The GRE test is famous worldwide for getting admission to graduate courses in specific universities abroad. GRE test stands for Graduate Record Examination. Anybody who is planning to go overseas for higher education should plan and prepare for the GRE test as it is one of the requirements to get admission into most of the graduate schools overseas. GRE is administered and owned by the Educational Testing Service, which is the world’s largest non-profit educational testing organization based in the United States and was established in 1936 by Carnegie Foundations for the Advancement of Teaching. It is a computer-based or paper-based standardized test. English is the only medium of language for this test.

GRE Test

Assess the Eligibility of Students through Different Skills

The GRE test aims at assessing the eligibility of the students through quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical writing skills. The syllabus of the GRE consists of Geometry, Specific Algebra, Arithmetic, and Vocabulary. The exam is administered at Prometric testing centres if it is computer-based. GRE is a tough test but can be cracked with the help of the right guidance and preparations. Recently many graduate schools are accepting GRE scores as one admission criterion which leads to new opportunities for students worldwide. The test is conducted to work out to be a fair test for assessing the applicants on the same level of learning skills. The scores of the GRE Test are valid for the span of 5 years, which gives the students long-term for deciding on a career and determining the most suitable course for or their graduation or post-graduation studies. Since GRE is a generalized test and does not test on any specialized skills or subjects, so it can be approached by students of any stream through the regular practice of learning over the years. This test is conducted for measuring the aptitude and potential for success of the students during graduation or post-graduation studies abroad.

Significance of GRE Scores:

The significance of GRE Scores

The scores of the GRE test depict the total picture of the capabilities and potential of a student in verbal and quantitative reasoning and analytical writing. The beneficial part of the GRE Test is that the students can retake the test on failure on the first attempt. It gives the Score Select option to the students to show their best scores for the best results. GRE test can be taken both on paper and the computer, i.e., online test. But more time is allotted for the paper-based test. To mention about the cost of the GRE test is that it is about US$205 and GRE subject-specific test costs around US$150 worldwide. Application for the GRE test requires the valid identity proof of the applicant which includes a photograph, name, and signature. The acceptable primary ID is a valid passport, and additionally, the student needs to accomplish the needs of the institutions s/he is applying for.

How is GRE Conducted?

How is GRE Conducted

The computerized form of the GRE test is conducted in 1000 test centres, in more than 160 different countries and is held in almost all the important and big cities in India. Nowadays, online test is more approachable and widely accepted. GRE test has the most flexible term for taking the test every twenty-one days within any incessant twelve-month period and after successful completion of the test; the students are free to send their scores to the organizations of their choice. On the contrary, the offline test is conducted only three times a year in zones where online testing is not possible. One of the most attractive benefits provided by ETS (Educational Testing Service) is that it promotes financial help to those GRE Answers applicants who prove economic hardship through substantial circumstantial evidence. To specify the structure of the GRE test, the computer-based test consists of 6 sections. The first section includes analytical writing, and the next five sections involve the two verbal reasoning section, two quantitative reasoning sections, and either an experimental or research section. The entire procedure of the tests lasts for about 3 hours and 45 minutes. After the completion of each section, a one-minute break is allotted and 10 minutes break is allotted after the end of the third section.

Why Do Numerous Students Prefer to Take GRE?

Why Numerous Students Prefer to Take GRE

It has been noted that every year there has been a vital boost in the count of GRE test-takers. The reason behind this is the quality of US education, that student wants to approach for the opportunity to understand the subjects of their genuine interest. The most beneficial part of the United States education is that it prioritizes physical learning over note learning. The US education system with better facilities and infrastructure is more unorthodox to the dislikes and likes of a student. A few other reasons for attempting the GRE test are studying abroad at college opens the bright chances of working with the top, best, smartest and most intelligent people in the country.

GRE Reasons for Popularity

GRE – Reasons of Popularity

In comparison to the other tests, GRE is globally accepted by various colleges and universities and in multiple fields of study as well. All the prestigious and top universities in USA, UK, Australia, and Singapore accept GRE scores. Students with good GRE scores get the opportunity for admission to top colleges like Stanford, Harvard, Cambridge, MIT, and Oxford University. Students studying in abroad universities also get the chance to interact with people of different background and culture which help them to grow by gathering several experiences. Thus going through the above article on the GRE Test, the reason for the popularity of the GRE Test can be summarized and formulated. There are several benefits of the GRE test promoting financial aid to economically challenged GRE candidates and many other benefits as mentioned in the above article, influence most of the students to attempt the GRE test for the betterment and growth of their career in the long run.


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