher than the HDDs and predicted to stay dominant in pricing for the next decade.


Whether you’re looking for a new laptop or you just want something more resilient, SSD Laptops may just be your thing. Are you ready to buy your next laptop?