Flying drones were once a dream of every young teen who wanted to have a personal drone. And after its use in many Hollywood movies, it became imminent, and everyone thought of having it. But, sadly drones manufactured at that time were hard to get and cost a fortune. But, thanks to the ever-evolving technologies we are now living in the era where drones exist and anyone can get EMAX HAWK 5 this drone at an affordable price.

EMAX HAWK 5 FPV Racing Drone

EMAX HAWK 5 Review: FPV Racing Drone BNF 600TVL Camera

EMAX is one of the best drone accessories manufacturers in the world who have earned quite a name for themselves. The drone manufacturing giant designs devices with the high-quality feature at affordable prices. The company named YINYAN Model Tech MFT works under the name of EMAX which focuses on fulfilling customer’s desires. They work to meet the needs of customers and satisfy them with their amazing products.

Recently EMAX finally decided to unveil their very new drone, which is going to mark the new era in the history of drones. It is the next generation for all the racing drones, setting new limits for every Quadcopter in its class. The name of this device is Hawk 5 which is the latest version of EMAX’s hawk editions. So, in this article, we will be focusing on the recently un-covered drone Hawk 5 FPV Racing Drone with Camera.

(Buying Guide) EMAX HAWK 5 FPV Racing Drone BNF 600TVL Camera Deal Price

This HAWK 5 is a professional-grade FPV racing Quadcopter. Not only this, the HAWK 5 is referred to be the fastest racing drone. After the great release and success of immensely popular Baby hawk and night-hawk, EMAX has been working hard to manufacture a complete FPV racing Quadcopter. And finally, they have let their hard work in the form of HAWK 5, to the world.

EMAX HAWK 5 FPV Racing Drone Look

It is a revolutionary BNF racing drone, featured all with wonderful parts. It boasts some of the best and great racing motors and products in the market. Which are utilized for creating excellent packages for HAWK 5. By carefully engineering the EMAX HAWK 5 provides maximum capabilities and performance. Which is the outcome of continuous tests to meet the expectation of the manufacturer.

At a Glance:

Brushless Motor EMAX LS2206 2300kv motors
Flight Controller EMAX  Magnum F4 built-in Beta flight OSD
Camera Foxeer Arrow Micro V2 600TVL CCD camera
VTXAvan Flow 5×4.3×3 3-blade 5 inch
Propeller Avan Flow 5×4.3×3 3-blade 5 inch
Battery LiPo battery
Brushless ESCEMAX  Bullet 30A 4 in 1 BLHeli_S DSHOT600
Receiver Frsky XM+ 16ch Sbus Micro

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Emax Hawk 5 Features and Specifications –

The drone comes with a motive to break all of its limits as a Quadcopter, keeping the idea of “pushing the possibilities of what else is possible” in mind. Manufactured with a great view and hard work, here are some of the basic specifications of HAWK 5.

Emax Hawk 5 Fastest Quadcopter:

EMAX HAWK 5 FPV Racing Drone Real-Time Monitoring

As the name suggests, the Hawk 5 is as fast as Hawk itself. The very new HAWK 5 comes all wrapped up with great features, with it one of its kind and even one of the best, fastest racing Quadcopter.

Emax Hawk 5 Engine & System:

EMAX HAWK 5 FPV Racing Drone Magnum power system

Along with being fastest, it’s essential to have more significant time too, and for that purpose only, the HAWK 5 have all-in-one power Magnum power system paired with it. To maximize its efficiency, the engineers have matched 2300 KV lite spec brushless motor, which provides an enormous amount of power to it.

Emax Hawk 5 Propellers:

EMAX HAWK 5 FPV Racing Drone Avon Flow

To give it unmatched durability, EMAX has used elegant Avan propellers in their HAWK 5. With the help of this, the pilot would be able to stay in the air a little longer without even losing its speed and performance. It offers a linear control throughout the flight envelope.

Emax Hawk 5 Camera:

EMAX HAWK 5 FPV Racing Drone Camera

The very new HAWK 5 has low latency in-built camera in it, which acts as a fantastic sensor. It helps the pilot to get the perfect clear image view, so it would be easy for the pilot to navigate and trail it safely. It also has OSD (On Screen Display) feature, which provides the pilot with the relevant information, required to control drone performance, battery information, and signal quality.

Emax Hawk 5 Design:

The very new EXAM HAWK 5 comes up with a great design with sleek frame and perfectly finished cut ends. It has a dimension of 7.68 x 7.07 x 1.59 inches and weighs about 0.2700 kg. Currently, this fastest Quadcopter is available in black color which looks stunning by all means.

EMAX HAWK 5 FPV Racing Drone Design

The very new HAWK 5 comes up with unique frames designed by aerospace grade carbon fiber. Its efficient brushless motor is built by high-quality light-weighted aluminum. It even has the F4 type flight controller. This HAWK 5 is featured with all great parts; which makes it perfectly meeting the demands of the modern pilot.

Emax Hawk 5 Place Anywhere:

EMAX HAWK 5 FPV Racing Drone Portable Design

To meet the demands of various types of a pilot who may refer to different weight characteristics, this HAWK 5 has a frame designed to accommodate a number variety placements for your LiPo battery.

Emax Hawk 5 Battery (Battery Life):

EMAX HAWK 5 FPV Racing Drone Engine

This very new HAWK 5 has LiPo battery strap of 225 mm. It has a V3 upgraded metal buckle. It gives an estimate flying time of 4 to 5 minutes. And it takes almost 20 minutes to get charged.

Emax Hawk 5 Pros & Cons –


  • Fastest Quadcopter in this Range.
  • Designed for smooth Flying Experience
  • Great Flight Modes


  • A little heavy for starters but Awesome Product in our Opinion.



After reviewing the EMAX HAWK 5, we can conclude that this drone offers fantastic features and that too at minimal rates. It is designed to be the fastest drone out there and beats its competitors by miles. The drone is not only fast, but it has many additionally outstanding features like camera, impressive design, etc.


Overall, the EMAX has set a new challenge for other Quadcopter out there, through its very new HAWK 5. It is known as the fastest racing Quadcopter featuring all great parts. With his stunning looks, new possibilities, high-tech specs, excellent efficiency, high-performance and ability to meet up all demands of the modern pilot, the unique HAWK 5 is all set to make a boom in the market, and you are probably going to love it.