France gave us lots of new in the sphere of technologies. It’s technical inventions and also practical issues. We cannot imagine our life without them nowadays. So let’s see what important things were invented in France.

  1. The Parachute –


Quite a strange thing for the late 18th century was the invention of a parachute. The author of it was Louis-Sébastien Lenormand. And it was he who tested his invention first having jumped with a parachute in 1783.

As far as the word “parachute” is concerned, it was created by combining of two words: parasite: that means to protect against something and chute that means falling. So in such a way was born a new word for a new invention.

  1. The Stethoscope –


Such a well-known nowadays device as stethoscope was invented in 1816 by French doctor Rene Theophile Hyacin the Laënnec. The doctor aimed to investigate sounds that occur in a heart, and it made him invent a new device. Rene considered it to be extremely important to examine a man’s body for the presence of sounds there. Later he was called a father of auscultation and wrote many books where he described such illnesses as pulmonary, bronchiectasis, pneumonia, phthisis and many others lung diseases which could be detected by his new device.

  1. The Photograph –


A French inventor Nicéphore Niépce was that one who took the first permanent photo in 1822. The photo, the name of which is “View from the Window at Le Gras” is the only survived photo of nature that was taken by him.

Just imagine, it took Niépce at least 8 up to a couple of days to steady the camera during the exposure. That’s why he started looking for some decisions of this problem.

Finally, he started cooperating with Louis Daguerre, and together they managed to improve post-exposure processing, and the result was just incredible: now it took only some minutes instead of some hours or days. The first photo of a person was taken in 1838 by Daguerre, and it happened absolutely accidentally. The ultimate purpose of Daguerre was just to capture a view of Paris, but a stranger that was walking along got to be photographed as well. The new invention provoked a shock in the society, and it meant a new step in the technology progress.

  1. Aspirin –


Charles Frederic Gerhardt was the first man in the world who managed to take acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin). It happened in 1853.  In his work he described the process of the preparation of this remedy:  he added acetyl chloride to a sodium salt of salicylic acid (sodium salicylate).

The inventor called this mixture as “salicylic-acetic anhydride.” So it was the first time when aspirin was prepared. Since that time it became one of the most popular and applicable remedies in the world.

  1. Pasteurization –


In 1864 a French scientist Louis Pasteur invented such a process as pasteurization. To prevent spoilage of definite products that is caused by the bacteria Pasteur discovered that heating of these products would not cause their spoilage. Nowadays dairy and food industries use the method of pasteurization for microbial control and preservation of the food consumed.

  1. Cinema –


In 1888 a French Louis Le Prince presented the first film camera that was invented by him.  He used a single lens camera which was designed by him and then shoots the first sequences of moving film in the world, the Roundhay Garden Scene and Leeds Bridge.

Later the Frenchmen Lumière brothers were the first who presented projected motion pictures. It happened at Salon Indian du Grand Café in Paris on December 28, 1895. There were 9 original short films and 1 film that was produced by brothers Lumière (“Sortie des Usines Lumière à Lyon”).

  1. The Camera Phone –

Camera Phone

Now we don’t even think that a camera phone is something unique and special. But not so long ago, in 1997, when Philippe Kahn designed the first camera phone, it was a real wonder. The aim of this invention was an opportunity to share images on public networks. So we should be thankful to Philippe for a such a great invention that we use every day.

So we can make a conclusion that French made a huge contribution to the development of technologies on the world.  Nowadays we cannot imagine our life without these things. No doubt that it’s a really big step forward for the whole humanity. France is still having a big impact on the development in many spheres, and the French language is one of the most learned ones as France opens great possibilities for the future. To start learning French, you can visit Preply where you can find your own tutor who will not only teach you a language but also immerse in a deep and wonderful culture of France.

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