PDF fillable forms need to be created with special software features that are not always readily available nor are they always easy-to-use. The purpose of a PDF fillable form is to make it easy to send important documents to others electronically in a universally accessible file format. But unlike with other types of documents, PDF fillable forms and templates can then be filled out by the recipient without having to print a paper version of the document so it can just as easily be sent back to the sender. Making and editing PDF forms apply to several different areas such as official documents, business transactions, job and employment contracts, as well as important financial transactions.

How To Make and Edit PDF Forms

How Can I Edit a PDF File for Free

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How To Edit A PDF File For Free?

There are several ways for users to edit PDF files for free. Basic PDF readers and viewers like the Adobe Acrobat Reader allow only limited viewing and copying features. But there is an abundance of editing software that works exclusively with the PDF format, some of which are free to use.

There are programs like Lumin PDF, Sejda PDF, or PDFescape, which all offer varying degrees of editing capabilities for free but only on a trial basis. Another easy way to edit PDF files for free is by using a workaround with Google Docs. Users can create a new Google Docs and then either save the file as a PDF, which then creates a new PDF file.

But they can also do the reverse and open a PDF file with Google Docs. This will preserve the text and make it available for editing although other formatting features like the structure, font, text size, and images will be lost. Once a user has made the necessary changes they can then save the file using the Print and Export menu options in Google Docs.

Why Do I Have To Convert a PDF?

Converting a PDF means many things. It can mean converting another file format into a PDF but it can also mean the reverse, where a PDF is turned into another file type, which can be wide-ranging. Some popular file conversion types include turning a PDF into a Word document, an Excel spreadsheet, an XLS file, or even a JPEG.

The reasons to convert a PDF can also vary. Users may need to make their file more accessible, which is why they would convert it to a PDF from another file format where it was created. Editing a PDF can also explain why people choose to convert it into another more easily editable format.

But whatever the reason someone needs to convert a PDF file there are several online sites that offer a plethora of different file types. The downside is that converting a PDF to a more unique version like a JPEG or an HTML file is not free. For more common files like a PDF to Doc, it may be free depending on the platform.

A Guide to Editing a PDF Online

The ways to edit a PDF online vary, as every platform uses a different interface. Some sites like Sejda and SmallPDF have very easy functioning and let users upload their document into their PDF editor and make changes to it there. There are also platforms that let users drag and drop their files into the browser’s editor and make changes where necessary.

The number of editing features also varies across platforms. The most standard editing features include:

  •  Editing, removing or adding new text
  •  Changing the text size, font, and color
  •  Erasing large sections at once or entire pages depending on the program
  •  Redacting specific sections for security purposes
  •  Inserting images and other graphics into a PDF
  •  Adding shapes, circles, and other design elements
  •  Adding fillable text boxes for information and digital signatures

The majority of PDF form creators and editors have their unique interfaces, but they are usually easy-to-use given that they want to make the software more accessible. Users can engage any of the editing features through a control panel that has designated icons and buttons that resemble any other desktop publishing program.

Blank PDF templates are not usually editable but they can also be run through editing programs to make specific changes that users require. But, again, those features are usually reserved for premium versions of the software that allow more capabilities than free or trial versions of the same software.

The Best Free PDF Editor

The best free PDF editor depends on what a person needs it to do. There are specific designs that appeal to some users, while others have a more diverse set of free features that lets people do more to their files. Cost is also another important factor. A majority of online PDF editors and PDF fillable forms are often free to use for an initial trial period and with limited features.

It’s up to users to decide which PDF editor best serves their purposes and needs. If they have the budget to shell out for premium programs like the professional, multifaceted Adobe Acrobat suite of software they can take that route. If they only casually use PDFs they can consider a free editor and viewer to meet their everyday needs.

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