The internet has become one of the most important resources for people from all walks of life. For people who were born in this age, they do everything now with the aid of the internet. Whether its work, school homework, or play, the internet is where people first search for anything. So naturally, because there is a demand, there will be supply. This is where the torrent sites come in.

Torrent Sites

What is a Torrent Site?

Torrent sites are websites that provide free apps, ebooks, movies, and everything you can think of looking for on the internet. All these resources can be downloaded from different torrent sites for free.

In order to download torrent files from torrent websites, you have to install a torrent download program first. Open the program and look for the file you want to download from any torrent websites you can access. Once you have found the file you like, open the file in the torrent download program and just wait.

Torrent files can be downloaded faster compared to others due to the fact that it decentralizes the distribution of the files called pieces to many different computers. What a downloader initially downloads is a torrent file that only represents the folder or file. Once it is opened in the torrent download program, it automates the download of the pieces of the actual file distributed to other peers who have downloaded the complete file and have become seeders. Thus, when a file has a lot of seeders compared to leeches that they are much faster to download.

(Guide) Pros & Cons of using a Torrent Sites

Using torrent websites to download files seems like it’s a good thing, right? But all things have their pros and cons. Here are some of the pros and cons of using torrent sites.

Pros –

  • Free & Secure Downloading: People use torrent sites for downloading mainly because you can download any file you can think of for free. Apart from that, it is also secure because of its peer-to-peer protocol. Using this protocol, you do not rely on one source to be online to be able to download a file. Instead, multiple seeders or peers provide the pieces of the file you are downloading.
  • Continuous Downloading: There is nothing worse than getting your download interrupted halfway through due to a power outage or loss of internet. If you are using a different method for downloading files, it usually means that you have to start from the beginning.

However, if you are using a torrent download program, you won’t need to start all over again. Instead, you will pick up from you left off. It makes downloading convenient even when you have been interrupted.

  • A Wide Array of Available Files: There are so many available data on torrent sites. Whether you are looking for a complete season of series from earlier years, classic movies, ebooks, emagazines, apps, games, or programs, you can find them on torrent sites. And, of course, you can download them for free.
  • Fast Download: When you are downloading a file with a lot of seeders, it will be fast to download it even if your internet speed is just average. This is again due to the peer-to-peer protocol that divides the size of the file by pieces, so they are much faster to download.

Torrent Sites

Cons –

  • Illegal: Technically, it is not illegal to use torrent download programs. However, when you are downloading movies, series, programs, or apps that are protected by copyright for free, then that is illegal. Copyright infringement is punishable by law. However, no individual who has downloaded from torrent sites has ever been sued and imprisoned so far.

In the end, it is up to you and your conscience whether you want to continue downloading copyrighted files despite knowing that it is illegal.

  • Seeds are Necessary: One of the requirements for a successful download of a file from a torrent site is that there should be seeders or peers who keep a complete file in their computer which is online. Therefore, files with no seeders cannot be downloaded successfully. So if the file you wish to download has no seeders at the moment, then you should probably wait a bit longer before you can download the file.
  • You cannot Review a File before Downloading: Some download programs offer a sample that allows you to review the quality of the file you wish to download. However, you cannot do this when using a torrent site. You only have the community’s feedback and comments to rely on. So before you download a file, make sure to read comments and reviews to see if the file is a good one or not.


Torrent sites are popular these days because it is free, fast and convenient to use. However, many have questioned the ethics behind these websites as they rip off copyrighted materials. So if you are a fan and a frequent user of torrent sites, be careful not to break the law and only download files that are safe to do so.