The aim is to promote an open dialogue between the academic community and the mainstream entrepreneurial crowd. With the same vision in mind, KIIT Entrepreneurship Cell is organizing a Conclave of Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Technology (CELT), India, with Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations as the partner, Harvard University, Cambridge from 9th-13th of August 2016.

Conclave of Entrepreneurship Leadership & Technology

Delegates attending CELT will have a transformative experience; the guest lectures, panel discussions, and workshops led by industry honchos and luminaries from the corporate world will open their eyes to an endless orchard of possibilities.

CELT promotes openness of knowledge, network, contacts, and opportunities. It will conduct several competitions of challenging formats, workshops, and guest lectures. The conclave will provide a platform to open a dialogue among the global leaders of academia to mainstream entrepreneurship education by providing training and support to entrepreneurship educators and demonstrating effective global models of entrepreneurial development, the challenges faced, and the outcomes.

It will also highlight models of emerging excellence and introduce the channels for recognition to the growing entrepreneurship community of educators, mentors, and program managers. It will also provide mentors to several now-successful start-ups.

The Conclave will provide a unique opportunity for various stakeholders to witness cutting-edge technological advancements in different thematic areas such as High-Performance Computing, Grid & Cloud Computing, Language & Heritage Computing, Professional Electronics, e-Security, Ubiquitous, Mobile and Green Computing, Open Source Software and e-Learning, ICT solutions for e-Governance, e-Health, etc.

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