The company that we know today as Epic Games came to existence in the year 1991. Previously it was known as Potomac Computer System incorporation which subsequently changed to Epic MegaGames Inc. and finally in the year 1999. It was named Epic games.” The founder of this company is Tim Sweeney, and the vice president is Mark Rein. Tim Sweeney, who initially made Potomac Computer, started the company as a computer consultancy business, but later as it becomes a time-consuming and less productive work he scrapped the idea. Later on, Sweeney started working on a game named ZZT which came in 1991. ZZT became a huge success, and there was no looking back for Sweeney. He entered the video gaming business in the year 1992 and changed the name of his company to Epic MegaGames Inc so that consumers can easily relate to it as a gaming company. The rest is history. In this article, we are going to show you how to Make an Epic Games Account quickly & easily.

Make an Epic Games Account

What does Epic Games do?

Epic games inc develop a search engine for games named Unreal Engine. This search engine is commercially available to developers who can develop games in a secure and robust environment. Also, Unreal Engine develops its games such as Fortnite, Infinity Blades and Gears of War. Initially, they developed games in the Unreal and personal computing gaming field, after that they entered into consoling gaming business which was a good move by Sweeney. Console gaming provided Sweeney huge success, and his latest venture Fortnite opened doors of greater rewards for him. Today Epic games have become a vogue in the gaming industry, and everybody wants to grab a copy.

Devices that Support Epic Games:

Before installing any games that Epic games provide one has to do a minimum system check. The games could be played on Windows, MAC, IOS, Xbox, PlayStation, and Android. It is a very user-friendly and interactive platform where you can shop games like a piece of cake.

Epic Games Account(Steps) How to Make an Epic Games Account

  1. To make an account, first, you need to choose a device you want to Make an Epic Games Account.
  2. You can choose any device to set up an account irrespective of the platform or operating system. The website works quite smooth on either IOS, Windows or Android.
  3. Once you’ve selected the device, you need to go to the website
  4. You will see the homepage of, and it should look something like this.Make an Epic Games Account
  5. Do you see this page? Great. You’re almost there.
  6. On the top right corner of the page, you will see an icon that says “Sign in.” Hover to that icon and click “Sign in.”
  7. Once you’re there, you will have to choose between sign in or sign up.
  8. I presume you’re reading this post that means you’re to sign up yet, so go ahead and click on sign up.
  9. In the next step, you need to fill up fields.


  1. Fill up these fields, and you will get the confirmation regarding your Epic Games Account.
  2. Done!
    How simple was that, wasn’t it?

How to Make an Epic Games Account (Guiding Video) –

Final Verdict:

By now, hopefully, most of your doubts should be cleared, and now you might be wondering which game should you opt for? Don’t worry I got you there. Epic Games provide you games for as low as FREE (Battle Royale, Unreal Tournament) and also expensive games such as Borderlands 3 [($44.99) 2k, gearbox software], don’t overthink about the pricing as they are definitely worth it.

Hope you like this How to Make an Epic Games Account Guiding Article. & if you have any issue regarding creating an Epic Games Account then comment down the problem so we will help you in that too. & their most popular game Fortnite is winning so many hearts in the gaming world so do check that out and do trust the brand Epic games as their Game engine was named “Most successful game engine” by Guinness World Records. Fortnite, not only provide you an excellent gaming experience, but it also gives you a cross playing and crosses platforming experience.

What is Cross Platforming?

Cross platforming is an interactive facility epic games provide, by which two users which are playing the game on different consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation can enjoy this game together and maybe even play against each other.

If you find cross platforming interesting, we have written a separate article on “how to link your Xbox” you may check it out to find the steps to link your Xbox to Epic games.

Are you Still confused which Game to Play?

Don’t worry, and there is a dedicated reviewing team working in Techinpost, whose work is to review games, movies, software, and IT products. Right now they are researching on Top 10 Epic Games and soon they will come up with an efficient and experience based list of games that you would die to play.

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