Probabilities are you have perhaps not heard about ALLDOCUBE beforehand, and I do not want to guilt you for that. As it is a comparatively new Chinese PC builder that is recognized for creating inexpensive Android tablets. Moreover, the firm’s products could merely be bought through online e-trailer GearBest. Their unique Android-powered PC, ALLDOCUBE Freer X9 tablet PC accomplished toward catching my courtesy for their excellent specs plus, more significantly, a sensible price tag henceforth this evaluation.

Freer X9

ALLDOCUBE Freer X9 Review

ALLDOCUBE Freer X9 tablet PC proffer entirely that you requisite in a tablet computer, that also, without a costly package. It derives with a justly sensible value label of $169.99 above at Gear Best and is, undoubtedly, the most elegant tablets you could get for the value range.

We know there are multiple Chinese producers out there in the tablet PC niche. Numerous of them are getting smaller and smaller each year, which might result in their destruction someday. However, on the contrary to them, we see how other firms are getting larger. The cube that is moreover recognized as ALLDOCUBE belongs to the latter. It’s known for wallet-friendly tablets cum Computers that furthermore offer excellent performance. Lately, the firm has launched a novel model called the Alldocube Freer X9. However, there are not several features claim by this little piece of tech which includes a 2K resolution display tablet prepared to beat all of its competitors in the face of Huawei Media Pad 3, the Xiaomi Mi Pad 3, Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, as well as others. This astonishing tablet is moreover priced fairly reasonable. So in this article, we are going to get familiar with its features so as to understand whether this tablet PC meets the expectations or not.

(Buying Guide) ALLDOCUBE Freer X9 Review Tablet PC ‘Deal’ Price

Quick Outline of the Specs of ALLDOCUBE Freer X9

Thus without further delay, let’s review ALLDOCUBE Freer X9 Tablet PC:

Memory64 GB of internal storage with additional 128 GB of expandable storage space through SD card
Processor & OSMediaTek quad-core MT8173V Quad core with, Power VR GX6250 GPU
Display8.9- inch display with full HD resolution (2500 x 1600 pixels) with ten-finger multi-touch
Battery5500 mAh Li-ion polymer with 3.8 volts charging power
CameraFront camera: 5.0 MP
Rear camera: 13.0 MP
ConnectivityBlue tooth 4.0, Wi-Fi 802.11, GPS
PortsTF card slot, mini USB Type-C, 3.5 mm headphone jack, micro SD slot, and HDMI port

So, here we are showing you everything about this Freer X9 Tablet PC. So that you can get to know more about on it before purchasing it and one more thing we are here provide you a Link in the Button from which you can get this product at a very discounted deal price from here too. So go grab one for you or for someone you like to gift.

ALLDOCUBE Freer X9 Features & Specifications

ALLDOCUBE Freer X9 Features & Specifications –

Certainly, it is 2017 and bezels are progressively becoming an item of the previous era. However inappropriately, the ALLDOCUBE X9 tablet has enormous bezels alongside the side of the display. Though, the benefits of having bezels alongside the extensive side are that it might perhaps decrease the chance of unintended touches. Moreover, the bezels on Freer X9 tablet PC creates it comfy toward hold into hands whereas gaming. Thus, for me, bezels on the edges are not a contract-breaker, whatsoever!

The tablet computer appearances and feels best in hand, owing to its aluminum body as well as fashionable rear cover. The tablet pc runs on Marshmallow, Android 6.0, which may be outdated for a device that is just imminent out, but its okay. The OS provides decidedly fewer bloatware as well as decent user experience in the tablet, anyhow.

Freer X9 Excellent Design & Built:

Freer X9 Excellent Design & Built

This is the spaces ALLDOCUBE Freer tablet computer managed to astonish me with the following features:

  • The device offers best Aluminum body for a tablet computer that prices merely $170 is something extraordinary.
  • Talking of which, the X9 feature an aluminum build, which the firm boasts toward have been shaped using sandblasted procedure and twelve additional production processes.
  • On the casual side, you are getting an actual old school-seeing tablet with huge bezels alongside the sides. However, in the evaluation, I felt similar bezels on Freer tablet are just sufficient to you could hold the pc without invading on display. Which is decent!
  • Separately from the considerable build excellence, there is no ample to claim around when it derives from its design. Freer X9 appearances are just similar to other Chinese tablet PC out there. It has nothing novel toward proffer in this section. There is fingerprint reader up on the front and bottommost bezels of the device.
  • Move on toward the back of the item; you would find a single 13 MP camera device on the topmost. It’s a slight unsatisfactory toward seeing that this has not LED flashlight to go by the back camera.
  • On bottommost, the Freer has 3.5mm headphone jack, noise-terminating mic, USB-C port plus speaker grill.
  • Wi-Fi antenna band are currently on the topmost together with speaker grill as well as a micro SD slot. Sure, the device derives with dual speaker arrangement, by one on the uppermost plus the other on the bottommost, which is reasonably inspiring for $170 tablet. Also, the power plus volume rocker switches are current in the standard location on the right side of the tablet.

