United States, on January 12, 2023, the world’s popular brand DJI known for its creative camera technology, finally introduced the first Mini version of the popular RS series camera stabilizer naming it the DJI RS 3 Mini. It has a powerful payload capacity and is ideal for shooting with various cameras and lenses. Its design features a smaller build and an integrated battery, making it an ideal tool for capturing professional-quality images.

DJI RS 3 Mini for Creators

A travel-sized stabilizer designed for those who move Light. Delivering Effortless, ultra-flexible single-handed use can be adapted at any moment. The new dual-layered quick-release plate features a new curved placement guide that fixes your camera securely in place, making you shoot confidently. It has an integrated Bluetooth Shutter that establishes automatic reconnection for faster shooting as the moment demands it. And with its Ergonomic first dial, it also enables optical or digital zoom without having to use the control cable.

RS 3 Mini has the best in-category pay look capacity letting you easily handle the setups creators love to use. 3rd generation RS stabilization algorithm helps you give footage that’s impossible when shooting, just hand help.

It can easily go vertical without having to add any components, giving you social media-ready content with the same control experience as you get in the horizontal mode. The RS 3 Mini can be rotated 360 degrees in its holder so you can find the best viewing angle for your content, making it easy to use in both orientations.

Apart from this, it has lots of your favourite features like 1.4 inches touch screen and Nato expansion port for more usability. You can capture all day long with its 10 hours max battery lifetime. It also supports charging during use, making it the best. The camera is designed for autofocus for quick picture-taking. You can also record videos up to 1080p resolution, so there is no more blurry footage.

The compact and portable design of the RS 3 Mini allows you to carry it with you when you’re not using it. It’s also more convenient to use because it’s half the size of its predecessor, the RS 3 Pro. In Portrait mode, it weighs less than 800 grams, which is about 50% lighter than the previous model. Its built-in stabilizer features a centre of balance that’s designed to provide a more stable experience.

Its lightweight design also makes it easy to transport from one location to another; you don’t have to worry about carrying a heavy tripod or stand with you. The RS 3 Mini can be used as a handheld camera stabilizer for smooth, professional shots wherever you go. It comes with an adjustable handle with four different locking positions to find the most comfortable and stable position for yourself when using your camera.

With DJI RS 3 Mini, you can easily create professional-grade content while travelling around landscapes or in urban locations. This RS 3 Mini is capable of photography that will take your breath away. It’s also a great tool for sports photography, as it can get close to the subject without being noticed by the athlete or crowd.

DJI RS 3 Mini has an ultra-lightweight carbon fibre body and folding arms that make transportation easy. With its small size, you have more options when choosing where to fly and how high to go. Move Light with RS3 mini.

Price & Availability

This DJI RS 3 Mini model is available for you to purchase today from any of the authorized retailers, or you can place the order now at vlogsfan. The starting price of this handy DJI RS 3 Mini is USD 369. 

DJI Care Refresh

The new version of the camera, the RS 3 Mini, comes with a variety of protection features, such as a replacement service that will cover accidental damage. This plan, known as the DJI Care Refresh, is designed to provide a comprehensive protection solution for the company’s products. It includes a small additional fee for the replacement of damaged goods.

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