Fitbit is a Native American company known for manufacturing gadgets involving the latest and upgraded technologies. This includes wireless communication, a pedometer, and appliances that collect and calculate vital data. So let’s check out everything about the Fitbit Versa vs Apple Watch article. Such as heart rate, no of miles walked, no of calories burnt, no of steps covered, etc. This firm specializes in fitness metric gadgets and appliances that stimulate knowledge about health and well-being. Situated in San Francisco, the company has gained a name and credibility in a short period.

Fitbit Versa vs Apple Watch

It has been designing fitness appliances for over a decade now. The production unit of the company decided to initiate and try their fate in smartwatches this year. It has an incredibly designed OS and hardware that makes it a premium product-based company. It’s all products run on its indigenously developed OS named Fitbit OS. Formerly known as the right metrics research, the company is famous for its new technology wearable gadgets. So today we are going to compare the Fitbit Versa vs Apple Watch both the products and will show you which one is best for you.

Talking about Apple, one can applaud its credibility and the security features endowed in its devices and appliances. The Apple brand name is indeed lurking in its sense. Established in San Francisco, the company has gained fame over the years and has been the most valued smartphone seller in the global market in the last few years. Known for its expensive smartphones, the company induces trust in whichever appliance field it tries its fate into. The name is a brand in itself. Now let’s get to know more about this Fitbit Versa vs Apple Watch guide.

Its OS, IOS is one of the most secure OS in the world and has the best and most trusted features. It has the best-in-class security patch and loyalty features. It charges a hefty price for its gadgets but the appliances are indeed the value of money, and the user would be delighted after using its devices. So just check out this Fitbit Versa vs Apple Watch guiding article.

(Comparison) Fitbit Versa vs Apple Watch

Having insights from both tech giants, you would be quite confused about which brand to go with and which brand to trust. We would clear your doubt in our Fitbit Versa vs Apple Watch article and would give you a crystal-clear idea of the same. Be with us till the end and all your Fitbit Versa vs Apple Watch questions are answered.

Design & Durability –

With the almost similar model, there is a slight difference in longevity and even size between the two Fitbit Versa vs Apple Watch. Let us have a look.

Fitbit Versa vs Apple Watch Design

Fitbit Versa: Design & Durability

  • The Fitbit watch is known for being lightweight, and this one is no exception. Being one of the least weighted products, it has a skinny
  • It is indeed very comfortable to put on and also to remove and replace. Its strap is gentle with all the care taken to soothe and fit on the user’s hand.
  • It has different buttons which make the user perplexed about which one to press for what purpose.
  • But its design is good and should be rated among beautiful watches of all time. The problem with this watch is changing its band.
  • This is a significant setback with this watch as users would not always wear the same one and a change is inevitable. Changing the and seems to be a herculean task.

Apple Watch: Design & Durability

  • Changing the band is a cakewalk, literally a cakewalk. Unlike versa, the user doesn’t need to put in extra effort or hustle-bustle to pull out or get the band out of their hands.
  • The screen has smaller buttons and versa.; They also have a useful map which makes it easy to operate and use without any confusion.
  • The setback with this watch is that its LTE version is thick and has a bulged-out sensor. This sensor may irritate the hands and even deep into the skin when the strap is tight.

Other Features – (Fitbit Versa vs Apple Watch)

There is a significant setback in the features of one of the two, let’s have a look at which one is suffering the lack and which has a lead.

Fitbit Versa vs Apple Watch Other Features

Fitbit: Other Features

  • It is compatible with all OS except Windows. This is excellent news for both Android and IOS users as it will be a gift for them.
  • Being thinner than the apple, it is lightweight. The vibrations are also weak even in the maximum vibration mode. It is undeniable for the user to miss notifications. Due to its sheer size and lightweight, the reason becomes more sided.
  • With good looks and size, it has a drawback that not all the notifications are received by the watch when tested.
  • This means that not all third-party apps are supported by it. The Fitbit pay I accessible only if you are a premium user which costs unusually.
  • Also, the list of banks accepting is not as long as Apple Pay.

Apple: Other Features

  • The major setback is that it can be used only with IOS and not Android as the use is deemed to use Apple ecosystems.
  • This is not good news for Android and Windows users. It has many added features than Fitbit like being able to ring and access the user’s phone or open the AMC.
  • These features make accessing easy for the users and are good news for them. Transferring funds and cards from the digital wallet to Apple Pay is a work of minutes. It is indeed effortless.
  • This comes as and is to be counted as a user-friendly feature. It does the job of your phone, which means leaving your iPhone won’t be a big deal, It is connected to it, and you can answer calls and notifications even when in workouts for conditions that are hostile to smartphones and other appliances.

Health & Fitness Features – (Fitbit Versa vs Apple Watch)

The users who tend to work out without their phones in their hands or don’t feel like carrying them everywhere with them would be more than happy to read this as this is a real gift for them.

