Are you looking for a way to improve the success of your content marketing funnel? Well, utilizing Exit Intent Popup features in the right manner is a great way to do exactly that. It can be extremely frustrating to lose a potential customer after providing them with a fantastic piece of content.

What Is Exit Intent Technology

However, by using Exit Intent Popup features in content marketing, you can significantly increase your conversion rate.

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What Is Exit Intent Technology?

Exit intent plugins are still a fairly new concept within digital marketing, but the impact it has on conversion rates has already been recognized by many.

What Is Exit Intent Technology

Basically, Exit Intent technology uses mouse clicks, mouse movements, and other forms of smart technology to determine when a customer is close to leaving a website. By knowing when a customer is close to leaving, you will then be able to implement Exit Intent Popup features to convert website visitors into customers better.

The Goal of Content Marketing

So how does using Exit Intent Popup features work within content marketing specifically? While content marketing can show itself in many forms, the ultimate goal of every form of content marketing is to increase brand awareness. Therefore, the goal isn’t to generate sales, but instead, it is to increase newsletter subscribers, social shares, and organic search volume. By doing so, you will inevitably increase your sales.

Goal of Content Marketing

By implementing Exit Intent Popup features, such as exit-intent pop-ups, at the right time, you will give viewers an extra opportunity to help you increase your brand awareness.

Without Exit Intent Popup features implemented on your website, you run a great risk of having an extremely low conversion rate, and having a good percentage of your viewers leave only never to consider your brand again.

When you utilize Exit Intent Popup features, however, you give viewers and fans of your content a chance to opt into more content, and they may even tell their friends about your amazing content via social media as well.

What Are Exit Intent Popup Features?

The main Exit Intent Popup feature that you should implement with content marketing is exit-intent pop-ups.

What Are Exit Intent Features

Exit Intent is pop-ups that occur in moments when the website visitor is at high risk of leaving your website. Although they can present themselves in different forms, we will specifically discuss using exit-intent pop-ups to increase newsletter subscribers, social shares, and brand reputation.

How to Use Exit Intent Popup Features in Content Marketing

Although finding the perfect Exit Intent solution for your business requires trial and error, here are four ways you can implement Exit Intent technology in content marketing to help you increase newsletter subscribers, social shares, social network followers, and overall brand awareness.

How to Use Exit Intent Features in Content Marketing

Invite them to Sign Up for your Newsletter

One of the best things you can have to happen from content marketing is to get someone to sign up for your newsletter. When a website visitor signs up for your newsletter, you are then able to retarget them as many times as you like.

Invite them to Sign Up for your Newsletter

The best way to implement a newsletter opt-in as an Exit Intent is to have the pop up occur after they finish reading an article. In other words, when they reach the bottom of an article page, have the Exit Intent Popup script for a newsletter opt-in show up.

Display Social Follow Buttons

Another great way to improve your content marketing through exit-intent pop-ups is to display social follow buttons at the right time.

Display Social Follow Buttons

Much like an invitation to sign up for a newsletter, you can also display social follow buttons via an Exit Intent Popup WordPress after a website visitor finishes reading an article. Additionally, you can even have the newsletter opt-in, and the social follow buttons show up in the same Exit Intent Popup examples.

Catch Their Attention with a Video

This strategy combines content marketing and exit-intent pop-ups into one. By showing them a quality video right before the website visitor leaves, you can greatly increase your conversion rate.

When a website visitor sees a video, which with many is considered better than a less personal written message or image, it provides a personal touch.

Exit Intent Popup

Now, when is a good time to implement an exit intent video? The best time to have this form of WordPress Exit Intent Popup occur is after they have been on your blog or website for an extended amount of time. At this point, they will probably be interested in your brand, and a good video can calm any doubts that might be keeping them from taking that next step.

Offer them a Free Ebook or Gated Article

This method is another combination of content marketing and free Exit Intent Popup technology into one.

If you feel you have a piece of content that is worthy of regarding as exclusive, then you can use it to further your exit-intent pop-ups and increase your conversion rate.

The best time to offer a website visitor a free ebook or gated article through an Exit Intent is when they are constantly clicking on various blog articles or webpages without staying on any of them for an extended amount of time. In this case, they may simply be looking for the right piece of content, and you can help them out by having the right piece of content pop up on the screen for them.

Free Ebook or Gated Article

You Can Greatly Increase Content Marketing Conversions With Exit Intent Popup Features

To sum it all up, you can greatly benefit from having the right exit-intent pop-ups implemented into your content marketing strategy. By doing so, you will significantly increase your conversion rate and greatly decrease your frustration with working hours on a piece of content only to have it not lead to an increase in overall sales.


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