The Captain America star actor Chris Evans is a great fan of the New England Patriots. According to his statement, he is dangerous in terms of cutting ties with Tom Brady if the QB keeps supporting “dumb sh*t” Donald Trump. The actor was born in Boston and is considered one of the most famous patriot’s celebrity fans. There is news that he had hung out with Robert Kraft, who is the Pats owner and apart from form this, he had also been to several Super Bowls.

But Evan is among the most robust anti-Donald Trump crowd. He even stated to the Hollywood Reporter that it would be quite difficult for him to continue rooting for Tom Brady if the support of TB12 still exists for POTUS. Due to the event of publicly praising Trump in the day by Tom Brady and even rocking the statement of Trump “Make America Great Again” in his Patriots locker during the Presidential campaign of Donald Trump. Evan is furious on Tom, and so he does not thinks that he can still root for Tom unless he disclaims the support for the high commander.

Chris Evans Might Cut Ties with Tom Brady Over Support for “Dumb Sh*t” Trump

As per the reports, Chris Evans made a clear statement that he really hopes that Tom is not actually a Trump supporter or just hoping that he is one of the guys that might have supported him once but regrets now for this. This statement might bother him, or there might be a chance of thinking now Trump to be an absolute dumb sh*, which he is. If Evans finds Tom to be still on the Trump train, then he might cut ties with Tom Brady as it would become tough for him to continue Tom rooting.

Chris Evans even continued with the statement that he thinks that even a couple of years ago; he might be in a situation like trying to pull some conditions like the “mental gymnastics to compartmentalized, but he is not sure that he can do that anymore. So it’s just a hope that Tom has woken up. As per the previous reports, there is good news for Evans that Tom has revoked the public support for Trump provided by him significantly over the past two years. The QB even missed the visit to Trump’s White House in 2017, but still, he has not mentioned that whether he will go if there is the decision of the Pats to make a trip for their latest S.B. win.

As per the reports of November, Tom also mentioned that his wife Gisele, who is a huge critic of Donald Trump, so far has forbidden politics publicly. But as per the current reports, there is no concrete news about Brady’s current feeling about Trump which bothers Chris. On asking Chris if he would consider playing Tom in a valuable character in a future movie about the NFL Superstar, he revealed that he would not commit anything until he is sure about the fact that Tom was anti-MAGA.

The avenger Chris Evans is quite sure about his support for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and has not declared yet publicly in the political scenario that whom he supports in the 2020 race towards the White House. Chris Evans even worries about the reaction of a few of his fans for his intervention in the political scene but fortunately stands by his decision to speak up openly in the political arena for self-satisfaction. Evans admits that especially for fear of some monetary repercussion or significant damage in the career—that just feels really gross to him.

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