Standard Microsoft applications are obviously not enough for a full-blown user experience. That is we have created an ultimate list of software packages that will turn your computer into a perfect machine that can solve any required task.

File Readers and Downloads

File Readers and Downloads

No computer can be a perfectly working machine if it cannot read specific file formats or significantly limits user possibilities. Here are three tools that will help you out.


This software helps create, manage, and open compressed files. Almost 80,000 users have downloaded it from, and its file size is only about 2 MB.

WinRAR supports the following file formats:

  • ZIP;
  • RAR;
  • JAR;
  • ISO;
  • Z;
  • 7Z, etc.

It also enables to fix damaged files (archives) and select a compression level before creating ones.


This useful tool replaces physical disks with virtual ones. It means the program makes your computer recognize a virtual disk as a real one. It comes in useful when you need to install a video game or have software that cannot work without a disk in your optical disk drive.


uTorrent is the most popular BitTorrent client that helps download any files from other people’s computers if they agree to share specific files. The main advantage of this technology is that the download speed is limited only by your Internet connection speed and a number of peers.


Internet and Communication

Here is a list of programs that improve your device’s possibilities related to communication and browsing the Internet.


This software allows getting an access to a remote server or PC. It comes extremely useful when you have to help your grandma, who lives in another city, download and install Skype.


It is hard to find a person who does know what Skype is. Recently, Microsoft has updated it especially for new Windows 10 to compete with such messengers as WhatsApp, Viber, and Telegram.

Google Chrome

This is a popular web browser designed by Google. It is fast, has many extensions available and provides a high level of customization. Its main advantage is the possibility of synchronization with Google account to make bookmarks available on any device.

Performance and Security

In this paragraph, you will learn about two most frequently installed applications for increasing system security and performance.

Avast Free Antivirus

Avast is one the most effective free antivirus software ever created. It is aimed at protection from various malicious software, viruses, unsecured websites and many other kinds of threats. This program can easily detect suspicious files, clean, or remove them in the case where cleaning is unavailable.


This software is responsible for increasing performance of your device by correcting system errors and removing unnecessary files. CCleaner has a comprehensive and simple interface, and it is easy to use for inexperienced users.

Each of these software packages will help you out one way or another. To avoid emergent search on the Internet, download and install them in advance.

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