At the age of digitization and the rapid growth of technology, there are very few things that you can say is not achievable. Never the less there is the vast majority of both good and bad applications of technology. Here is one such technology which is made to help out the people with poor eyesight. The VD500 Portable Video Magnifier, as the name suggests, captures images and videos of different text and magnifies. It is cheap but at the same time helpful for those who have short eyesight. The device is on pre-sale. The VD500 Portable Video Magnifier device comes with a price tag of $161.80 only.

VD500 Portable Digital Video Magnifier Miscellaneous

The VD500 Portable Video Magnifier is a lightweight and straightforward device. It has some basic functionality, which you can find it on the sides of the screen. The device is not only limited to capturing videos and magnifying it. It also comes with some unique features like voice prompt to do a specific task and many others. To know more about it, you can check below where we have discussed all the features that this VD500 Portable Video Magnifier has to offer.

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(Buying Guide) VD500 Portable Video Magnifier Review: Features, Specs & Much More

The device is shaped like a cell phone but is light. It comes in only one variant at present with a Blue/White color variant. It has got a foldable hand bar at the side of the device to hold it and zoom into the content you want to view. The VD500 Portable Video Magnifier device is made from hard plastics, which is understandable considering its price and use. All the buttons for the functionality are on the sides of the device. The screen is not touched sensitive, so you have to use the buttons for all the functionality.

At a glance:

Price$161.80 only
MagnificationCan zoom onto a video clip from 4x to 32x without any loss of pixels
Display5.0 inch Full HD display with a resolution of 1920×1080
Battery2500 mAh battery which can last up to 4 hours
Camerarear-facing HD camera
PortsMicro USB, Mini HDMI port, and an AV interface

VD500 Portable Video Magnifier Features & Specifications:

So here, we are showing you all about this VD500 Portable Video Magnifier Review so you can get a brief knowledge about it before buying it, and you can also grab this.

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VD500 Portable Video Magnifier Magnification –

This device can zoom into any video captured without any pixelation.

  • The VD500 Portable Video Magnifier device allows you to zoom from 4x times to 32x times the original size to get a better view of the content of the device.

VD500 Portable Video Magnifier Display –

The device comes with a pretty big display and high-resolution display to help you make you understand every word clearly.

VD500 Portable Digital Video Magnifier

  • Screen Size: The VD500 houses a big 5-inch display to view each text clearly.
  • Screen Resolution: The device has not stopped with a large display; it has provided a full HD resolution display with 1080p to see the magnified video clearly.

VD500 Portable Video Magnifier Memory –

Well in this device you cannot say as if it has memory and it is not even mentioned in the spec list,

  • you get some memory to store some videos that you have captured.
  • The device can also remember the last used setting that you had set. So, you do not have to change the setting every time you use it.

VD500 Portable Video Magnifier Battery –

The device comes with an overall average battery for use.

  • It houses a 2500 mAh battery for it.
  • The battery takes almost 3 hours to charge the device, which is really long considering its size.
  • On full recharge, you can use it continuously for about 4 hours.

VD500 Portable Video Magnifier Ports & Connectivity –

This device comes with some basic ports and connections to help serve the user better.


  • You get a micro USB port to charge the VD500 Portable Video Magnifier device. You can use your phone charger, thus removing the hassle of carrying multiple chargers.
  • HDMI ports. If you want a more prominent display with a higher resolution display, then you can connect it to other monitors using the HDMI port.
  • The last is an AV Input. This port transfer audio or video or both that you have recorded to other sources either to watch it on the big screen or to save it.
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VD500 Portable Video Magnifier Miscellaneous:

This device is not limited to only magnifying the contents only. You get other unique functionality that you can use it every day.


  • Screen Freeze Function: Still cannot understand what is written even at 32x zoom. The VD500 Portable Video Magnifier device has added a freeze screen functionality that allows you to stop the playing of the video and help you read the content of the display carefully, taking all your time without any problem.
  • Color Modes: The device also gives out helping out to color blindness people. It has 15 color mode which supports the different You can choose one which helps you see a thing more efficiently.
  • Voice Command: Feeling lazy to click the buttons to use the device. Do not think about just tell the device what to do, and it will do it. You can voice commands to play music or turn on/off the flashlight.
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  • Screen Freeze Function
  • Color Mode
  • Voice Command
  • Normal Features

A unique and one of a kind device. VD500 Portable Video Magnifier main application is for the short eye sighted person or people who have some vision problem. Although it says a digital video magnifier, the device provides far from the above mentioned, which makes it stand out from the rest. The most critical feature that stands out is the Color modes, which offer 15 types of methods for vision problem people who are one of the great features to look forward to. The second pro was the voice command, who would have thought such a simple device could do that. The only downfall of this great VD500 Portable Video Magnifier device is the battery. Though people using read-only papers and some important documents, it is still a fail. 3 hours of charging to use just 4 hours is a big fail. Never the less, you get one of the best features devices, the VD500, to help the visually defective person.

If you are the person or you want to buy and gift it to your loved one that is facing such a problem, then go now and grab a piece for yourself. If you have any queries or want to know more about VD500 Portable Video Magnifier, then comment down below, and we will surely come with an answer. If you liked this article and was helpful to you, then do share it with others who need so we could help out all those affected people.