The selection of digital coins is large – there are over 20 000 tokens and coins in the cryptocurrency market. Each has a different purpose and application – some coins are used on crypto trading platforms, others are in-game tokens, some tokens connect real-sector businesses with blockchain technologies, etc. In this article, we would like to discuss a popular project Axie Infinity and its Axie Infinity coin.

What is AXS Token?

Axie is a popular blockchain game that allows players to enjoy the nice gameplay and make a living from it. Axie Infinity token is a currency used within the platform. Axis are NFT tokens made in the form of small cute creatures. Making progress in the game levels, players may gain different items and attributes to add their NFTs and create new tokens. They also may breed tokens and battle them, gaining more rewards. The tokens can be rare, super rare, and exclusive.

As of mid-December 2022, the AXS token price is $6.8, but its all-time high was fixed at over $165 in November 2021. The token lost its value after a huge hacker attack. Crypto analysts believe if the project keeps on developing and comes up with new actions for the gameplay, it has a chance to grow in the future. 

How to Buy AXS Crypto?

To buy AXS tokens, you may use any crypto platform or buy tokens right on the Axie Infinity game. If you want to buy it on a crypto exchange, you need an account on one of the crypto trading platforms. For example, you may register on the WhiteBIT exchange. Then follow the sports:

  • pick a payment method (you either buy with crypto or you can also buy Axie Infinity coin with fiat money).
  • Then add your bank card if you want to use fiat money and find the crypto converter.
  • Pick your currency and AXS token and see the current price of the asset in your currency equivalent.
  • Pay the fee and receive your Axie coins in your account in a matter of seconds. 

You can learn more about the Axie project on its official website or welcome to the WhiteBIT blog and read the project’s overview.