Freer X9 High-Quality Display

Freer X9 High-Quality Display:

Freer X9 High-Quality Display

  • The X9, distinct several another Chinese tablet out there, has a spectacular display. This feature an 8.9-inch screen by a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels as well as pixel bulk of 339 PPI.
  • Indeed, it is entirely not analogous to its additional costlier counterpart from Samsung. However, the display is lively and boasts inspiring colors.
  • However, it is worth noticing that display does not offer significant seeing angles, as well as you might find it hard to view the substances on display even while tilted somewhat to one sideways.

Freer X9 Resolutions

Freer X9 Performance:

Freer X9 Performance

  • As with all budget-friendly tablet, the ALLDOCUBE X9 is moreover powered by MediaTek chipset. Underneath the hood, the device stocks a quad-core Media Tek MT8173V CPU.
  • Furthermore, this device has 4 GB of RAM plus 64 GB of interior storage toward taking care of storing requirements. If that is not sufficient for you, the device furthermore packs a micro SD slot that permits you to magnify the storing up to 128 GB.
  • For the gamers, Freer X9 computer comes full with Power VR GX 6250 graphics treating unit for continuous high-end gaming. Thus, this is not your distinctive cheap pc that is merely decent for watching the video as well as browsing the net. The Freer X9 is a powerhouse while it derives from graphic-intensive works.

Freer X9 Performance

Freer X9 Battery Life:

  • The ALLDOCUBE X9 is supported by an inspiring 3.8V/ 5500 mAh Li-Po battery. We verified it for stamina at a screen intensity of 50% with the Wi-Fi was ON. During the entire test, we played 1080p video.
  • The tablet delivered up to 8 hours as well as 50 minutes of a lifespan. As inspiring as this sounds, however, this takes up to 4 to 5 hours of charge battery from 0-100 percent
  • When we studied, the device accomplished toward last up to 8-9 hours by 50% vividness level, Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth switched on, as well as lots of gaming plus video playback. Though, the battery must deliver juice for as a minimum two days upon reasonable use.

Freer X9 Excellent Sound Output:

  • This is most outstanding part of the X9 tablet computer. It proposes loud and clear sound because of the adding of the stereo speaker on the topmost and bottommost of the device.
  • Unnecessary to say, it’s improved than its contestants that derives from an audio speaker setup proposing middling sound excellence. If you are anything similar me who love listening to music on loudspeaker somewhat than headphones, then you are probably going to love this.

Freer X9 Excellent Camera:

Freer X9 Excellent Camera

  • As maximum cheap Android tablet are infamous for the average camera set up, I didn’t suppose anything improved from ALLDOCUBE X9 tablet. However, to my astonishment, the tablet’s 13MP back camera managed toward taking some beautiful decent shot in good light conditions.
  • The rear camera supports autofocus functionality permitting you to change the focus toward a specific object on an image, which is attractive feature toward having.
  • Though, the foremost camera doesn’t offer impressive shooting performance. As well as though this supports fast-focus, it yields smartphones in relations of focusing speed.
  • On the facade, there is 5 MP solo snapper that let you capture justly attractive selfies. Again, it’s probably not the finest-in-class, though, its good sufficient for video chat over Skype plus additional video calling application.

Freer X9 Pros & Cons –

Freer X9 Pros:

  • Inspiring build excellence
  • Sound excellence is topmost
  • Decent performance
  • Sensible battery life
  • Suitable display
  • Worth the price tag

Freer X9 Cons:

  • Design could have been better
  • Less powerful Processor


Alldocube Freer X9 derives with a metallic unibody design, with excellent built, display, speakers, as well as performance. We can even overlook the shortcomings such as the traditional operating system, etc.

If you’re in search of a good Android tablet, however, can’t expend an arm plus a leg upon the similar, then you must certainly go for ALLDOCUBE Freer X9 tablet computer. For a tablet that prices lesser than $200, this is relatively inspiring. If your first emphasis is upon the performance sideways of stuff, the X9 is, actually, the most delicate Android tablet you could acquire for the value range. Amazingly sufficient, the tablet has very inspiring speaker setup as well as battery lifetime, which is somewhat we don’t typically see in budget Android laptop segment.