Learning has never been simpler. As smartphone technology becomes more widely available, mobile learning and eLearning have grown in popularity. More people showing an interest in learning implies there is an increased demand for online courses. However, you may be wondering how to develop a free online course. Here’s where authoring tools are necessary.

E-Learning authoring tools are software that allows you to generate training content, convert it to eLearning format, and distribute it to learners through a learning management system online. There are several free eLearning authoring tools accessible to fulfill whatever demands or requirements you may have.

Many businesses are seeking to cut expenses by producing e-Learning content in-house. Some companies desire an authoring tool that is simple to use and can be utilized by a wide group of individuals with diverse skill levels. Whether you are a designer or have no expertise, you can quickly construct and develop interactive learning materials for end-users on any subject/topic.

These tools, once installed on your desktop or through the Web, may be used by anybody at any time to create interactive eLearning content. You may access your data at any time, whether you are at work or at home. You are no longer required to select a dedicated work environment. All one requires is a computer, a browser, and an internet connection.

Easy Authoring Tools You Need in 2021

iSpring Free

An easy-to-use authoring tool for developing slide-based courses with quizzes. If you already have prepared presentations, you can easily convert them into interactive online courses with a few clicks.

The technology is built directly in PowerPoint. All PPT animations, triggers, and transitions are preserved after conversion. Simply fill the slides with text, photos, YouTube videos, and online objects, for example, a Wikipedia page or your company’s website.


Unlike many other authoring tools, Udutu allows for real-time collaboration — it may be used by several individuals in various locations at the same time. 

It includes a number of WYSIWYG applications that allow you to construct various types of activities, including exams, interactive modules, and branching situations.


Easygenerator is one of the most advanced and popular authoring tools available in the market, and its popularity is well-deserved. Besides offering a wide variety of templates and collaboration features, it also features a drag and drops editor.

The authoring tool even allows course creators to use multimedia elements in their courses to make them more engaging and interactive. 


This program might be an excellent choice for IT gurus because it has a large feature set. Slide-based courses can include graphics, movies, sophisticated multi-object interactions, and quizzes. CourseLab has a huge number of ready-to-use eLearning module templates. However, learning how to utilize and adapt them may take some time.


You may use your own photographs, screenshots, film, or voice recordings to make lessons using Moovly, or you can use the built-in media library. 

The programme has a large bank of pictures, music, and stock films that you can use to create fresh video material in any style: cartoon, whiteboard, documentary, and more.


Some tools are primarily focused on creating one form of training content, such as video tutorials or exams, whilst others are a collection of tools under one roof that cover a wide range of activities that instructional designers or educators may encounter.

If the basic capabilities provided by free eLearning authoring tools are insufficient for your needs, try out a full-featured authoring toolkit that will enable you to create professional online courses with quizzes, video lectures, conversation simulations, and interactive modules.