The code Error 33 refers to the error that makes your computer system respond slowly to the input that has been given by the keyboard or mouse. It is several issues due to which there has been a reduction in the operating speed of the system. The article will highlight some of the significant problems related to the code along with the methods through which you will able to fix Error Code 33 atm.

Error 33

Symptoms of Error 33 Code:

If you are not aware of Error 33, here are some of the signs that help to understand such things to understand several situations

Error 33 Symptons

  • Code 33 seems to be appearing on windows and tends to crash while any user is working on windows.
  • The window will not be able to decide which resources have been needed for the device, which is being shown while attaching the new hardware to the system in which you have been working
  • The computer system seems to be quickly crashed through Error 33 Pokemon go while attempting to make use of the same hardware components.
  • A window will be running at a slow speed and at that time stop responding to the input given by the mouse or keyboard.
  • The system will be periodically frozen for some time.

This sort of windows Error 33 message seems to be appearing at the time of the program installation when the Microsoft Corporation-related software has been executing at the time of startup or shutdown. This error also might occur during the installation process of the Windows system. There is a need to track the instance where this sort of error code took place along with the consequences.

Causes of Error 33 Code –

There are several reasons why this sort of Error 33 took place, and some of the prominent reasons is being given below.

Error 33

  • If there is an incorrect configuration of the drivers that seem to be either old or corrupted drivers.
  • There can be corruption has been seen in the registry of Windows through the latest software change
  • Malware or any sort of virus that seems to corrupt the system file of Windows or the related drivers.
  • There has been a conflict with the driver after the installation of the new hardware.
  • Faulty Hardware can also cause this Error 33 furnaces.

The Device Manager Error like DaVinci resolve Error 33 can be caused by a number of factors; therefore it seems to be very important that you need to troubleshoot the reason in order to prevent them from recurring.

How to Fix Error 33 Code Problem Issue

In order to fix Error 33, here are some of the important troubleshooting options that will assist you to solve the problem. These are some of the steps that at each step seem to be more complex and time-consuming; therefore it has been recommending attempting them in the appropriate sequence in order to eliminate time and effort.

You need to click or open the image for expanding the instruction for troubleshooting for each of the steps that have been given below. You also have the feasibility to click the close button in order to hide the instruction while proceeding through each Error 33 step.

1. Configuration of Hardware Devices

In order to make your computer work faster and fix the rekordbox error 33, you have to make sure you configure your hardware devices properly. As most of the devices which are non-plug-and-play, the settings are not automatically configured and you have to manually configure them to work at their best. So, all you have to do is to configure such devices and you can do them by following the steps below.

Error 33 Fix 1

  • First, you have to go to the Start Menu or your Programs Panel.
  • Now, click on the control panel and go to the performance and maintenance Centre.
  • Now click on the hardware tab, and access the device manager.
  • After that double-click on the device, you want to configure.
  • Now go to the resources tab and click the check box which is situated next to the Automatic settings.
  • After that, you have to click the letterbox that says Setting Based On and then click the configuration you want to change
  • Now, click the Resource Type you would want to configure in the Resource Settings box
  • After that go to the Change Settings tab and write a new value for the Resource Type. And you are good to go.

2. Updating Problematic Drivers

Un-updated drivers can cause many different errors and problems and it can also lead to rekordbox performance mode error 33 which can be a little too much irritating for users. Although identifying problematic drivers is one heck of a pain for users because checking each driver individually can take like forever.

Error 33 Fix 2 Update Driver

Don’t worry we have a valid workaround for that. So, what you have to do is look for auto driver updating software. Which can further allow you to scan and check for updates for all of the drivers installed on your computer at once. And this will further save you from facing such Error 33 issues in the future.


These are some of the steps that have to be followed in order to fix Error 33 and make the system respond quickly and speedily. The detailed information regarding the issue will help you to understand the methods through which you will be able to rectify the Error code 33 rekordbox issues. Hoping! The information delivered to you gives the best value for your time. In case, if you are having any sort of Error 33 problem or suggestions please let us know by dropping a comment in the box given below.

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