Fax is still preferred over other transmission media where official communications and data transfer is concerned. On the topic of safety and security of essential data, fax is the number one choice almost all over.


The world we live in has developed and revolutionized to a great extent, so have the faxing methods. Long ago, before the era of the internet, receiving and sending a fax was a badger. Having all the hardware needed for sending a fax was the main worry and was also costly, as expensive fax machines were required. Telephone lines, paper, and toner, etc. were also needed.

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(Guide) How to Fax from Mac Free using CocoFax

But that is not the case now. The Internet has eased our lives, and faxing is now possible without the previously needed bulky machines. Several online services provide facilities for transferring your faxes.


But not all of them are safe and reliable. Keep on reading this guide as we take you to an online fax service that not only works excellent but is also one of its kind in terms of reliance and reputation, CocoFax.

CocoFax’s Extinguishable Features:

CocoFax is a renowned and outstanding online fax service, check out CocoFax here. Its reliable services and extinguishable features are what make CocoFax stand out from the rest of its kind. Delivering of faxes has now been made easy by its beautiful facilities.

CocoFax’s fax service is not only limited to one or two ways, but it goes way further. There are a variety of ways through which CocoFax’s users can transfer their faxes. CocoFax also provides the facility of faxing on different devices so that its users can fax from the device of their liking, whether it be a laptop, computer, or mobile phone.

Furthermore, Microsoft Windows is not the only OS that CocoFax works on. It has laid out and also reached Mac OS. As Mac has the fondness of many professional organizations, hence CocoFax made sure to offer faxing facilities on Mac too.


So now through CocoFax, you can fax from the computer Mac too without having to worry about the big machines. But the question now is exactly how is it possible? CocoFax is the right platform to get all your questions about faxing answered.

A point to ponder here is that Mac OS works on digital signals, where fax machines use analog signals for their working. So, an interpreter like CocoFax is required to make the two incompatible mediums work together.

CocoFax Web App:

As mentioned earlier, CocoFax has a lot of ways to faxing online. One of them is the CocoFax web app. It’s not like other apps, and you don’t need to download it. CocoFax has always prioritized its user’s ease.

Just open the CocoFax website on your web browser, and log in to your account, which will then take you to your dashboard. The dashboard contains the history of all your faxes.

And if you don’t have an account on CocoFax, then continue reading as we will guide you about registration ahead.

CocoFax Email to Fax Service:

One of the many quality services of CocoFax is its email to fax service. Email is the most common platform that is used in official communications. What more good can it be if you are able to send and receive faxes through your regular email.

CocoFax has provided its users with the opportunity of delivering faxes through any email client. But to avail it, users first need to have a CocoFax account, which will be linked to your email address. Also, a fax number is required, which CocoFax provides totally free.

Send Fax via Mac without Modem –

Sending faxes through Mac is a piece of cake once you get to know the whole process, which is detailed next.

Step 1: Starting on, you need to have a CocoFax account if you don’t have one. For this, you need to register yourself and benefit from the 30-day free trial gift.


Fill in all the required details. Provide your name and email. You also get to choose a fax number yourself totally free of cost.

Step 2: After creating an account, you will be directed to your dashboard, where you can deal with all your faxes. All your faxing history will be displayed here.


Step 3: Once your dashboard is opened, you can compose your fax by hitting the ‘new fax’ button, which is at the top left corner of the dashboard. A window having various fields will pop open. Some of the fields are compulsory, while some are not.

The ‘To’ field is compulsory and will contain the fax address of the person you’re sending your fax. There can be more than one fax address depending on the number of fax recipients.

Next comes the ‘Subject’ field. It is not compulsory to write anything here; however, if you do write something, it will appear as a note on the top of the fax.

‘Cover Page’ is something that appears as the first page of your fax document. This field is optional, so you can leave it empty too.

Next comes the fax document. You can upload the document both from internal storage or from the cloud, as you wish. Also, the number of documents is not restricted to one; CocoFax allows more than one documents to be faxed.


Step 4: After revising everything, hit the ‘send’ button. You will receive notification whether the fax delivery was successful or not, for some reason. A notification email will also be sent to your email id.


Send Fax via Mac with a Modem –

A second way to send and receive faxes on Mac is through a fax modem. A fax modem works to transfer your fax data through a phone line to the receiver’s side. Although a fax machine is not needed here, instead a telephone line needs to be set up in your area.

The procedure of getting a fax number is different here. You cannot get one online but from your area’s phone operator. You need to contact your phone office and ask for a fax number.

Although faxing through fax modems costs you less than fax machines, it still costs more than CocoFax. Also, you will not be able to benefit from the outstanding features of CocoFax if you opt to use fax modems.


As you can see, CocoFax’s incredible features have made faxing very easy and reliable as compared to other faxing methods like using a fax modem or fax machines. So when deciding how to send a fax, choose CocoFax for a better and wonderful experience.