SEO or Search Engine Optimization may seem like just another confusing techy word, but if you understand the basics of what it is and what it entails, it is pretty easy to wrap your head around. In fact, if you understand the basics of SEO, and implement SEO practices in your small or large business, it will make a world of difference to the amount of traffic being directed to your website, which will inevitably improve sales and increase revenue.

SEO for the Not-So-Tech Savvy, & How You Can Make It Work for You

If you’re the not-so-tech-savvy type of person but would like to benefit from Search Engine Optimization, then this is the post for you. We’ll be breaking down the what, why and how of Search Engine Optimization, and the ways in which you can immediately implement it.

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(Guide) SEO for the Not-So-Tech Savvy & How You Can Make It Work for You

First off, let’s understand why SEO is so important for Businesses, or anyone trying to make their mark Online:

Search engines, such as Google, example, is the place people turn to for recommendations, accurate information about a specific topic, or simply for their questions to be answered. They’ll type in a question or statement in the search bar, and it’s likely this search will contain a few keywords. Google will then crawl through all the content that contains those keywords and present the searcher with its top finds. These top finds are all of the web pages and websites that are featured on Google’s first page. Now think of how you search Google: it’s very seldom you’ll actually click to page two if you don’t find what you are looking for on page one. Correct?

This is exactly why you need to invest in SEO. The stronger your SEO, the better your chances of being featured on page one, which means the better your chances of generating traffic to your site; attracting new clients and making sales.


But, while that may seem like a simple enough explanation, it’s important to understand what good SEO practices are. If you fail to implement strong SEO practices, it will be difficult to see improvements in traffic or revenue.

Therefore, you can either try to tackle SEO yourself, or you could leave it up to the professionals. SEO agencies such as Ruby Digital, for example, are clued up on all things SEO and know the most effective and efficient ways to improve your SEO in good time. However, before we get into the benefits of calling up an SEO agency, here are some tips on how you can tackle it on your own.

The Simplest Ways to Improve your Search Engine Optimization:

  • Written content in the form of blogs or webpage copy is a great way to improve SEO, especially if you are using strong keywords, and your content is accurate and informative
  • Starting a blog, which contains useful information about your industry, as well as tips and advice for potential clients
  • Writing posts of no less than 750 words and ensuring grammar and punctuation are used correctly
  • Optimizing images and videos with keywords and alt tags
  • Making sure your website URL contains the most important keywords you are wanting to rank for
  • Using descriptive links (e.g., instead of linking click here, use a descriptive link which relates to the site that you are redirecting the reader to).
  • Have other sites link back to your site

Search Engine Optimization

These are just the simplest ways to improve SEO, and certainly the best for those who are not so tech-savvy. However, by far the best way to see results in the least amount of time, with the least amount of error, is to work with an SEO agency.

Here are a Few Reasons Why an SEO Agency is the Best Route to Go:

Firstly, many of the tips listed above are fairly easy to do, but not very easy if you either lack the knowledge of how to implement them or if you have a limited network (this specifically relates to getting other sites to link back to yours). SEO agencies will be able to use their network to boost your site’s credibility, and therefore traffic. Most SEO agencies are also affiliated with search engines and understand the exact practices that should be avoided and of course, the ones that should be utilized most often. If you lack the knowledge, you may be implementing an SEO strategy that is doing more harm than good. SEO agencies will also carry out keyword research, and with their expertise, will ensure the specific keywords get you recognized as quickly as possible. They will also manage the content you are pushing out; ensuring that it is of the highest quality, is well-written, utilizes keywords and is optimized in the best possible way.