Fitbit: Health & Fitness Features

Fitbit Versa vs Apple Watch Health Features

  • This comes as a guide and a personal trainer. It keeps the count of the number of steps walked, calories burnt, workout durations, breathing cycles and many more.
  • Fitbit has been famous for its health products, and hence this one is obvious to overtake Apple in this respect. It displays the number of and all the steps and workout to be done for different muscles and different purposes.
  • Being entirely guided by the watch while performing in the living area is a complete boon and time and lifesaver for the users.
  • Its training sessions are accurately designed, and the remainder is more precise than the Apple. It also gives tasks to be achieved that instil a sense of competition in the user.

Apple: Health & Fitness Features

Fitbit Versa vs Apple Watch More Health Features

  • Apple isn’t endowed with such features; however, the user can access it through third-party apps as it is quite comfortable in Apple.
  • There is an ample number of third-party apps that help the user report during workouts. It fits perfectly with a female heart tracker feature which intimidates the user and informs him about upcoming health issues for the month and is useful for the female counterparts to use and access it.

Music Features – (Fitbit Versa vs Apple Watch)

This is inevitable, and this fact is undeniable, we all know this feature plays a vital role in the users deciding which gadget to buy. And if the device offers fantastic music, it turns out to be an outstanding device not only for music lovers but also for the company in general.

Fitbit: Music Features

Fitbit Versa vs Apple Watch Fitbit Music

  • The main problem here is the syncing app because for that the user needs to use desktop apps and other third-party software.
  • This shouldn’t be the case at least for such advanced watches which are one of the most sought watches. The user can vet music on their own and without any DRM protection.
  • If the user pays for specific apps, he can sync music for free and without additional apps. This is indeed discriminating and shouldn’t be allowed or fitted by the company first-hand.
  • The feature is not appreciable, and the critics would inefficiently target the particular feature.

Apple: Music Features

Apple: Music Features

  • Syncing music isn’t a problem in Apple and is much more comfortable than versa. You can start with the user’s phone, and he doesn’t need to switch to desktop apps.
  • Streaming music is possible if the users have paid and premium subscriptions. But this is a setback for the battery as streaming drains out the battery pretty fast and reduces the battery backup and the overall working of the phone.

Battery Life –

This area of gadgets is still the most debated and most discussed feature of any gadget as this is a significant problem for 90% of gadget users and buyers. The back-up is essential for the proper working, durability and long working of the gadget. Let us have a look at the battery backups of both the phones. The similarity between the Fitbit Versa vs Apple Watch is that they use propriety chargers which charge up quite quickly reducing the charging struggle which is quite familiar with smartphones these days.

Fitbit: Battery Life

Fitbit: Battery life

  • Versa has an appreciable battery backup. It comes with a better battery than Apple and the backup given by the battery is also good.
  • The watch after five days of usage, the entire day and night, during a workout, sleeping, playing and everything, but without listening to music, the battery will range from a minimum of 10-15%. A backup of 5 days is not bad without listening to music.

Apple: Battery Life

Apple: Battery life

  • With the backup not being as long as versa, it also has a considerable backup but not as well as Fitbit.
  • The major problem is when you use battery-oriented features like GPS, WI-FI, and Bluetooth.
  • This will drain the battery as early as 2-3 hours. But if it is not used, the backup can go up to 1 day before it gains needs to be charged. Once again, this reminds the readers, that it’s only with features such as a workout, pedometer and health tracker that can give a backup of an entire day.

Fitbit Versa vs Apple Watch Conclusion


So this is all about the Fitbit Versa vs Apple Watch article guide. Choosing any one of the following solely depends on the user’s requirements. If the user requires a long battery life, the Apple watch wouldn’t be something the user would be spending on. Fitbit would be the one for him.

But if someone wants an average watch with the brand name and better connectivity, Apple is the choice for him provided the users are ready to sacrifice the battery life. While both smartwatches are rated equally on almost every forum and website. So this is all about the Fitbit Versa vs Apple Watch guiding article. Hope you like this Fitbit Versa vs Apple Watch from here now.

Hope you enjoy checking this type of Fitbit Versa vs Apple Watch content. Both are indeed similar in most of the features and differ majorly in battery life, music sync and listening to music. Both have identical health amenities and gaming capabilities. Choosing one of the two would be a difficult task but could be very clear if one is definite with his/Her requirements, be it multimedia, battery, price or durability, and design.

Both of them are almost equally rated. & If you have any queries regarding this Fitbit Versa vs Apple Watch guide article or want to add something to this Fitbit Versa vs Apple Watch comparison then do let us know in the below comment section. If you enjoy reading the Fitbit Versa vs Apple Watch then please do share Fitbit Versa vs Apple Watch with others as well.