Cube introduced a new model, the Cube Mix Plus Tablet PC. The company is quite popular among Chinese retailers but has not yet made a mark outside. The device comes with a detachable keyboard, which allows being used both as a laptop and as a tablet. The device looks the same with its predecessor Cube i7 book 2 in 1 tablet PC. Visually, it has the same ports, design, and even the display. The company made no effort to change the style, look, and feel of the device; instead, it entirely focused on getting the best hardware and software at this budget range. Cube Mix Plus Review Tablet is priced at $343.99.

Cube Mix Plus Review

Cube Mix Plus Review

The device is one of the best in this budget price sector. Although the Company has not made it globally and sold its device only in China, you can get the device from online retailers like the Gearbest website. The Device comes with a detachable screen, which can be used both as a laptop as well as a tablet. All the hardware is located on the screen of the device to support the tablet mode. One of the highlighted features is that this Cube Mix Plus Review device comes with a Wacom Stylus by which you can draw or write on the screen. Other than that, you can also use your finger to navigate on the screen. The stylus does not need any battery. The tip acts as the pen or pencil tip and the rear as the eraser. The stylus also comes with a battery that can be customized for any operation you feel to use. The screen also has a palm rejection feature, which does writing and drawing with it very easy and gives seeming less experience. Other than the stylus, the device also houses many ports, it also has a type C port, which can be used for fast charging. You can also use it as a replacement for the HDMI port, which is not present in the device.

(Buying Guide) Cube Mix Plus Review: 2 in 1 Tablet + Laptop

The Cube Mix Plus tablet looks almost similar to the Cube i7 Book tablet. Even the design has been not changed. The ports and all the connectivity are located on the same side as that of the latter. The device comes with white color with silver frame. The corner is rounded to get a nice impression. The bezel is a bit longer, which looks like an outdated laptop. The tablet without the keyboard is quite heavy, it comes with a weight of close to 700 grams, but it helps to balance when the keyboard is added. At the back, the company’s name comes in Chinese, which proves that the company has not reached to produce globally. Overall, build quality is excellent and has been made sturdy.

At a Glance:
Price$343.99 only
Memory128 GB storage space with additional space for 128 GB. 4GB of RAM
Processor and OS1.61 GHz Dual-Core Processor with Windows 10 out of the box
Display10.6 IPS display with a resolution of 1920×1080
Battery4300 mAh with 4 hours of video playing
CameraRear Camera: 5.0 MP auto-focus, Front Camera: 2.0 MP
ConnectivityWi-Fi and Bluetooth Connection is present
PortsTF card slot, Type C USB, Micro USB, 3.5mm headphone jack and DC jack for charging

Cube Mix Plus Tablet Features & Specifications:

So here are the guide and the tips before buying this Cube Mix Plus Review tablet laptop. & here, we are also providing you the link from which you can grab it at a very less discounted flash sale deal.

Cube Mix Plus Tablet Operating System (OS) –

The 2 in 1 tablet comes with the latest Windows 10 operating system. The device offers a unique experience with the latest Windows OS, which has excellent battery management and faster booting time.

  • It comes with the latest Windows 10 OS 64-bit
  • The Windows 10 OS is the home edition.
  • The OS is quite fast while booting, and it has inbuilt battery management software installed to control the battery use and prolong the time of usage.
  • It comes with many pre-installed languages. So, you do not have to worry about the language; just select the language you want and start using it with the laptop.

Cube Mix Plus Tablet Battery Life –

The Cube Mix 2 in 1 tablet comes with a 7.4 V / 4300 mAh Li-ion polymer battery.

  • The battery is non-removable.
  • The 4300 mAh power lasted for 4 hours of continuous video playing on full recharge.
  • For regular use, it can be extended close to 5 hours or more depending on the usage.

Cube Mix Plus Tablet Display –

The Cube Mix 2 in 1 tablet comes with 10.6- inch display screen, which is the best for everyday life.

Cube Mix Plus Display

  • Cube Mix Plus Tablet Screen Size: The device house a 10.6- inch display, which is the best comparing its price tag.
  • Cube Mix Plus Tablet Screen Resolution: The screen comes with a Full HD display with a resolution of 1920×1080
  • Cube Mix Plus Tablet Display Type: The screen is an IPS display that will ensure that you view a crisp display.
  • Cube Mix Plus Tablet Touch Screen: The Screen has tested to have a 10-point
  • The device also comes with a Wacom stylus pen with 1024 level pressure. The pressure-sensitive supports multiple painting techniques and easy writing experience.

Cube Mix Plus Tablet Processor –

The device comes with 7th Generation Intel Kaby Lake processor.


  • Cube Mix Plus Tablet Working: The processor is an upgraded version of the 6th Gen processor. It is optimized to work at low power but, at the same time, gives the maximum output.
    • The processor is a dual-core processor with four threads which is clocked at 1.61 GHz
    • The Processor can be overclocked using the turbo mood up to 2.6 GHz
    • The 7th Gen Intel, Kaby Lake processor, works with 20% less power than its predecessor 6th Gen but offers a 20% to 30% increase in its performance.
    • The Kaby Lake 7Y30 has a 14 nm processor
    • It has 3 caches.
  • Cube Mix Plus Tablet Graphics: The Device comes with integrated Intel HD Graphics 615 GPU.
    • With the Intel HD graphics watching videos or photos at 1080P is a piece of cake.
    • With the powerful processor and the Intel Graphics support you to indulge in the small amount of editing work.
    • It also supports casual gaming
    • The GPU is optimized to work at less power to maximize efficiency.

