The world is evolving, and it’s certain that everything is catching up. We all want something that will always remind us of those special or ugly moments of our lives. Taking photos or videos is one of the best archives we store our legendary. Every picture tells a story, and Hawkeye Firefly Micro 1080P Mini Action Camera is one of the narrators that will make sure you have a sweet story to tell. The camera is equipped with the modern tools that will rekindle every good moment of your life.

Hawkeye Firefly Micro

Hawkeye Firefly Micro Action Camera Review

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Hawkeye Firefly Micro Design & Look:

Hawkeye Firefly Micro Design & Look

Talking about the looks, the Hawkeye firefly is beautifully designed with highly durable materials and is designed to be a very lightweight action camera with a weight of only 14 grams. It comes packed in a black glossy color which looks fantastic.

Hawkeye Firefly Micro Lightweight & Portable:

Hawkeye Firefly Micro Lightweight & Portable

As I said it’s very lightweight, but that also makes it more portable and easy to carry. It is built with a lightweight design which gives you a comfortable feeling while shooting.

Hawkeye Firefly Micro Advanced General Plus Chipset:

With such rare features on mini cameras, the device can perfectly record video with HD quality and not miss any high-speed motion courtesy of its innovative and advanced chips. This makes it the most precise sensor in its category even in low light with minimal consumption of energy.

Hawkeye Firefly Micro Wide Angle View:

Hawkeye Firefly Micro Wide Angle View

Built with 160 ultra-wide angles for shooting a broad view and more senses to give you an alternative viewpoint. The camera is also good for aerial photography.

It has been designed with hanging holes for tether which makes it convenient, comfortable and minimal chances of losing your device. The Firefly Micro-action camera has been designed to capture the least motion of your view. It’s a sports camera with an advanced General plus chipset.

Hawkeye Firefly Micro HD Video Recording:

The Hawkeye action camera is made to shoot HD videos with amazing qualities. And it completely justifies that. It’s built with a 1080P HD camera with video recording at 30fps awesome for image balancing for excellent videos and photos.

Hawkeye Firefly Micro Power/Battery:

Hawkeye Firefly Micro Power/Battery

The battery is inbuilt housing a capacity of 230 mAh. In case your battery run out of juice and you have some extra power in your pc the camera is compatible to USB charge by PC. The battery lasts 60 min while working and takes 2.5h to charge fully.

Hawkeye Firefly Micro Dimension/Weight:

The product weight is 0.0140kg and the package weight is 0.2000kg.product size is (L x W x H):3.20×2.40×2.40cm/ 1.26x 0.94×0.94 inches. And the package size (L x W x H):8.00×3.00×6.00cm/3.15x 1.18×2.36 inches.

Hawkeye Firefly Micro Dimension/Weight

Firefly Micro Package Contents:

1 X USB /AV Cable, 1 x FPV Bracket, 1 x Sports Bracket.

Despite having all the exquisite tools that you may lust for in a camera, the device comes a bit shorthanded. It’s not waterproof which makes it unideal in flora surroundings. In case you are the photographer, and you are planning to take a family photo together this might disappoint you since it has no camera timer. It is also not the best for night visions.

Additional Firefly Micro Features –

Hawkeye Firefly Micro Package Contents

  • Primary Info:

The lens is 10mm in diameter and 160 degrees wide.

  • Video/Audio/Image Format:

The video resolution is 1080P (1920×1080), 720P (1280×720). The audio system has an inbuilt microphone/speaker (AAC) to capture quality sound. The rate of the video frame is 30 FPS.

  • Storage:

The maximum external card supported is TF 32 G (not included)

  • Built with a Hole to Hang Tether:

The persons who designed this camera are well aware of user customer needs, and they have adopted useful techniques for making this action camera more productive. You will find a hole in it where you can hang it in your hands using a tether making it impossible to lose.


Hawkeye Firefly Micro Mini Action camera is one of the best cameras to carry along in your safaris or voyages. It’s very easy to carry considering its weight and chances of losing it are quite minimal. If you are considering going for an outdoor tour make this camera your number one choice and you will not regret it.