It is already evident that Instagram has become a significant step in humanity’s transition to virtual reality, allowing us to present our lives using photo and video content, promote online businesses, and follow the lives of other influential and inspiring people. Of course, covering such a significant portion of human life, the platform comes with specific rules and restrictions allowing users to decide who can view their profiles and under what conditions.

Ethics of Using Instagram Anonymous Viewer Apps

At the same time, not all users want to make their views of other people’s profiles visible; for this and some other reasons, using the IG viewer app is getting some traction these days.

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How Instagram Account Viewing Works in General

To make the user experience on the platform as diverse as possible, Instagram not only allows posting photos and videos in the profile but also generates a content feed where the user can see news, brand advertising, posts from friends and subscriptions, and much more.

Stories, short posts that allow you to capture an unforgettable moment and disappear 24 hours after posting, are also extremely popular; they have one distinctive peculiarity unlike any other Instagram content – the account owner will be able to see who exactly showed interest and clicked on their stories. Unfortunately, besides using the private Instagram viewer app, it is almost impossible to bypass the system and remain unnoticed while viewing stories, as well as user’s other published videos, which is important for some people in some situations.

Reasons & Ways to Anonymously Track Instagram Activity

To be more precise, the reason for such a desire doesn’t always lie in someone’s shyness or curiosity. Businesses conduct truly fierce campaigns to attract new customers and rely heavily not only on the analysis of trends and audience behavior but also on the approaches of their competitors. In marketing, as they say, all means are good.

What’s more, some parents, witnessing their young offspring spend hours on the Internet until they are blue in the face, may become concerned because of their addictive virtual behavior or the appropriateness of the content they post. Alternatively, some people may be interested in the stories and likes of their ex or partner. Using the Instagram viewer app, any of these interested parties can find out what they care about without leaving a digital footprint and without even having their account on this social network.

Ethics of Using Instagram Anonymous Viewer Apps

Such an online tool, as in the case of Glassagram, requires the user only to enter a username and needs a few minutes to retrieve information from the account to the user board. Features of such a program include the following:

  • saving stories with access for several months
  • viewing new stories in real time
  • ability to monitor multiple Instagram accounts
  • ability to view and download user videos and photos, as well as see detailed information about posts
  • tracking likes tagged photos, comments, location tags, etc.

Thus, unlike the tricks that users often employ to remain unnoticed and which do not always guarantee results – like turning off the Internet or switching to airplane mode – private Instagram viewer allows you to engage with almost any Instagram account anonymously and without causing frustration or additional questions like in the case of parental monitoring.

Tips for Ethical Instagram Tracking

Nowadays, Instagram attracts tons of business-oriented people, raising brand awareness through the platform and creating business pages for statistics purposes. However, there is a category of users who do not want to become part of the statistical data collection or simply do not want to catch the eye of the account owner, who may also be their partner’s secret passion or a restive teenager overly enjoying their online freedom.

Well, being curious is merely a sin; however, very few people can remember and respect the privacy boundaries set by the individual and act accordingly when presented with the opportunity to take a glimpse behind the curtain. On the one hand, gone are the days when an individual could hide something – it is naive to believe so, and this is especially true given the tendency to put our lives on display; netizens need to understand what the consequences of this may be.

On the other hand, even if you have the key to anonymous viewing at hand, you need to navigate consciously and comply with the Instagram rules. Fortunately, the Instagram viewer app is and should primarily be perceived as a tool that allows you to see information allowed by the user anonymously and structure it in a certain way or save it, but it shouldn’t be employed to hack into accounts or interact with them in ways, prohibited by Instagram rules.

Wrapping It Up

Ethics of Using Instagram Anonymous Viewer Apps

Social media is a place where user interest, freedom, and privacy are bound to coexist, sometimes causing certain individuals to pursue their agenda. Those whose intentions are unobtrusive, for instance, to avoid unnecessary attention or make sure their teenage child is making the proper use of their online presence, may use an anonymous IG viewer app to stay off radars. However, it’s important to not deviate from the path and not breach someone else’s privacy.