Cube Mix Plus Tablet Memory –

The device is equipped with fast SSD or the Solid State Drive, which has a quick read and write speed. It also comes with large RAM too for fast processing as well as multitasking.


  • Cube Mix Plus Tablet Internal Memory: For faster accessing of data the device house an SSD
    • The device comes with 128 GB of internal storage
    • As the storage is SSD, accessing data is quite quickly compared to that of HDD.
    • The Storage unit is SATA 3, which means data assessing, both read and write quite fast. Approximately, with a speed of 3 to 6 Gb/s (Gigabit per second).
  • Cube Mix Plus Tablet External Memory: If the internal memory is quite small, you can also increase the memory using SD cards.
    • The device has a TF card slot on the left side where you can insert an SD card to increase the memory.
    • The maximum size support is 128 GB.
    • Since the port is external, removing an external SD card is very easy.
  • Cube Mix Plus Tablet RAM: To support faster processing and better multitasking, the device houses powerful RAM to help you do any work.
    • The device comes with 4 GB LPDDR3L RAM.
    • The RAM substantially high bandwidth to support any casual games with low settings.
    • The RAM supports any Photo or video editing applications that run smoothly without any problem.

Cube Mix Plus Tablet Camera –

As this Cube Mix Plus Review laptop is two in one, it comes with two cameras. One is at the rear, and the other is a front-facing.

Cube Mix Plus Camera

  • The Rear camera comes with a 5.0 MP with autofocus
  • The front-facing camera has 2.0 MP. It is very useful as a web camera when using video chatting like in Skype

Cube Mix Plus Tablet Ports & Connectivity –

The tablet pc also houses a lot of ports. Below we list all the ports as well as connectivity that is supported by the device.

Ports and Connectivity

  • Cube Mix Plus Tablet Ports: As the device can be used as a tablet, so all the ports are attached to the sides of the screen
    • It comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack which supports both Audio as well as a microphone
    • Comes with a TF card slot to expand the memory
    • Type C USB port for charging as well as connecting external devices for faster data as well as the video transfer
    • It also has a USB 3.0 port to connect to the thumb drive
    • A DC jack for charging the device
    • On the right side, you get a dual inbuilt speaker
    • On the top, you have the power button and the volume up and down button.
  • Cube Mix Plus Tablet Connectivity: Other than the ports, you can also connect with the wireless connections.
    • The device supports Bluetooth 4.0.
    • Connect Bluetooth with other phones or devices to transfer data.
    • The Device also has a Wi-Fi connection.
    • The Wi-Fi is compatible with IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless internet.
    • As there is no LAN connection, you have to depend on the Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet.
    • For the Wi-Fi, you must have an active internet connection through Wi-Fi router or hotspot.

Cube Mix Plus Tablet Miscellaneous –

Other than the above features, the tablet PC also comes with some unique features that are worth mentioning.


  • As the device comes with a touchscreen, you get a Wacom Stylus. The stylus does not need any battery. The tip acts as inking and the rear as an eraser. The inking experience is seeming less. The screen also has palm rejection, which helps in drawing very quickly.
  • The type C port also supports fast charging. Instead of the DC jack, you can use it to charge the device at a faster rate.
  • The device also has a reset button that can reset the entire device.

Cube Mix Plus Tablet Accessories –

Other than the laptop, you get different accessories that you can use with the device.

  • With the device, you get a power adapter, which is used to charge the device through the DC jack.
  • You also get an OTG cable that you can use when you are using the device as a tablet mode.
  • As the device comes with type C USB port, you can go for type C-hub to extend the ports. A hub generally houses two or USB type 3.0, two or more type C port, an HDMI port, and more.
  • If you are into music, you can connect the external Bluetooth speaker to listen to music.
  • As the touchscreen can be prone to scratches, you can buy a protective screen guard to protect the screen from scratching.
[joomdev-wpc-pros-cons disable_title=”no” wpc_style=”wppc-view1″ title_tag=”H3″ title=”Cube Mix Plus Pros & Cons” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” button_text=”Get it Now” disable_button=”no” button_link=”″ button_link_target=”_SELF” button_rel_attr=”external”][joomdev-wpc-pros]
  • Good Battery Life
  • Best Display
  • Big RAM
  • Average Camera

The Cube Mix Plus Review 2 in 1 tablet PC is indeed a good laptop that houses powerful hardware as well as software. Although it looks similar to the predecessor’s Cube i7 book 2 in 1 tablet PC, the Mix plus has more power. Cube, instead of changing the look and style of the laptop, focused on providing the best hardware and software at the budget cost, which is good considering that most people buy based on the specs available. Low powered Processor with big RAM ensures fast processing as well as multitasking. The GPU helps you to play casual games as well as edit videos and photos. The most highlighted feature is the 1024 level pressured Wacom stylus, which makes drawing and writing with it very easy and fluently. The type-C ensures fast charging as well as takes the responsibility of HDMI port as the device does not come with any HDMI ports. Overall, one of the best devices you can buy at this price range.

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